Chapter 4:

Episode 4- A time of rest

Convergence of Souls: God Ascension

To say that the tension in the air was thick would have been an understatement. Dyce didn't particularly dislike his brother but found his personality to be a bit overwhelming. He was full of pride and loved to make it obvious. He received exceptional grades in both academics and in magecraft. When Darren was still in middle school, he was the first in his class to go on a B rank mission. He could have taken on training to become one of the king's knights like his father but he didn't like the idea of working for anyone. After he graduated high school, he left town to perfect his dark magic and become a detective of sorts. He always did have a keen eye for detail and that same skill would allow him to exploit the weakness of anyone he met.

While all of those achievements may sound impressive, Darren had no understanding of the word "modesty". He took every opportunity he had to boast about his latest feat. " you know, a few weeks ago I solved a murder case in some run down village that's been unsolved for over a year. Long story short, it was the inbred son of the husbands ex-wife's best friends cousin."

" That's way too convoluted to take seriously," Dyce said as he bit into a slice of well-done steak. " I'm sure it was quite a perplexing case as usual" Daphne said with a warm smile. She was preparing an extra big plate for husband as a small award for fighting Victoria. " And here's an extra heap of food for our hero." She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.
Darros formed a wry smile. " well I wouldn't go that far. Victoria managed to get away in the end and I'm sure she's likely to return "

Daphne shook her head. " Even still, things could of gotten much worse if you didn't show up when you did. You really are a ' glass half empty ' type of guy, huh ?"

Dyce quickly ate the remainder of his food and ventured to his bedroom. He found family dinners to be awkward and really didn't enjoy having to eat with other people. Bedsides, he needed to rest up for tomorrow. He and he friends had planned on Going on a Trip around the city after they unlocked their powers but that obviously got derailed. As he laid on his pillow, Dyce thought about Thanatos. Controlling death would be a tricky power since he really didn't like the thought of killing anyone but at the same time, he didn't want the power to go to waste.

" Don't fill your head with such useless thoughts. Death comes in many ways and the end of life is simply one of them."

Dyce was confused by Thanatos' cryptic answer but decided not to let it get to him. He let his fatigue take over and drifted off to sleep.

It was late into the afternoon when Dyce finally left his home. He had overslept and took his time eating the leftovers from last night 's plentiful dinner. The meeting place wasn't too far so he jogged the distance there.

" Look who finally showed up ! Boys really shouldn't keep girls waiting , ya know." Said Gazelle as she stuffed her face with a parfait. Everyone sat at La Fleur : a popular caffe located near the center of the city. An abundance of food had already been ordered without him and Sukochi was already on his second plate.

" Sorry about that. So where are we going after this?"

" I was thinking you boys could go shopping with us and carry the bags. We could use the extra hands." Gazelle declared

" Like hell, we will ! We aren't your slaves so you better have something fun for us too"

" Oh relax, Sukochi. I was only joking. For the most part at least. I found this flyer yesterday and I think it's something that might catch your interest "

Gazelle layed down a flyer concerning an incoming carnival. Magic performers, Exotic wonders, plays and much much more.

" A carnival huh ? Doesn't sound too bad. Maybe I can get a new necklace." Said Dyce as he sipped some coffee.

"............. Don't carnivals usually have clowns ?" Evelyn twiddled her fingers and looked down.

" Yeah. Don't tell me you're still scared of them. That horror story you told her really messed her up Dyce."

" Hey, don't try to blame it one me sukochi. You're the one that wanted to tell horror stories after school last week. I didn't know it would be so serious."

"No. it's okay. I'm sure the carnival is gonna be really fine. " Evelyn reassured

" It's settled then. Tonight we'll go to at the outskirts of town and have one hell of a time at that carnival. In the mean time, you boys are taking us shopping." Gazelle smirked and got up with h Evelyn.

" I thought you said that was a joke." Said Dyce.

" I lied."