Chapter 5:

Forest of despair and big city Wutstead


Maki and Rina exchanged worried glances. They knew that they couldn't take on a powerful monster like that. But as long as they didn't encounter that monster, they should have a safe adventure. At least, they hoped that. However, the closer they got to the east, the number of monsters increased. They had managed to fend off the monsters so far by using Maki's magic, but the monsters were getting stronger. They were asking people about the witches' land, but they still hadn't found out anything.  Maybe if they got to the big city of Wutstead, they would find something. They managed to see the big tower inside a forest outside of Wutstead after travelling for 2 days, but suddenly Maki saw her mother crying. Maki said, 'Mother, are you okay?' but there was no response. Then, a man hit her on the head and she got knocked out. After an uncertain amount of time passed, she woke up in a bed and Rina was sleeping in the other bed beside her. Maki wondered where she was and why her mother was crying. Suddenly, a soldier appeared. Maki sat up in the bed and looked at the soldier. 'Where am I?' she asked.

The soldier looked at her and replied, 'You are in the hospital of Wutstead. We found  2 kids unconscious outside of the city and brought you here to be cared. Your friend is here as well.' Maki looked over at Rina, who was still sleeping. She wondered what had happened to them and why her mother had been crying. She decided to ask the soldier for more information. 'Can you tell me what happened? Why was my mother crying?' she asked. 

The soldier said, 'You probably were inside that illusion forest that was cast with an illusion spell by the monster. It makes weak minds unconscious and makes them see their most beloved person in their life in despair. We call that forest of despair.