Chapter 1:

First Drop


Never was there an invention so poorly aged as the alarm clock.

Take the Ferris wheel, for example. Nobody will ever stop needing the Ferris wheel. It exists purely for our entertainment, an endless need that can never be filled. And there is no replacing the Ferris wheel, for all trinkets hold their place in a well-organized toybox, no matter how old they may be.

But nobody in the year 2012 NGP has an alarm clock in their toybox. Who’d want something like that anyway? In today’s economy, it’s seldom necessary.

Frankie’s eyes were already open before the first one took off. Her sister was not so lucky. As she stared at Katie’s creaseless face, worries tucked far away as she frolicked around up in dreamland, she couldn’t help but grin a little. Though Frankie hardly ever smiled, this was something she always had to see.

It didn’t come all at once. The chugging of the iron chains all around town as they pulled heavy carts full of excited visitors to the apex of their drops were just quiet enough that they did not wake the sleeping Katie. Even as her identical bed to Frankie’s started to shake, she was motionless. But as the steady chugging outside their walls slowed to a halt and the parkgoer’s voices grew to a heavy buzz, Frankie couldn’t help but lean in to see her big sister’s reaction to the sound of today’s drop.



As millions across this entire side of the globe plummeted down countless tracks of countless themings, the howls of the early coaster-riders pierced through the windows of the sisters’ room, Katie shooting up to her feet in bed as if to say-


Her head lodged in the ceiling, the wide smile sparked across Katie’s face was at least still visible below her drywall-shielded eyes. As she shook herself free and fell back onto the bed, she looked at her little sis’ frowning, pouting expression with the same confusion as always.

What’s wrong?” She inaudibly asked, drowned out by the roar of a quindecillion entertainment machines.

“So lame…” Her sister groaned, neither able to hear the other’s words over the noise.

                     A STORY BY VFOREST


Welcome to the eternal birthday of mankind’s desires. A landscape carved out of the iron of excess and shaped in the fires of greed.

               Welcome to MUSEWORLD.

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