Chapter 11:

F or F 2

Love Talks

The food is getting cold and this is one of the dishes that is not good when heated. Since Lisa said she'd be back in two hours, I prepared the meal accordingly, but it's already been three hours.

I was invited to her this Saturday, as both of our free days coincided with the same day. However, because she was called to the police station due to a sudden job, she had to leave me at her home and go to work.

While I was sitting on the chair, playing the rhythm on the table with my fingers, the salad which I prepared an hour ago caught my eye.

Whenever I came to Lisa's house, I saw nothing but water and beer in the fridge. I thought that this meal I prepared would be good for Lisa, but I was worried that she wouldn't be able to eat it at this rate.

She has a job that is likely to be called overtime even on her off days, and she usually orders because she doesn't have time to prepare at home. I usually see pizza boxes in her trash. This erratic life is probably the reason why a gorgeous woman like her doesn't have a regular relationship.

I’m afraid that she couldn’t come home due to a serious problem at work. Part of me wants to call her because I’m curious, but I'm also afraid to disturb her at work. I can at least text her but I don't know how right it is for a sex partner to be worried about her.

My thoughts chased my thoughts and “Probably no sex tonight” crossed my mind. I didn't like the idea. Actually, I did a situation assessment, but I'm also angry at the possibility that I think my dick’s priority.

While I was fighting with myself in my inner world, I was startled by the sound coming from the door. Her voice was heard before she entered the room.

“I was so happy to see the hall lights as I approached the house that I thought you wouldn't be waiting for me because I was late.”

As I got up to head for the kitchen from where I was sitting, "If I were going home, I would at least let you know by text." I replied.

Her approaching voice said, “Ask me if I have time to look at my phone?”. She entered the living room as I entered the kitchen. After checking the warmth of the pot, I turned towards the window separator that separates the living room from the kitchen and said, “The evening is pretty busy for you-”. When I saw Lisa in her uniform, my words were cut short.

Probably because I showed that I was surprised with my expression, she smiled with a mischievous face, "I was sure that you had a uniform fetish, but I brought my uniform home because I would wash it anyway, not for a fetish. And because I was late, I didn't want to waste any more time changing my clothes at work,” she said.

Trying to stay calm, I turned to the plates on the shelf. "It's the first time I've seen you in uniform, that's all," I replied. I wanted to change the subject.

"I'm guessing you're hungry because you said you were busy."

“Even if I ate something, I never miss a table that a chef prepared for me. Besides, he is waiting for me,” she replied.

Since she said “You should leave the dishes to me.”, I turned and looked at Lisa. After coming out of the bathroom, Lisa, dressed in a comfortable home outfit, was drying her hair while telling me this.

“I had nothing else to do.” ' I replied, continuing to dry the last dish. Actually, I didn't want to leave it to her as she looked quite tired. She needs to rest, and I plan to ask permission to go home after I finish the dishes.

I was startled as she suddenly hugged me from behind. “When did you get behind me quietly…” I muttered. She rested her forehead on my back. At the same time, “Cops must act quietly in operations,” she replied.

“Is this an operation to get close to Johan and hug him?” I asked. She laughed for a few seconds. Then she tried to squeeze my chest, “God, how can they be so hard… They just don't fit in my hand.” she muttered.

I set the dish towel aside and turned towards her. She lifted her arms up and slowly wrapped them around my neck. If I looked a little more at her face that was waiting for me to kiss, I would start kissing.

Covering her eyes with one hand, "You look very tired." I said. “You…” she said in a tone that showed she was surprised because she didn't get what she expected. She took her hands from my neck and brought them to the one I had closed her eyes and opened her face. "You're not thinking of going home tonight, are you?" she asked.

I smiled and let her go and went to sit on the sofa in the living room. “After a beer…” I muttered. For a few seconds, she looked at me from where she was in the kitchen. The towel around her neck was about to fall as she had tried to hug someone taller than herself a few seconds earlier. She dropped the towel on the kitchen chair and headed for the fridge.

She left one of the beers on the coffee table in front of me and stood up. I tried not to look at the belly button and the mole next to her belly button that was slightly visible just below the athlete.

“Are you angry that I was called from work suddenly and my work took longer than expected?” she asked as I lay down for the beer. While I had my arm stretched out for the beer, my gaze remained on Lisa, who looked quite sad.

After a while, I opened the beer and sat back. “You should be angry that they called you to work on the off-weekend. Why should I be angry with you for that?” I asked. “You look really tired. I just thought it would be better if you fell asleep right away.” I added.

This is really sad. What kind of words did her ex-boyfriends say to her when she was called from work for some reason so that she thought I was angry at her, too? Besides, I'm not her boyfriend. I have no right to be angry even if there was something to be angry about.

While my gaze was vacillating between her sad face and her reared up nipples because she didn’t wear her bra and dropped her wet hair on her chest, "I might consider spending the night here if you prove you're not tired,” I said then sipped my beer.

She replied with a rather charming smile and set her beer down on the coffee table. She sat on my lap gently and said, "I'll gladly prove it to you." Since I wanted to hug her, I wanted to leave the beer bottle in my hand on the coffee table. As I leaned forward, she pushed me back onto the sofa and said, “You can have your hands full.” She cupped my cheeks in her hands and kissed my lips. I got excited as her hip slid into my crotch.

I bent down with her and put the bottle in my hand on the coffee table right behind her. After she stopped kissing, “I would like my hand full of softer things, you know…” I said.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck as she continued the kiss. After a while, she grabbed my neck and slid to the side, laying herself on the sofa and pulling me towards her. I got surprised and “I thought you would take the lead to prove you weren't tired,” I said.

She opened her eyes in surprise, as if she had forgotten what she had to prove. “Right…” she muttered. She shifted her gaze to the side in a way that showed her embarrassment and "I think I like being under your body," she made an assessment with her external voice.

I wasn't expecting this sentence and junior Johan, who ramped because of what he heard, was not expecting it either. I got so excited that I closed my eyes and "Even if you say you're tired from now on, I won't hold back." I muttered and dropped my head on my sweet-smelling partner.