Chapter 0:

Taji made a diary entry

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist [Part 2]

It’s been a few months since I started dating Lei Mei. Honestly, this has been the happiest few months of my life. However, the worst thing is about to greet me. School finals. Studying for these exams has been extremely difficult, even though I have been receiving study help from my beloved Lei Mei, I haven’t had much luck.

This has been a hectic time for me now. I need to get the best possible grades if I want to go to the same school as Lei Mei. On top of that, I’ve been studying Chinese. Since we want to move over there, it's going to be extremely essential for me. Can’t imagine the struggle of moving to a country and not knowing the language there.

My social life at school has been more relaxed for me recently since Lei Mei and I revealed the big news, Sawa and Tamako backed away and finally gave up on their silly antics. On the topic of school, Ms Raicho has recently been much more on my case, she doesn’t want to cut me any slack. Any second I look away she instantly starts firing 50 different pens at my head. Wonder what triggered this kind of behaviour from her. I don’t recall doing anything to her.

Sadly Kingo also had been less active around me, not sure if he’s trying to give me more time for Lei Mei or if he’s getting busier with his own life or at least whatever bit of life he has. Although, I feel like the lack of Kingo has been rather unsettling for me, after all, we have spent most of our time hanging out together till now.

One thing I have realised which could be the cause of my inability not being able to keep up with my studies might be that I have been dedicating a lot of time to studying Chinese culture and way of life, bettering myself in the way I should be living when I move to China. This has distracted me, and I’m glad that it grabbed my interest so much, but it does cause me to miss out on my home learning which without it I won't be able to even move to study in China.

Well then. That should be enough to note down. Glad I started to keep a diary where I note stuff that is going on in my life. Noting all of this down really helps me keep my thoughts and emotions in line.