Chapter 1:

Part 1: Chapter 1

[SCRAPPED PROJECT] The Devil Inside Me

xxx ONE xxx
The Devil Himself

Being poor, ugly, and weak isn't fun. School is just another term for hell. Instead of learning and getting proper education for my future, I get lessons on how to stop bleeding from being harassed all day and how to hold back tears in public.

There hasn't been a day where I don't wish the world would just come crashing down.

"Little Yoel, you better not look at me that way when I talk to you. Your glare is rude and annoying. It's gross, honestly!" Pier - my most persistent bully - aggressively pokes my forehead repeatedly.

"Maybe I should just pluck your eyes out. How bout' that?" My head gets slammed on the dirty floor as Pier releases his grasp on my hair. As my ears were ringing from the pain, their laugh played right after as if my life was some sort of sitcom.

"Hah... I'm bored already," scoffed Pier as he threw his cigarette on my hand. The ashes falling off burns my hand slightly. He arrogantly continues, "Oh yeah, don't forget to give me your money later. We're gonna go karaoke-ing this week! If you forget, I'll leak all those nude photos of you with your head shoved in the toilet."

Sick fuck, blackmailing me like that! He and his cronies just continue laughing at my beaten-up ass and leaves me laying helpless.

Give you money? The money my mom worked her damn mind off to give me?! You can try coughing that money out of me, but you'll never get it!

With all the strength I had left, I stood up and made my way to the back of the school. I'm skipping today. I don't want to see that piece of trash's ass, but I don't want to go home and let my mom see my bruised face. I guess I have nowhere to go but the nearby park. The residents around might scold me, or call security, but who cares at this point? I have other pressing matters.

I sat on top of the green and worn-out monkey bars like I always do. I love sitting there as my short feet don't usually let me see the view from this high up. I feel like I'm invincible, even just for a moment.

I take a deep breath as I lean back with my arms supporting me. I look at the sky as memories come flashing by. All the bullying, all the pain... "When will this hell end...?" I whisper to myself.

I'm going to turn 18 in a couple of months. By then, I'll have to find what I'm good at and land a job somewhere. With the financial condition I'm in, it's unlikely I'll be able to get to college. Student loans will just be a burden for my mom - not that I want to go to college anyway, the bullying will likely get worse there.

If only some kind of meteorite could just drop on Earth and send us back to the dinosaur ages, I wouldn't have to deal with this terrible life. As I imagined the end of the world, I saw a light flashing rapidly from the sky akin to lightning. It was such a bright light that the grey clouds it passed were glowing like lamps.

Before I knew it, it had reached me. A shock of electricity ran through my whole body. I was electrocuted.

My whole body was jittering and quacking as what felt like 300 million volts struck my entire body. My mouth started foaming as I fell off the monkey bars into the sand underneath. My body felt weak. Everywhere was painful. Somehow, it felt like I had been crushed in a massive hydraulic press.

Holy shit... Am I dying...? From lighting struck in the middle of the day...?!?

"No, you're not!" a voice in my head replied. As freaked out as I was at the fact there was a voice in my head, I couldn't make a significant reaction as my entire body was practically paralyzed. Have I lost it?!? I'm hearing things!!!

"No, no, NO! You idiot, these voices are REAL!!!" again, the voice in my head spoke to me, yelling in a panicked and hurried tone. "Move it you numbskull! He's going to get me at this point!!!" it continued.

"I can't move! I had just been struck by lighting! I might be dead already!!!" I yelled back to the voices in my mind. It seems like it can hear my thoughts.

"That wasn't lighting, that was ME! And yes I can hear you thinking! Now hurry up, I don't want to get caught!!!" it's words became erratic and increasingly more worried. I try to do as it says, but it was futile. My body won't budge. The pain searing from the top of my head to my tippy toes only lets me stay in this half-conscious half-dead state.


Huh?! What does that mean?!? I knew soon enough what it meant, as my body started to move out of my will. Suddenly, it felt like my control over my body had been passed to it. I am now only an observer in my own mind.

I can see my body nimbly standing up and running away with speed. I was moving like an athlete you'd see on TV. "HOW THE FUCK— WASN'T I PARALYZED JUST A MOMENT AGO?!?" I shrieked in my mind. It doesn't answer my question and instead speeds up the pace. At this point, my body was running so quickly that I thought I was riding a racing car.

This is not humanly possible! This has got to be some sick dream...

"Dream, dream, dream. Face reality, kid!! You weren't struck by lighting with however many volts! You were struck by MY soul! If it were lighting, blood would be pouring out of your ears and eyes!!"

After running through the entire neighborhood in a flash, my body jumps into a garbage bin and buries my body in it.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?" I yell in disbelief. Is this a new type of harassment?! Controlling someone's body and fooling with them?!?

"Shut it. We have to hide!" it retorts at me.

"Striking me with lightning, taking my body, then dumping me in garbage, who the fuck are you?!? You're not fucking human!!!" I demanded. This situation is so bizarre, I need explanations!

After looking around outside, my body opens the garbage bin lid and jumps out. "Oh yuck, what's this weird juice?" it says as it looks at my hand dipped in what looks like barf.

"ARGH!!! GROSS!!!" I shout at it in anger. "That's my fucking hand!!!"

"Wow, you're real whiny mortal. Relax, I'm the only one smelling this thing. If I take over your body, you can't feel anything nor smell anything. You haven't been feeling the pain from before, right? You can't smell or feel this weird juice, right?"

Well... It's true, but... "Urgh... It doesn't matter if I can or not! It's still MY body!!! Clean my hand RIGHT NOW!!!!"

It suddenly bursts into laughter, "BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Oh, mortals are a riot!" It slaps the barf off my hand. "You poor things are so materialistic! You're also pretty brave despite talking back to the Devil himself! You know in Hell, we don't wear any clothes. We don't keep our hygiene since we don't need to! Being a little dirty won't kill, I know that for sure!" It continues to laugh again.

"What?! Hell?!?" I couldn't believe what it just said.

"Hm... I'm in the mortal realm now. I guess I'm being rude right now. Let me introduce myself." Using my body, it bows down to the trash bin, "my name is Lucifer. I am the devil as you may know. I will be residing in your body from now on. Pleased to meet you, mortal!"

As pissed as I was when he bowed to the trash bin as if that was me, I was more shocked and in disbelief at his ridiculous introduction. Lucifer?! After everything that's been going on, I would believe if I really had been possessed by the Devil himself!

"You scared, mortal? Hold on, you haven't introduced yourself to me! How rude! Bwahahaha!" Lucifer smirks as he continued to laugh.

"You—! Urgh... What is even going on...?! This is too much... I wanna just flatline right here right now..." I cried out as honestly as one could possibly get.

"Hey, hey! Don't get all suicidal now! How bout' this? You want me to give you full control again?"

Hearing that sentence sprung me back to my senses. "YES! GIVE IT!!" I immediately respond with enthusiasm.

"Bwahaha! You sure?!" he retorts. Without another word, I could feel my feet touching the ground. My skin could feel the light breeze of air passing through my body. I could feel the oxygen entering my nose as I took a deep breath. "Finally, my body—"

I bend down and fall onto my knees as I threw up all over the ground. Pain alike the one I felt when I was struck continued to sear throughout my body. My head is dizzy and I feel nauseous. Being covered in the terrible smell of garbage doesn't make it any better. I feel like shit...!!!

Suddenly I recalled what had happened before! I forgot that once I gain control, I'll feel EVERYTHING! The devil continues to ridicule me with his bwahahaha's.

"You want me to take control back, mortal? Can't handle it?! You don't look so hot!! Bwahahahaaa!!!"

It was too late as I start to lose consciousness. I feel so sick... I'm so tired and in pain... I just, want to rest...