Chapter 42:

Lying Underneath

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

The boat rowed across the water, slowly chasing after Viola’s boat. Nico and Ben both rowing with a paddle each, while Bryson and Lila sat watching Viola ahead of them. At the pace in which they were rowing, they were slowly catching up compared to the slow and robotic rowing Viola was doing.

“Hey, why hasn’t she noticed us yet?” Lila asked. Viola was occasionally looking around her but didn’t seem to register the other rowboat approaching her.

“Same reason why no one noticed the guy at the buffet.” Bryson answered as he shook his hand, “Magic.”

“I was gonna say, this magic seems extremely similar to what Keddrick was using.” Ben said as he looked around the boat.

“Because I copied it. After seeing the spell twice, I was able mimic it. It helped that is was such a simple spell.” Bryson said, “Also how are you able to tell?”

“With this.” Ben answered pulling out a necklace, “Main function is as an anti-charm spell, but it also allows me to detect illusion and charm magics casted around me. You casted the same spell just by looking at it.” He asked sounding impressed.

“I’m a Coldwater, I’m pretty good by default.” Bryson said. Lila gave a small roll of the eyes.

“So are we going to stop Lady Viola from reaching Keddrick or are we going to use her as bait?” Nico asked. This earned a glare from Bryson, “Not that we should ever do that. That’s a terrible idea.” He quickly said.

“No, that’s a good plan.” Ben said.

Bryson then glared at Ben, “We are not using my sister as bait.”

“This is the best chance we have.” Ben argued.

“We are not using my magically charmed sister as bait.”

“She’ll be safe. Once Keddrick appears and we get him, this ends. We get your sister now, he’s just going to keep killing people. We can stop him if you let us. I’m a hunter for a reason.” Ben said staring Bryson straight in the eyes.

Bryson stared back at Ben and after a moment he said, “I’m trusting you on this.”

“I won’t misplace your trust.” Ben said with a nod.


A few minutes later both boats landed, and the group followed behind Viola. Bryson did his best to keep them hidden as they moved along. Eventually they stopped before a large bungalow hidden in the middle of the island.

“That’s quite the lair.” Bryson whispered.

“Let’s follow.” Ben said.

Viola opened the door to the bungalow and a few moments later the group entered after her. Creeping through the shadows of the bungalow they saw that Viola sat herself on a living room couch.

The living room was simple, a rug on the floor, a couch, coffee table and a simple viewing screen on the wall. Bryson was about to enter when Ben stopped him.

Another door leading to the living room opened and out came Keddrick, a massive smile plastered on his face as he approached Viola.

“Ah, princess. You came! How wonderful!” He said happily, approaching her he caressed her face, Viola did nothing to stop him, “You look beautiful.”

Bryson had quickly had enough and acted. From his deck of cards three shot out and embedded themselves into the side of Keddrick.

“Gahh!” He cried out in pain as he stumbled forward bumping into Viola. Viola blinked her red and violet eyes in reaction.

Snapping around he saw Bryson standing in front of the door to the living room. Lowering his glasses Keddrick’s crimson eyes bore into Bryson burning with fury, “What the hell?” He hissed as he pulled out the cards from his arm.

“Hey.” Bryson greeted, “Step away from my sister.” He said as more cards shot from his deck and towards Keddrick.

As the razor sharp cards hurtled towards him, Keddrick hissed, baring his fangs before black smoke enveloped him and he disappeared. The cards slammed into the wall that were behind him.

Viola turned to Bryson in surprise, “Bryson? Why are you here?”

Bryson ignored her as he whipped his head across the other side of the room and saw Keddrick reappear in a plume of back smoke.

“Sister?” Keddrick said in surprise, “You’re a Coldwater?” He asked as he raised his hand and five magic circles appeared in front of him.

But before he could fire, Nico crept up behind him and ran his sword through Keddricks chest. Screaming in pain, Keddrick once more disappeared in a ball of smoke, only to reappear at another part of the room.

“Enchanted weapons.” Keddrick hissed, “Revolting.” The wound however already began to heal.

However before Keddrick could do anything he was once more stabbed. This time by a charging Ben Gallagher, who plunged a stake through his heart. Driving forward, Ben forced Keddrick backwards and slammed him into the wall.

The end of the large wooden stake that stuck out of Keddrick’s back embedded into the wall behind him. Keddrick grabbed Ben and shoved him away from him. The force sent Ben flying backwards and he slid across the rug and before Bryson’s feet.

“That was smooth.” Bryson mocked. In the corner of his eye he saw Nico guiding Viola

“I got him didn’t I?” Ben grunted as he got up.

Looking at Keddrick the group saw that while not dead or even badly wounded from the stake in him, he could not move. Desperately tugging at the stake to no avail, he glared up at Ben.

“Lightning Willow? Where in the ten hells did you get this?!” Keddrick yelled as he tried to free himself.

“Took a lot of effort, but I got some.” Ben said with a shrug, “Now it’s time to get rid of you.” He said as he approached Keddrick, this time pulling out a long dagger, Bryson noticed the magic markings on it.

It also seemed like Keddrick noticed the danger of the blade because Keddrick then gave out an ear-piercing screech. Everybody covered their ears in pain and Keddrick used this moment to shout out, “Awaken and Serve!”

Ben rubbed his ear and asked, “What?”

“Those words had magic!” Bryson warned.

The floor erupted as a massive pair of rotting hands punched out of the floor and tore the floor apart. Out emerged a massive rotting creature growling as it pulled itself up, it’s weight and movement caused the center of the room to collapse.

“Woah!” Ben cried out as the floor beneath him collapsed and he fell down to the apparent basement that this creature was housed in.

“What is that?” Bryson shouted out staring at the rotting beast that was three times larger than Nico or Ben.

“A ghoul.” Nico shouted as he charged forward and sliced at the ghoul.

Growling the ghoul swung its arm at Nico who was able to take the blow with his blade, but the force caused him to stumble and fall down into the hole as well.

Once Nico had disappeared the ghoul stared at its hand damaged by Nico’s blade, as it stared a blue beam blasted into its chest and shot straight through.

Roaring in pain the ghoul nearly fell backwards before catching itself on the edge of the floor. Now with a hole in its chest, it wildly searched for its source and settled its eyes at someone behind Bryson.

Turning his head, Bryson saw Lila standing in the hallway, bracelet raised as the glow from the magic dimmed. Whipping his head back at the ghoul he saw that it was rearing to leap toward her.

As it jumped forward it smashed headfirst into a sheet of playing cards that was suddenly floating in the air. The ghoul then bounced off the cards and hit the floor hard. Opening its eyes in a groan it stared at Bryson.

“Hey, how’s your head?” Bryson said with a sly grin and gave a small wave.

In response the ghoul launched itself at Bryson. Uh oh. Bryson thought as the monster descended upon him.