Chapter 33:

sCene 33 - ʟoꜱᴛ ᴅoᴍiɴaɴCe

ᴋraCᴋeᴅ ᴍooN / Kracked Moon

I awoke in a cage. No, I was already awake? I was talking, but I wasn’t awake? But I was sitting up and seemed normal. Then I realized I was still talking. Who was I talking to?

“She’s not here, so you’ll have to wait for Dale to get you something to eat.” Jason was speaking to me. Something to eat?

“I know what it looked like, but I wasn’t going to hurt her!” I said.

Wait. I mean my mouth said. I didn’t choose to say anything. My mouth was speaking on its own. My body was moving on its own!

“Don’t play coy. Just get comfortable in there.”

Despite Jason’s best efforts, my mouth was quick to talk back, and even try to goad him.

“Finally had a chance to lock me up, huh? Had to get Nai-bu’s help to beat me.”

Please don’t do this.

“We’re not kids anymore. It’s not like that.” Jason insisted.

“Talk is cheap, buddy. We both know it bothers you that you always lose.”

Jason looked away, clutching the shovel he had hit me with earlier.

I didn’t fully understand the situation, but I could feel my brain crunching numbers. It was running scenarios and calculating odds like whether Nai-bu really left and how to best get Jason to open the cage. I tried to muddy my brain by thinking about other things, but my body was too efficient to get distracted. There must have been a strong answer, because the silence Jason presented was soon challenged.

“You’re a shit hero.” I said in the most pithy tone.

It was short. It was simple. And it was enough to get Jason to hit the kennel cage with the shovel.

Instantly my face lit up and I reached for the handle and was able to pop the door using the velocity from the hit. I barreled forward into Jason’s shins, knocking him down before he could swing the shovel again. My body rapidly grew, placing a claw on Jason’s chest to begin to crush him. Soon his entire chest was covered by my palm, as my legs shoved more of the furniture away. Enough pressure and I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to breathe. He’s just annoying anyway.


The shout came from the kitchen. Nai-bu? No! Run!

My body lifted my claw and crawled past Jason, not without swiping him in the face with my tail. I continued to grow, filling the room, and approached Nai-bu, staring directly into her eyes. She looked so beautiful… delectable… And I could just grab her and–

I am not eating Nai-bu!

As I stood before her, trying to stop my body from acting, she placed her hand on my snout. She rubbed my face a little, before smiling at me.

“You could have told me sooner you liked me so much.” Her voice had a somber air. She must have really remembered everything. Everything that should make her hate me.

I wanted to say I was sorry for not talking about it sooner, but my body had other plans.

“It’s hard to control myself around you.” That was my voice. The voice I worked so hard on for years! Hearing my own voice disgusted me knowing these weren’t my words.

She rested her body on my face, and gave me a light kiss. “You don’t have to hold back. You can have me.”

I desperately wanted to protest, but I couldn’t. Because I also knew I wanted exactly what was about to happen.

My claws grabbed Nai-bu, wrapping around her torso tightly. I held her up, dangling her legs in the air. Then within seconds, I bit into her legs, cutting them off at the thighs. Immediately my mouth filled with her blood gushing out of her body. I wasn’t exactly able to chew very well with my snout and teeth, but my tongue was lapping up every drop of blood that rushed out of her body. If I didn’t know better, I could have believed it was nectar.

Unfortunately I couldn’t even close my eyes, so as I was indulging myself, I could see Nai-bu’s face. The pain in her eyes, as she desperately tried to look away from her own fate, and covered her mouth, muffling an otherwise natural shriek. This was amplified as I could see her actions before and after just as I saw Jason’s motions earlier. What should have been short moments were rapidly repeating before me.

The next bite broke through her ribcage, resulting in plenty of organs falling onto my gums. Somehow Nai-bu was still conscious, and as my body continued to tell me how great it felt to devour her and my taste buds ignited with joy, all the while knowing she was still in pain made me wish I could go back to sleep. I could feel my body’s limited ability to express itself exuding nothing but pleasure. If this was what my body wanted, maybe I should just give up and give in.

The last bite was terrible, not in taste, as my senses were almost overwhelmed with how satisfying this was for me, but because my claws dangled her by the arms before dropping her down my throat. I was so glad to not be chewing on her, or feeling her skull crush between my teeth, but knowing she was trapped inside me wasn’t much better. As the phantoms of her past presence faded more and more, the reality that Nai-bu was gone began to settle in.