Chapter 24:

Bonus Chapter: The Blizzard

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

Moaning, slowly getting up from the ground, my face felt coldness from both the snow and the harsh cold winds all at the same time. Once I stood up from the ground, I wiped the snow off my face, turned left and yelled out from the top of my lungs, "Hello?"

No answer, hearing nothing but the sound of the cold breeze. I scanned my surroundings, yet I saw nothing but fog, the blue skies and snowflakes all around me. My heart pounded and my blue eyes twitched from fear. I took a couple of quick breaths, panting.

"Hello?!" I cried again, but I heard no one respond to my call. "Hellooo?!"

After hearing no response for the third time, I frowned and continued to scan my surroundings. Oh, man. This is bad. This is really, really, REALLY bad! My body began to shiver and looked down at my pocket. This is jus' great! My train jus' crashed, and I need to call my parents and tell them that I'm okay. I bet they're worried sick 'bout me jus' now.

As I began to put my hand into my pocket, my hand and arm shivered a little. Activating my dumbphone, thanks to this blizzard, I slowly contacted my dumbphone despite my shaky hand. I called my parents three times, yet my phone received no signal. I growled and glared at it. "Dammit!"

I placed my phone back into my pocket and returned to my crashed train's direction. Great, now I need to head for my train right now. This cold weather's gettin' pretty goddamn annoying! So let's go, Hionay!

With my face covered by my arm, I moved my way forward, preventing the wind from blowing my wavy, brown hair in my face. I wanted to move a bit faster in this goddamn weather, but I couldn't. It's too bad the snow was two inches above my feet however, making me move a bit slower instead. C'mon, c'mon, C'MON! You can do it, Hionay! Jus' keep movin'!

Once I spotted the trees, I began to notice some trees laid there on the snowy ground. Alright, Hionay. Let's jus' walk on the train tracks instead. I'm not gonna risk havin' a tree fall down on me, y'know. I looked down below for the train tracks and walked on them as soon as I spotted them.

Returning to my destination, I displayed my serious, determined face. Alright, then. Let's go! I continued walking and I was able to walk a bit faster this time. I walked so fast that I began to run. I saw the blizzard knocked down a couple trees right in front of me. I was relieved when I made the right decision to walk and run on the train tracks.

I ran, ran and ran as fast as I could, not allowing the blizzard to stop me, no matter how hard it tried. Then my eyes widened when I spotted something far away from me. What the hell? There I saw the remaining tracks were destroyed. No freakin' way! This can't be for real. Don't tell me the train crashed below this bridge out here, did it?!

I stopped by the end of the cliff and looked down below. Even though I couldn't see the train below me, I studied my surroundings and saw the remaining train tracks destroyed and ruined. I sighed when I gazed at it. Looks like my train crashed here after all. I can imagine many people dyin' there. I'll pray for them as soon as I find a warm, safe place for me to settle at temporarily.

I turned around. Right now I need to get out of here, forget the forest. It's too dangerous there. I need to get the hell out of this damn weather! I saw another station earlier. I walked forward in this cold weather.

After a while, I started to move very slowly. My body just couldn't handle this much cold weather. The images of my parents came into my mind. I knew death was upon me, realizing that I wouldn't be able to reach my destination. I looked up at the sky and asked, "Elohim…why are You doin' this to me? Why…are You lettin' me die?"

I returned to my destination and smiled as I already came up with my last few words. "G-Good-bye, mom and dad…I'm…I'm gonna miss ya…" I fell to my knees. "P-Please pray for me while you're at it, okay?" I collapsed to the ground and blinked my eyes before I finally closed them for good. That was when I began to sleep in my own grave.


Slowly opening my eyes, I moaned and sat up from the couch, putting my hand on my head, rubbing it. "Ohhhh-oh, where am I?"

Then I studied my surroundings, only to find out that I was in a living room, seeing the plasma TV on the wall, the kitchen beside it and the hallway on the right. "W-What is this place? A-Am I in heaven?"

"Morning there!" The man's voice echoed to my right.

I turned to that voice's direction right after I gasped. There I saw a handsome brown-haired man waving at me, sitting at the table. The hot red stew stood right in front of him. I waved back at him. "Oh, uh, good morning, sir." Um, who is this guy anyway?

"Did you sleep well?" The man asked, eating a spoonful of that stew.

"Well, why, yes, I did, I guess," I responded. "Who are you? And where am I exactly? Like, am I in heaven or something? 'Cause I believe that blizzard just killed me back there."

The man chuckled a bit with his head lifted upwards a while, then he returned his attention to me. "Oh, no. You didn't die nor are you in heaven."

I widened my eyes and opened my mouth with my hands covering my mouth when my ears caught him saying that. No freakin' way! Did he jus' told me that I'm alive all along?! This can't be real, can it?!


"Really," he reassured, taking another spoonful sip. "I saved your life from that storm and cured you from those frost bites."

"Oh…is that so?"

The man closed his eyes and grinned at me. "Yep, I sure did."

Ah, so it is a miracle. Elohim did save me through this man, and I bless and thank Him for this.

Then I smiled back at him. "Oh, thank Elohim for that. Well, why, thank you, sir. I truly appreciate what you've done for me."

He opened his eyes. "Oh, no problem. And if you're hungry, I've saved up some stew for you if you want."

"Okay, cool. Thanks." I uncovered the black blanket and stood up from the couch.

"You're welcome," the man responded as he continued taking a spoonful of the stew.

I headed for the kitchen and fixed my plate. My hands felt the warm temperature at the bottom of the bowl, and my stew's steam entered into my nostrils. I loved the smell of this delicious food as I entered the dining room. Mmm…it sure does smell tasty. I can't wait to eat it!

Once I sat down at the table, I took a spoonful of that stew and my tastebuds enjoyed this chicken-esque flavor. "Mmm…" Then I swallowed the soup. "That stew tastes so goooood."

The man reclosed his eyes and grinned at me. "Why, thank you for your compliment. You can have the rest of the stew if you want."

I gasped, broadened my eyes and opened my mouth. "R-Really?!"

"Why, of course you can. It's all yours."

"Why, thank you so much for offerin' me this much food, sir."

"Well, you're welcome, miss."

I took a lot of spoonfuls, faster than the man sitting across the table. The man noticed I ate like a wild animal and stopped eating for a moment to look me in the eye. "Hey, now. You're eating way too fast. Eat slowly or you're going to choke yourself."

I stopped eating a bit, closed my eyes and blushed my embarrassed cheeks. Seriously, Hionay. What the hell are ya doin', embarrassin' yourself in front of the guy who saved your life?! You jus' met him for the first time, y'know! "Oh. I'm sorry 'bout that. I get carried away with eating way overboard like I shouldn't have, y'know."

"Oh, well, that's alright. Just slow down while you eat, okay?"

"Oh, don't worry, sir. I will," I reassured before we both continued eating the soup. I looked down at my soup and slowly placed the spoon towards the soup, while the man ate it at a normal pace.

My hand was shaky as it got closer and closer to the soup. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! You can do it, Hionay. Jus' eat slowly and you'll be good to go, okay?

Once I finally ate the soup slowly a bit and chatted with the man, I had more soup than enough and I didn't have the care in the world until I was actually full. Once I put the bowl and spoon in the sink, I took a look around the room, especially the pictures of the young woman my age.

I thought that was his cousin, sister, or whatever until the man informed me that the young woman in the pictures was actually him. My heart became confused when I heard that.