Chapter 1:

cursed dancer prologue .

cursed dancer

I lay here inside not being able to move my legs to my fingertips being stuck inside of this place of what I call home I cannot look up at the sky and express myself with the moon not even under the stars to what place has done to me has been restraining me Locked into these very chains for ages. I can feel the vibrations of the people with the bottoms of my feet I can feel

 them outside it creates a new pair of eyes for me the people of this village have two faces   I have seen everything even though I have been chained here

 I have seen it all how they killed off my people and how they used them for their own amusement and worst of all they stole of what was not theirs they claimed what wasn't theirs all I can do is see with my other pair of eyes I can't even move because of my week body of mine. My people were always the ones to be entertainers never to be entertained.