Chapter 19:

Chapter 19: Restoration

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

Quickly taping Kayleb's mouth, Zac pushed Kayleb to the wall. Kayleb closed his eyes, mumbled and placed his hands on Zac's hands. Zac viciously chuckled while his hands held onto Kayleb's mouth so tightly, that Kayleb was unable to get his hands off of Kayleb. Kayleb then tried to resist Zac, yet he was unable to get away from him.

"Gotcha, kid!" Zac exclaimed in a low voice. "You're goin' down! Get ready to be trapped"-he turned to the brown bag on the floor-"in that bag over there." Then he returned his attention to Kayleb while Kayleb looked up and glared at him. "Let's go!"

Zac grabbed Kayleb's hands and placed them behind Kayleb's back, knocking him down on the floor. Kayleb fearfully looked into Zac's vicious eyes, frowning at Zac. Zac gazed at Kayleb for a moment.

-Alright, Zac! Now's your opportunity to tie Kayleb's hands and feet, before somebody comes in here and I get in trouble for it. I don't wanna be separated from my video games and money any longer.

Zac held one of his hands on Kayleb's wrists, while he sat on Kayleb's legs. He placed his other one into one of his pockets, to pull out the rope from it. Yet he couldn't find it so he searched for it in other pockets, and was finally able to pull out the rope without a complaint. He viciously smiled at it.

-Finally, I found it!

Then he looked down at Kayleb.

-Now we gotta tie him up, Zac buddy! C'mon!

After Zac successfully tied Kayleb's hands and feet, he studied his surroundings to check for any witnesses. He checked and, lucky for him, there were no witnesses around him. He sighed out of relief.

-Alrighty then. No witnesses are good for me. Now let's place the brat inside that bag and get the hell outta here.

Zac carried Kayleb to the bag lying flat on the floor, placed Kayleb there and tied up the bag. Zac turned around and checked for any witnesses and the rope to pull the bag up in the ceiling. Yet he still found no witnesses and he saw the white rope tied up on the corner of the wall. Then he viciously looked at the bag moving sideways.

-Okay! Now time to pull up the bag and get the hell outta here!

Zac walked his way towards the rope. After he untied the rope from the black hook on the wall, he pulled the bag up while the bag moved sideways, until it almost reached the ceiling. Tying the rope back on the hook, Zac sighed happily with his vicious smile, gazing at the bag up in the ceiling.

-Great! Now we can get the hell outta here before I get caught.

Zac exited the storage room and locked the door with a pedal door lock. After that he wiped the sweat off his forehead and sighed out of relief. He looked up at the ceiling and smiled.

-Phew! What a relief! Now let's go to the pawn shop and sell Ma's jewelry there!

Zac looked both ways and turned right to head outside, seeing the Exit sign above the door. He smiled viciously as he continued walking towards the exit. Once he opened the door and exited the building, he looked around the outside and saw people of all ages-children and adults-placed the food containers into the back of the eighteen-wheeled truck.

Zac walked away from that group and walked around the building. He quickly rubbed his hands and grinned viciously while he continuously walked forward.

-Alright, Zac! This is gonna be great! I can't wait to get the hell outta this place, and sell this bitch at the pawn shop.

Then he put his hands down and frowned his anxious eyes.

-But I better do it quickly while I can. Can you imagine my parents receiving a phone call about my disappearance, finding me and grounding me for nine more days, Zac buddy?!

As soon as Zac walked farway from the small building's exit, he saw the city bus make a stop at a bus stop. He quickly ran over there and yelled with his hands surrounding his mouth, "Hey! Wait up! I'm comin' for the ride!"

He waved at the city bus, swinging his arm sideways. He continued to yell those same exact words and kept running faster and waving at the city bus, until he finally made it. After he entered the city bus and paid for the fare there, the city bus closed its door and continued to drive forward.


After Zac got off at the bus stop and scanned his surroundings, he saw a building of his interest with a sign that said Pawn Shop. He grinned out of joy and just gazed at it for a brief moment.

-Alright, I made it here jus' in time. Now let's hurry up, sell this bitch and head back to that shitty community service.

Zac looked both ways of the street and waited for the cars to drive past him, before he crossed the street.

-Okay, here we go, Zac buddy! Seventeen more days to go and we're outta there! Whoo!

Once he made it near the Pawn Shop and opened its door, the door rang its bell behind him while it closed the store itself. The middle aged man with some white beard and wrinkles waved at Zac, closing his eyes with a smile. "Hello, sir. Welcome to my store. Feel free to enjoy yourself now."

"Oh, don't worry, sir. I will." Zac waved back at the employee of the store. Then he examined the place and moved his amazed eyes left and right.

-Wow, this place is pretty chill. I'll give it that though. I mean, hot damn!

Zac's eyes spotted the instrument section at the right corner, and the electronics near the right wall of any kind-DVDs, Blue Rays, video games, computers-everything there. The instrument section stood near the rear wall and the Sports section stood in the center of the store. And lastly the Jewelry section stood behind the counter.

The customers outnumbered the employees by seven to one. They curiously roamed around the store to see what they were interested in buying. The employees stood there and watched in order to preserve order and harmony in the store. Zac gave the store his vicious smile.

-Now let's hurry up and get this shit over with, so I can turn back to that shitty ass community service. The faster and earlier the better. Let's go, Zac buddy.

When Zac marched towards the same employee, the employee turned to Zac and smiled at him, after he received payment from the customer and waved him goodbye. "Oh, hello there. How may I help you, sir?"

"Actually, I came here to sell this." Zac displayed his mother's necklace to the employee.

The employee gasped and examined the necklace closely. "This is some pretty nice necklace you got there." Then he returned his attention to Zac. "And it looks pretty expensive too. Where did you get it?"

"Well, you see…uh…um…" Zac looked up at the ceiling and tried to come up with a lie for a few seconds, before something popped inside his heart.

-Oh, I know!

"So you see, sir," Zac continued, leaning himself on the counter. "I came across it yesterday at twilight, comin' home from runnin' errands for my parents. Yet I didn't have time to sell it until today, because I was on a curfew. You know how that goes…"

"Ah…I see…" The man was getting ready to go to the back door. "Well, let me go to the back and check for this necklace's identity, then I'll come back and tell you this necklace's value. Alright?"

"Oh, yea. Sure. I'll wait here, so take your time, sir," Zac said with his eyes closed and a big grin. As soon as the employee left Zac alone, Zac turned his smile upside down and expressed his annoyed look on his face.

-Oh, he better hurry up and not waste my time. I gotta get back on the bus and get back to that crappy community service. I don't wanna get in trouble, y'know.

Luckily for Zac, the employee quickly returned to him with the necklace and opened his cash register. "Looks like you won yourself five thousand Shekels. Congratulations, sir!"

Zac widened his joyful eyes and grinned when he heard that.

-Z-Zac buddy, did you hear that? I've earned five thousand Shekels! Ah, it feels so good to be financially restored from last night.

The employee gave Zac five sets of ten one-hundred Shekels. "Alright, here you go, sir. Is that all I can get you?"

Zac folded and placed the money in his pocket. "Oh, yea. That'll be all, sir." He headed towards the door and waved at the employee. "Have a good day!"

The employee waved back and watched Zac leave the store. "You too! Don't forget to come by anytime you want, sir."

"Oh, I will, sir. You can count on that!"

Everything went according to plan. Zac managed to catch the bus back to the community service. This made Zac very happy, making him believe that he had a good morning, due to his community service task was being disrupted.