Chapter 3:

Episode 3- Töte die Hexe

Convergence of Souls: God Ascension

No one had noticed the purple-clad woman as she weaved her way through the crowd. No one could even suspect her true intentions that were hidden behind her elegant attire and calm demeanor. She may have gotten a few stares due to her beauty, but, a few years ago everyone would've had a name attached to that pretty face. Vervantia had long forgotten this woman but that was fine with her. Her name would surely resurface after her latest performance.


With a simple incantation, she flew gracefully through the sky and perched on top of a high-rise brownstone building. She smiled as she gazed down at the familiar sights.

Scruffy men at the marketplace selling "rare" magecraft items. Blacksmiths striking hot iron that'd eventually be armor for the king's knights. Children with star filled eyes as their magic prowess grew right in front of them. Birds of all breeds chirping away.


A legion of magical circles embellished the sky. Each one gave birth to a swarm of violet-hued butterflies. Her swarm of butterflies was quickly cloaking the sun with its sheer mass. She looked down at her victims and commanded the swarm to hunt its prey.

People below initially thought the whole thing to be a grand spectacle. The butterflies had wings so immaculate and pristine, they resembled pieces of art rather than living organisms. This disillusion was shattered when the insect army exploded into puffs of purple smoke.

Citizens were confused for all of five seconds before tumor-like infections coated their bodies. The tumors bloated up and emitted an acidic liquid. They kneeled to the group and gripped their heads as mind-numbing pain reverberated in their mind.

The purple mist was growing and claiming more victims. Bodies lay on cold concrete with the flesh becoming more malformed by the minute. Yells of terror and pain had completed masked the usual discourse of the city square.

Victoria's smile had never left her face. Part one of her mission had been completed easily enough. A wake-up call to the city that had left her.

Part two would be the tricky one. She scanned the area for a place of hiding and saw an alley cloaked with shadow
She hovered down and walked down the path.

" If I make a few more left turns and fly the rest of the way there, I'll make it to the school. There's a back entrance I can sneak in from and from there I'll-" Victoria found her train of thought put on hold by a shooting pain in the back.

" Surprised you have the gall to return here after all these years. I can't say I approve of your welcoming party".

The edges of Victoria's lips momentarily drooped downwards from the sound of the voice. A voice she had known all too well. She slowly turned and saw a shadow in the form of a Lance, dripping in her blood.

While most of the Lance had solid form, it's edges danced in the wind like smoke. The owner of the shadow was a man dressed in bulky black Knights armor. His gaze was cold and filled with disgust.

" Is the Averruncus family usually so underhanded, Darros? I wonder if your sons will grow up to be a bastard like you. The sins of the father befall on the son after all".

" Don't dare bring my children into this, Victoria. Whatever grudge you have with should be kept between us and not involve innocent civilians!" His voice boomed across the alley.

Victoria couldn't help but snort back a laugh." Oh please. No one here can be called innocent. All of these people are products of the society that took away my son. The king did nothing. The school did nothing. You, a fellow parent, did nothing to help. Everyone in this city is my enemy and you're the one I've been wanting to kill the most!"

The rising tension reached it's peak as the two mages drew their method of attack. Victoria did an incantation and her arms took on a sickly green hue, her nails now sharp talons. She lunged at the man who blocked her assault with his Lance. She clawed away at him like a wild animal, frantically clawing away at the dark matter.

With each strike, green goblets of slime would splash from her toxic arms. A putrid odor infiltrated Darros' nose. Droplets of green slime fell from Victoria's hands and landed on his armor. Pieces of metal were dissolved at a high rate but not completely. Darros slammed his foot into her before throwing the Lance like a javelin.

Her stomach was punctured but if Victoria felt the pain she didn't show it. She grabbed the Lance and threw it to the side.

" How is it you're able to do that without even flinching?"

" Did you think of the would attack Vervantia without coming prepared? Right now I have toxins pumping throughout my body, numbing my pain. I can't afford to be hindered in my mission."

As blood from her wound touched the ground, a light sizzling sound was emitted. The bloody bubbled up as if being fried on the couch concrete. Darros noticed it but wasn't able to register what it meant until it was too late.

Victoria used her magic to condense her blood an acidic bullet. She aimed at her target and fired away. Darros hurriedly tried making a shield, but the bullet struck him before it could completely form.

Blood splashed on his armor with an unpleasant plop. The pristine black armor was quickly losing detail and becoming a metallic blob. There was no time to disrobe within battle. He had to escape and claim his enemy later on. As if being swallowed by darkness itself, his body seamlessly blended in with the shadows until he disappeared.

The witch used this opportunity to make her escape. Her magic was running low so there wasn't much more she could do here. With the mutter a few magical words, giant butterfly wings sprouted on her back. victoria took to the skies once again and thought over her next plan of action.

" Staying in this city any longer might prove to be dangerous. I already have Darros marked so I can let that woman handle the rest. it's a pity I didn't find his son in the crowd. would've been splendid watching the both of them squirm. Anyhow, I believe it would be best if I-"

Victoria's eyes were flooded with a radiant light which was followed by a mind-numbing pain. A fine arc of concentrated light had penetrated her body and shot across the horizon. The nauseating stench of charred flesh and organs struck her faster than the pain did.

Victoria hadn't had even the faintest moment to prepare for the attack. Even a witch like her couldn't keep up with a light speed attack. Her immaculately made wings dissipated into the air, leaving her to fall several feet down to the hard cement. Victoria would be nothing more than a puddle if a young knight hadn't caught her with astonishing speed.

" Wouldn't want you dying just yet, witch bitch. We still have a lot of data to extract from you and I'll make you cough up every single word."

The students of Vera via academy were caught in an uproar once news of the witch attack broke out. They had known their city to be a peaceful one. The kind of city people would take their family and friends to for vacation.

Today's events would shatter that illusion. The students were now located in the musty basement of the school. They huddled together in safety with bated breath. A cool-headed teacher made her way to the center of the room, the loud clatter of her heels catching everyone's attention.

" Everyone remain calm! The witch is currently in captivity of the capital dungeon. I've received word that Darros and Castiel were the ones who fought her. Medical treatment is being given to everyone caught in her attack.

Unfortunately, there have been some causalities. If you want to check on your loved ones, you have my permission to do so. Counseling services will be provided on campus and at the church of St Maria. may the gods be with you all."

Crowds of students quickly dispersed as they took off running through the exits. Dyce's group remained close together as they ran to the back exit.

" Be safe everyone. I dont know how many people we caught in the attack but let's all check on our families to be sure." Gazelle quickly rushed off to her house and the group split up.

Dyce wished the best for his friends. He had no fear of his own. He knew without a doubt his family was safe and could handle themselves just fine. They were more accomplished mages than he could ever hope to be.

He got on his bike and analyzed his surroundings as he rode by. Crowds of people littered the city blocks, cries of fear and worry filling the air. He could only hope normalcy would soon return.

Dyce parked his bike outside the house almost big enough to be a mansion. Its dark neo-gothic design made the Averruncus family stand out from their neighbors. He noticed something weird as he entered. There were scruffy pair of black leather shoes lined by the door.

It wasn't quite big enough to be his father's and his mother certainly wouldn't wear something so unpolished. They rarely got visitors and even rarer did they come inside. The most likely answer to the mystery was something Dyce dreaded but knew he had to face.

" Look who came just in time for dinner, lil bro."

The obnoxious older brother had returned.