Chapter 12:

His Honor

Love Talks

“What would you do if you won that lottery?” Gina asked Noah. Noah was looking at the lottery ticket which he had bought earlier. Gina put her ticket in her highschool bag.

“Hmm… Let me think about it,” he replied while looking at the ticket and walking at the same time.

After a while he said, “I think I would travel the world with you.”

Gina looked at her boyfriend. Noah was smiling brightly and continuing to walk.

Gina’s glance fell on Noah’s forehead. Without looking away Noah’s old scar on his forehead she muttered, “I thought you would like to get plastic surgery.”

Noah was surprised. He brought his hand to the scar on his forehead. While he was trying to look at his own forehead, “You mean this?” he asked. Then he stopped walking.

Gina thought she said an unnecessary thing about a sensitive matter. She stopped walking, too.

Noah smiled one more time and “No way!” he said. He was still looking up.

“When we were little children, I got this wound because I wanted to protect you. Don’t make me remember that terrible accident. But… Whenever I see this scar in the mirror, I know you’re alive thanks to my reckless behavior.” he continued.

Gina’s eyes opened widely. It was her turn to be surprised. She couldn’t find the right words. But Noah didn’t let her think more by looking at her directly this time.

He talked with a more serious voice.

“This scar is my honor so I won’t let it erase.”

Love Talks