Chapter 1:

School Finals

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist [Part 2]

Monday, another day of school. The pain and suffering never ends. We are getting closer and closer to the exam season, and what makes it worse, these are the final exams before we finish school. My previous results, although they improved, weren’t all that good and they aren’t good enough to get into the same school as Lei Mei.

Lei Mei and I struck a deal for us dating.

”We won't do ‘couple things’ during school hours, study so that you can get the grades you need. Once we are done with school, we do after-school studying, then we can do whatever you want together.”

I agreed to that since that makes sense; I don’t see why we shouldn’t be doing this, with really good schools in mind. Despite agreeing to this, I still hate this. Now that I finally got Lei Mei as mine, I want us to do more things, things that we can do as lovers, instead, 90% of the day is studying, 5% is our time and the remaining 5% is sleeping. Horrible ratio.

Getting too deep in my thoughts, even in school, I can’t take my mind off her, and how much I actually love her. It’s amazing how one person can have such a big impact on another's life.

“Mr AGUNI! Please. Pay. Attention. To. The. Class.” Ms Raicho yelled out at me.

“AHH, YES! I’M HERE” I screamed out in panic.

“Mind explaining what you were spacing out for? We have a class going on and you are dozing away into your little dreamland, so care to share what it was?”

“No thank you. I would rather not, but thank you for the offer.”

There is no way in hell that I would tell the entire class that I was dozing off to thinking about Lei Mei. I need to have some self-respect and dignity out here. They don’t need to know about this stuff.

“Well, mind paying attention to what we are doing?”

“Yes, I will be paying attention.”

“Great. Now read extract 5 on page 252.”

“Okay! So, uhh, ok. During sexual reproduction, sperm from the male joins with an egg from the female. This is called fertilisation.”

“Mr Aguni, stop. What class are we in?”

“Uh, we are in literature class, right?”

“Yes, so why are you reading about reproduction, which is in biology? I don’t remember that being part of literature.”

Ah… well. This is a bit…

“If you think about it correctly, we can class anything written in a book as literature. So really, it’s biology literature.”

“Stop getting smart with excuses and get smart for your exams. Sit down and open the correct textbook.”

Well, not the best save but it’s good enough. In all seriousness, I actually need to pay attention.

Death stared straight ahead, putting all my concentration into the classes. The day finally came to an end. Private study time with Lei Mei in the library and we can finally go home.

I sat at the library and waited.

10 minutes had passed…

20 minutes had passed…

30 minutes had passed…

What the hell? Where is she? She was literally in my class. Where did she go?

I turned my phone on to check if she sent me any messages. Sure enough, I had 6 unread messages and 9 missed calls. Well, damn. I wished I had checked that earlier. High chance she won't be happy.

Hi Taji. Mother asked if we can help her out today. I couldn’t find you to tell you, so just make your way over there when you can.

Hi Taji, we need your help, it’s pretty busy today. Come ASAP.

Taji, come now.

Few more just like this. Great, I may have messed up. To be fair, I did run off to the toilet as soon as class ended so that I wouldn’t waste study time but seems like I did even worse. Wonder if I should go there now and hope that I won't be murdered or if I should go home and pretend I was sick.

I would hate to have to lie to Lei Mei. Building trust and confidence with each other is important, but then again, she’s scary… Well, I’ll have to take a risk this time. Never know what will happen.

After a short walk, I arrived. The worst is about to come.

“Hello, sorry for coming late,” I told Mrs Lei.

“No worries, hurry up and get changed. We need your help on the floor. Go pick up all the finished dishes and help Lei Mei with bringing orders.” She replied while flipping dishes left and right.

Quickly ran to the backroom and got changed. Lei Mei hasn’t even bothered to look in my general direction at all. This might be a pain to deal with later, but for now, time to get working.

They were doing a special deal event which loured in a lot of hungry customers meaning there's a lot more work for us, which we didn’t know till it was too late, well at least I didn’t, since the deal didn’t start till after we finished school so that I and Lei Mei could help.

We ran around for a good 4 or 5 hours. I haven’t felt this tired in decades.

“Taji. Explain, what were you doing today? You keep saying you want to study more yet you don’t pay attention in classes. What even happened after school? I couldn’t find you and you didn’t reply to my messages till a while later.” Lei Mei questioned in the backrooms.

“You see, I have been thinking of how little time we get to spend together… it keeps distracting me during classes.”

“Taji. Dedicate time to your studies and to studying the ways of communism. Once we have finally achieved those two things, we will be able to fully be happy under our one true leader.”

“What does this have to do with what I said?”

“Nothing. I felt like encouraging you to keep studying more so that we can live up to the correct standards that I want to live in.”

“Does everything have to be about communism? Why can’t we be together normally?” ]

“But we are, are we not? We spend time together, we talk together, we study together… what else is there that you want.”

“Never mind… I’ll tell you after the exams.”

“Why not now? What’s so special that happens after the exams?”

“I wouldn’t say it’s anything special, though I think it would be a better time to do so.”

“Okay, if you say so Taji. Now tell me, why did you ignore my calls and texts and why did you come so late?”

“Well, I went to the toilet and my phone was turned off. I only turned it on after a while to check if something happened.”

“I’m always punctual for things. I would have been at the library on time if something didn’t occur. You should have known this and known to check your phone.”

“You’re right… That slipped my mind.”

“Well, it's too late for that now. Let's go home. We can fit in some extra study time.”

After getting to her house, we spent some time studying together. I just couldn’t stop looking at her the entire time. Honestly, I have fallen madly in love with her. I want to make a move, but I fear her reacting badly over it.

Her lips look so soft, her concentrated look is rather attractive. The more I look at her, the prettier she gets. Every little thing about her is just beautiful.

“Taji… Pay attention. Why did Mae Lodong do this?”

“Oh yeah, the great leap forward, uhh, sacrifices were necessary for the development and advancements.”

“Surprised. Looked like you dozed off. I guess it’s time for your reward now.” 

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