Chapter 1:


Colourland Series 2: Brother Blackburnian

Chapter 13

Lord Grackle's Not Happy

Lord Grackle was talking with King Bobby.

" I will be the next one to fight " said Lord Grackle.

" Sounds about right " said King Bobby.

" We need Curtis to be avenged "

" I loved Curtis, he had a great sense of justice " said Lord Grackle.

" He understood what was right and what was wrong "

" He sure did " said King Bobby. " I will be issuing a statement soon "

" Good " said Lord Grackle. " Bird's Isle needs to see what has happened "

" Exactly " said King Bobby.

King Bobby declared this statement which mentioned Curtis and also Warbler.

We must remember all that Curtis did as an advisor, his sense of justice was great. We are strongly encouraging Warbler to change who he hangs out with. I encourage advisors and other people to have a talk with him, he is not being influenced in a good way.

Blackburnian is very upset, he is so hurt right now. Can you blame him, he cannot fight with his brother Warbler now in the war. Challenger has failed Warbler, Colour King would not fail him like this.

We must always remember Curtis, Draco, Rourke, Salvador and Paula for all they have done. We must let Warbler know about all that his brother Blackburnian has done for him, I fear that he has forgotten. He cannot forget Blackburnian in this way, this cannot continue. This is bad for him and anyone in the family. Crayon and his friends are not friends that Warbler can have, it is terrible for the man.

Thank you for understanding,

King Bobby Blackbird

King Bobby sent the statement.

After that, King Bobby was with the advisors.

" We have something important to discuss " said King Bobby.

" It involves Warbler " said Queen Starling.

" What is going on ? " asked Lord Grackle.

" Has he been drugged ? "asked Diana.

" I don't think he is taking any drugs right now, but he has not been influenced in a good way " said King Bobby.

" I think Challenger is responsible " said Blackburnian.

" What he has done is unforgivable "

" I cannot respect what he did "

" Warbler has to understand that this is not personal " said Lord Grackle. " I am furious about Curtis being gone as well "

" Same here " said Queen Starling.

" Curtis was a great man " said Diana. " What plans do we have involving Warbler ? "

" We will make sure he is with the right people " said Lord Grackle.

" Yes, but I believe that Crayon and his friends are responsible " said King Bobby. " I don't know if Warbler is involved with Numerians or not "

" We must bring them here " said Blackburnian.

" I cannot take this anymore "

" Warbler cannot have this happen to him, he is a great guy "

" Everyone knows what a great guy he is "

" We should investigate who Warbler has been hanging out with " said Lord Grackle.

" That is not a bad idea " said Queen Starling.

" Numerians have resources we need to make Bird's Isle better " said Blackburnian.

" Yes, we need them " said King Bobby.

" First we must have an intervention for Warbler " said Queen Starling. " We will have to get him to come alone "

" He will " said Blackburnian.

" I have faith in him "

Yes " said King Bobby.

" We will change Warbler for the better " said Lord Grackle.

" That is true " said Queen Starling.

" He will be back to the way he was "

Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were well rested and they got up.

" Glad we are all here together " said Artby.

" It is great to see " said Challenger. " We shouldn't get into training right away "

" We should see if anything has changed " said Colouruke.

" I wonder if King Bobby has said anything " said Grackle.

" Knowing him he probably has " said Dove.

" We will have to wait and see " said Warbler.

King Bobby then released another statement.

Warbler, we need you to come alone to us. Warbler, your brother Blackburnian is very concerned right now. You will meet with all advisors there. We have lifted the restrictions right now on serving Crayon and his friends because we need to deal with this, it is so important.

We need an intervention for Warbler right now, we need him to change who he hangs out with. If you see him, tell him to come to Bird's Isle right now. Blackburnian is so worried about him, he is so upset about who Warbler is hanging out with, we must think about this.

Warbler must be in the castle instead of with Crayon and his friends. Crayon and his friends are not who he needs in his life. They are not friends that are good for him, everyone in Bird's Isle must see this. We are all here for Warbler during these times.

Thank you for your patience and support at this time,

King Bobby Blackbird

Crayon and his friends watched the statements from King Bobby.

" What the fuck " said Colourea.

" They think they can force Warbler to not hang out with us " said Colouruke.

" For this war ? " asked Crayon.

" Do they not know that he doesn't want to fight "

" It appears not " said Artby.

" King Bobby will not stop until Blackburnian is happy " said Challenger.

" The king can find other ways for him to be happy " said Artby.

I think he is saying this to make the war seem more reasonable " said Grackle.

" It isn't " said Dove.

" I am not sure what we are going to do " said Warbler.

" King Bobby will probably send people in " said Colouruke.

" We may have to fight more people " said Challenger.

" I can fight " said Artby. " Perhaps bakers can make Blackburnian happy since we do not want to fight "

" Bakers ? " asked Colouruke.

" Bakers can make anyone happy if the right bread is used, bakeries keep people happier "

" The thing is that we don't know if Blackburnian eats bread or not " said Grackle.

" Bakers can help " said Artby.

After that, they checked out of the hospital and headed home.

They had something to eat and ate.

There was another statement from King Bobby.

Warbler is in Bird Port right now, we recommend that people head there to look for him. Blackburnian is very concerned about him right now, we all are. What Blackburnian has gone through as his brother, is not what we want him going through. If you are in Bird Port right now, please look for him. When he is found, we will have a special intervention for him. Warbler must have friends that are better. Crayon and his friends have not been good friends, we must all see that.

Thank you for your patience and support at this time,

King Bobby Blackbird

Warriors were sent to Bird Port to search for him, other people joined the search as well. Soon posters were all over about the intervention for Warbler.

" We must make sure Warbler never hangs out with people like this " said a warrior.

" Blackburnian has had enough of it " said the second warrior.

" As a brother he is so hurt "

" What Challenger has done is unacceptable " said the third warrior.

" We will find Warbler for the good of all " said the fourth warrior.

" Warbler must remember what Blackburnian has done for him " said the fifth warrior.

The warriors then started contacting people for the whereabouts of Warbler. Eventually they found a place in Bird Port where they were.

Warriors and people knocked on the door.

" Open up, think about Blackburnian " said a voice.

" Don't keep doing this "

" Shit " said Artby.

" What are we going to do now " said Colouruke.

" We will fight " said Crayon.

" Yeah, we can do that " said Artby.

" I suggest you open up now, we do not want to fight " said another voice.

" We just want Warbler for the intervention " said another voice. " The rest of you will be left alone "

" Blackburnian is very concerned about Warbler, you cannot hang out with him anymore " said the first voice.

Eventually they broke open the door. Tons of people were there, mostly warriors.

" If you refuse to give us Warbler for the intervention, we will have no choice but for you to face justice " said a warrior.

" All we are asking for is Warbler " said the second warrior.

" The king does not think that you should hang out with Warbler anymore " said a man.

" Why ? " asked Colouruke.

" The things that you said to him have angered Blackburnian his older brother " said the man.

" You ruined his chance of fighting with his brother in the war "

" This war is important "

" But he doesn't want to fight " said Grackle.

" Grackle, you are just making up things to make things worse here " said the man.

" Just give us Warbler, if you refuse it will make things worse "

" Blackburnian is so infuriated about how is treated "

More people arrived and a warrior let them in, they were mostly warriors.

" You are outnumbered like crazy, give us Warbler now " said the warrior.

Several of them surrounded the others while three others grabbed Warbler. There was a struggle between them but Warbler was taken into this vehicle.

They were able to break free but warriors blocked them from reaching Warbler. The vehicle started to drive away and the people left and told them to not hang out with him anymore.

" Noooo " said Dove.

" Warbler, no " yelled Grackle.

" I wonder what they are going to do to him " said Crayon.

" There is going to be an intervention " said Grackle.

" Blackburnian will be there most likely " said Challenger.

" Does he want him in the war this much ? " asked Colouruke.

" Even though he doesn't want to fight "

" They will force him to fight " said Challenger.

" Warbler will have to do so unless we find him "

" It is unfortunate " said Grackle.

" It really is " said Crayon.

Meanwhile King Bobby was contacted by a warrior who was not driving.

" King Bobby, Warbler will be heading here " said the warrior.

" Good " said King Bobby. " We will make sure that Warbler no longer hangs out with people who do not influence him in a good way "

" So is the intervention for Warbler happening where ? asked the warrior.

" In the castle " said King Bobby.

" It is a huge event "

" Thanks " said the warrior.

The warriors then headed to Bird's Isle with Warbler to meet the king for the intervention.

Crayon and his friends were talking.

" We have to find them " said Grackle.

" We have to be careful, all the advisors will be there " said Challenger.

" They are stronger than Curtis and we have not trained since the fight with him "

" We will have to figure something out " said Colourea.

" We will have to train first but we also do not want Warbler to go to war " said Colouruke.

" Sounds like a plan " said Artby.

They headed to train. Challenger, Colourea, Artby and Crayon used their Light Implosions, Dove and Grackle used their Wind Implosions and Colouruke used his Sea Implosion. They hit with intense power.

After that Crayon used his Sky Implosion and Challenger used his Lightning Implosion. Both of them were stronger than the previous implosions significantly.

Crayon used his Ultimate Sky Bomb while Challenger used his Ultimate Lightning Bomb. Colourea and Artby used their Ultimate Light Bombs while Dove and Grackle used their Ultimate Wind Bombs and Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Bomb. The bombs were extremely powerful.

Crayon used his Ultimate Sky Blast while Challenger used his Ultimate Lightning Blast. The blasts hit with tons of power.

Crayon used his Times Six Sky Strike while Challenger used his Times Six Lightning Strike. This was the first time that Crayon could use it.

" Amazing " said Dove.

" This is great " said Artby.

" I am glad Crayon can use it " said Colourea.

" The rest of them used their usual Quintuple Strikes and they hit with intense power.

They finished their training and they headed to a bakery.

" Glad to see bakers again " said Artby. " Time for me to thank every baker like I usually do "

Artby thanked every baker. He was so happy to see them.

" I never get tired of seeing bakers bake bread " said Artby. " I know that this is the customer I need to continue being "

" I want to be a customer that shows how much they love bakers "

They got their bread and left.

They went home and ate. They enjoyed their meal.

Meanwhile Warbler arrived in Bird's Isle with the warriors. He was met by Lord Grackle at the airport and they headed to the castle.

" So Warbler, how are you holding up ? " asked Lord Grackle.

" I am good " said Warbler.

" We need you to be influenced in a good way " said Lord Grackle.

" Do you know when the intervention is ? " asked Warbler.

" Tomorrow morning " said Lord Grackle.

" You understand that we will not allow you to hang out with those friends you made because Blackburnian has ordered it "

" I thought the king wanted it to stop " said Warbler.

" Well yes, but Blackburnian encouraged the king " said Lord Grackle.

" Well we should head to the castle "

" You can stay the night there, we will allow it "

" After the intervention we will have a big decision to make "

" Understood " said Warbler.

" Good " said Lord Grackle.

They arrived at the castle. Where Blackburnian and Diana were there to greet Warbler.

" Warbler " said Blackburnian. The two of them embraced.

" It is great to see this "

Diana was happy that he was there.

" I am glad to see you again " said Blackburnian. " We have had more memories together than Challenger will ever have "

" Come inside " said Diana. " We are going to have supper "

" Breakfast will be served before the intervention " said Blackburnian. " The king has requested some very good meals.

" He is someone that wants the best for you, unlike Crayon "

They went inside.

" Warbler has returned " said King Bobby.

" He must be free of those bad friends " said Queen Starling.

" He is now " said Blackburnian. " Our warriors got him here "

" They saved him " said Lord Grackle. " He cannot have friends like this, it is not acceptable "

" I think that Warbler did not expect them to be that way " said Blackburnian.

" Unfortunately they were " said Diana. " We must report that Warbler has been saved "

" Yes we must " said Blackburnian.

The supper that was made was crab and lobster prepared with a spicy lemon mayonnaise. They had salad and squid. For dessert they had an apple cake and strawberries.

They enjoyed their meal.

" Breakfast will be from 7:45 am to 8:30 am. " The intervention will start at 9 am. " We encourage all of you to get up at 7 am because we want you to all be ready " said King Bobby.

" Some warriors will be there "

They each went to their seperate areas.

Crayon and his friends were talking.

" We are going to Bird's Isle tomorrow " said Challenger.

" We have to be extremely careful, there will be warriors around "

" We will " said Crayon.

" Good " said Challenger. " I don't know if what will happen with the intervention or not "

" I'm not sure but they probably believe they are saving Warbler " said Colouruke.

Everyone went to bed. Then they got up early at 6:05 am.

" We need to get to Bird's Isle " said Challenger.

" We sure do " said Crayon.

" I don't know what they plan to do to Warbler there but it is going to be guarded heavily " said Grackle.

" My guess it involves us hanging with him " said Colourea.

" It probably is " said Grackle.

" We will have to wait and see " said Dove.

They ate their breakfast and brought what they needed with them.

King Bobby, Warbler, Lord Grackle, Diana, Blackburnian and Queen Starling got up and showered. After that.

" So Warbler I hope you are ready " said Blackburnian. " It really is great to have you here "

" It really is something to have you here again " said King Bobby.

" There will be a delicious breakfast " said Queen Starling.

" Sounds good to me, I am ready " said Warbler.

" Good " said Lord Grackle.

" It will be brilliant " said Diana.

" There is a special part of the castle we will use " said Queen Starling.

" Anyways breakfast is ready, we should eat " said Lord Grackle.

" Yeah, we should " said Diana.

Breakfast was served, there was a bacon potato quiche, french toast and there was fruit served as well.

They all enjoyed their breakfast there. Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were at the airport.

They got onto the plane.

" Man, I feel really bad about this " said Colouruke.

" Same here, they really want us away from Warbler but we have to stop this war " said Challenger.

" We will " said Crayon.

" Same " said Colourea.

" We will " said Artby.

" Bakers will have less people to feed, I care about bakers "

The plane took off.

Meanwhile the advisors and Warbler moved into the area for the intervention.