Chapter 18:

Chapter 18: Zac & Kayleb

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

Still standing there in the storage room, Zac viciously grinned when he moved his eyes around. He rubbed his palms together. Then he gazed at the bag lying on the floor with some rope tied to it.

-Oh, man, Zac buddy. This is gonna be great! I can put this little brat in that bag and have that other brat and her shitty as friends find her piece of shit brother, while I go out and sell my mom's necklace to the pawn shop and get somethin' to eat by myself. That'll make up for last night's financial loss. It's gonna be great.

Then he moved his head around for a few moments.

-Now I jus' need to find some tape for Kayleb's mouth, and rope for his hands and feet while I'm at it.

He walked all over the room out of search for some tape and rope. He looked at the majority of the areas in that room, and yet he couldn't find them. He sighed, frowned and leaned his body forward.

-Oh, man. Where the hell's the tape and more rope?! I know they're here somewhere. I gotta keep lookin'. I don't have time to waste, y'know. One of Hadasa's friends or even her brother can come in here any minute, Zac buddy.

When he looked at the cabinets, he widened his amazed eyes when he finally saw some gray tape and rope inside one of these drawers.

-Oh, man! Congrats, Zac buddy! I finally found what I'm lookin' for! About damn time!

He pulled the tape and rope out of there and pushed the drawer back in. He examined them closely with a vicious grin.

-Oh, yeah, baby. Yeah! Now we're talkin'!

"Um, Zac? Are you in here?" Kayleb's voice questioned.

Hearing the door creaked open and Kayleb's footsteps entered the room, Zac quickly turned his head to it with his eyes widened and a frown. His eyes moved a bit sideways a little bit.

-Oh, shit! Kayleb's in here!

He returned to the items in his hands. His face switched from fear to anxiety.

-I better hide these before that brat finds me with these, and becomes suspicious with me.

Zac quickly placed the items in his pocket just in time before Kayleb finally found him standing there.

"Oh, there you are," Kayleb said as he walked his footsteps towards Zac. "My sister, her friends and I were lookin' all over for ya. We're ready to take off and leave to one of the fast food joints for lunch. You're goin' with us right?"

Zac turned around and forced a big smile with his eyes closed, placing his left hand on one of the cabinets. "Why, of course, I'm comin' with you guys. I mean, why wouldn't I go?"

-Like hell, I'm goin' with you guys. I'd rather go to a fast food joint by myself, than havin' lunch with you guys.

"Okay! Great!" Kayleb exclaimed with his eyes closed and a grin. Then he opened his eyes and took a look around the area. "But what are you in this room anyway?"

"Oh, I was explorin' the building before we leave, that's all," Zac replied. "I love repeated explorations, y'know."

"Ah, I see…" Kayleb said. "Now that I found you, Let's go reunite with my sister and her friends!"

"Okay, well. Can you stand outside and wait for me there?"

Kayleb turned around, raising his eyebrow at Zac. "Huh?"

After Zac repeated the question, Kayleb glared at him, placing his hands on his hips, tapping on the floor. "You're not doin' anythin' suspicious, are ya?"

"Huh?!" Zac widened his eyes and leaned his body backwards a little bit. His sweat fell down on his cheek. "W-W-What are ya talkin' 'bout?! Of course, I'm not doin' anythin' suspicious. I'm tryin' to do somethin' real quick before we leave. Honest."

Kayleb glared at him even more. "Like what?"

"Like…um…uh…" Zac looked up at the ceiling, trying to think of something.

-C'mon, Zac buddy. Think, bro, think! Think! I'm tryin' to get rid of this brat's stupid ass suspicion.

"I'm waitin'..." Kayleb continued.

Zac angrily turned to Kayleb. "Be freakin' quiet now, would ya?! I'm tryin' to think of somethin' as fast as I can here! Gheez!"

Zac looked up at the ceiling and placed his hand on his chin.

-Now where was I?...Oh, yea. What am I tryin' to do here? Think, Zac, think!

While Kayleb impatiently stared at Zac, Zac tried to think for a few more moments, before his eyes were widened.

-Ah! I got it!

Zac then turned back to Kayleb with a smirk on his face. "I'm gonna go put the gum up, see?" He pulled the green wrapped gum out of his pocket and displayed it to Kayleb. "I found this dropped on the floor from this"-he banged on the cabinet with his hand-"cabinet here. And I'm gonna place this back inside the cabinet here."

"Well, I wanna see you do it," Kayleb said.

"Oh? You would?" Zac questioned with sweat coming out of his forehead and his eyes widened. His fearful heart beated faster and harder when he gazed at Kayleb. He put his hands forward and leaned back against the air a little.

"Yea…I would…" Kayleb answered Zac, glaring at Zac even more with his eyes nearly closed. "I don't really trust you, Zac. So I'm gonna watch you do it."

Zac swallowed his own saliva. "Okay, well." He turned to the cabinet near him and Kayleb back and forth a couple times. "Here goes nothing."

Zac turned to the cabinet near him and slowly opened one of its doors.

-Oh, man. I can't believe I couldn't get that brat immediately turned around, while I was gonna tie him up and place him in the bag. Ugh! Now I'll have to do that when I put my gum up in here, I guess. Then I should get it back once I tie this brat up.

After Zac put his gum up in the drawer, he turned to Kayleb and Kayleb smiled at him at ease, no longer tapping his foot on the floor.

"Good," Kayleb exclaimed, closing his eyes. "Now let's get out of here, and reunite with Hadasa and her friends."

"Oh, sure…no problem, broh," Zac responded.

As soon as Kayleb turned around, Zac viciously grinned at Kayleb even more as he pulled the tape out from his pocket. He stretched the tape and placed it near his mouth, making sure it was wide enough to tape Kayleb's mouth.

Realizing he needed scissors, he quickly looked around the room and spotted a pair of orange-blue scissors on the brown, long table. He turned to that table and Kayleb back and forth.

-Okay, Zac. Better hide in the table over there, before that brat catches me.

When Zac finally found his hiding spot, he quickly yet quietly tiptoed across the room, without Kayleb noticing a thing. With Kayleb noticing this, he turned around and didn't find Zac present in the room. He gasped and widened his eyes out of shock.

"Wha-?!" Kayleb cried taking a couple steps forward and scanned the room. "Where did he go?!" Then he growled with an angry face, clenching his fists, tightly closing his eyes. "Ooooo!" He angrily opened his eyes and remained scanning the room. "I'm gonna find that jerk, and when I do that, I'll have to walk behind him, for sure."

While Kayleb searched for Zac, Zac peeked from underneath the table and watched Kayleb with his hands on it. He viciously grinned at Kayleb.

-Oh, goodie. Looks like I'm in the clear for now.

Zac turned to the scissors.

-Alright, gotta get the scissors to cut the piece of tape before that brat sees me.

Zac quickly and quietly stood up from his position, took the scissors from the table and kneel back down. Kayleb turned around without seeing Zac, walking to the other side of the room. Zac's face was relaxed when Kayleb didn't catch him.

-Phew! That was close!

He looked down at the tape, holding onto the scissors.

-Better hurry up and cut the tape while I'm at it.

Zac quietly cut the tape and placed the scissors back as well as the tape on the table. He lifted the tape up and viciously grinned at it.

-Oh, yea…this should be a piece of cake, Zac buddy. Now time to tie that freakin' brat.

After Kayleb checked the other side of the room, he studied it sideways. "Well, he should be in here somewhere." He turned to the side area where he and Zac entered the room. "I'll check on this side first, then I'll check on the other side."

While Kayleb checked that side of the room, Zac just stood there for a few seconds before he stood up from the floor. When Zac quickly tiptoed his way towards Kayleb, his shadow appeared and enlarged behind Kayleb. Kayleb noticed this and turned around, gasping, widening his eyes when he saw Zac forcibly placing a tape on his mouth.