Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

Mokhoddis School Days Episode II

Part 1

“Thanks for the donation.” The two kids across the street bowed to someone. Mokhoddis looked for a better angle. It was Josiah. He was muttering something while the kids nodded to him like puppies.

“Oy Josiah, being a good samaritan even when no one’s watching huh?” Mokhoddis waved to him.

“Oh Mokhoddis,” Josiah smiled. “These kids are raising money for donating halloween costumes to their school. I thought it would only be right to be a part of it.”

“Unfortunately not everyone is as nice as you are Mr.Josiah.” One of the kids gave Mokhoddis a dirty look.

“Hey! What does that mean you brat?” Mokhoddis pointed his finger at him.

“Yeah you’re right about that, but there are more good people out there than bad,” Josiah interrupted.

“Good people like your friend?” One of the kids asked.

“Yeah like Mokhoddis. Would you like to donate?” Josiah asked.

“Of course I would.” Mokhoddis laughed in a sarcastic tone. He pulled out his wallet and checked inside. “Unfortunately, I blew away all my allowance on SpaceMan today, so tough luck for you brats.” He laughed in a sarcastic tone again

“Unfortunately some good people are too poor to donate.” The kid added.

“You bastard!” Mokhoddis grabbed his shirt.

“Hey, leave Ruben alone.” The kid with glasses whined.

“Hey Mokhoddis, now just..” Josiah tried to diffuse the situation.

Mokhoddis stared at Ruben.

“You know what. You guys should go advertise at the Golden Hills Annual Autumn festival this week. You’ll have more luck with your donations.” Mokhoddis turned around “And work on your painting skills before you do. I can’t tell if those are cows or horses.”

“Those are sunsets.” The kid with glasses added.

“Wait, are you a delinquent Mokhoddis?” Ruben gaped. “You scolded me and Norman, but taught us a lesson and now you’re walking towards the sunset.”

“What? There's still two hours until sundown. But…” Mokhoddis blushed with a grin on his face “I’m actually the strongest guy in town and this guy here” Mokhoddis patted Josiah on the shoulder. “This guy here is my second in command.”

“Wow! A real life delinquent.” Norman gaped “Did you hear that Ruben?”

“Mokhoddis please take us in”

“Mokhoddis we wanna work for you”

“Teach us your ways.”

The two kids begged as Mokhoddis tried to swat them away like flies.

Part 2

“Here you go Josiah.” Mokhoddis handed Josiah a donut. Mokhoddis sat next to Josiah and took a bite. “Sooo, you don’t seem to be brainwashed by painting like the rest of class E?” Mokhoddis chewed.

Mokhoddis and josiah sat on a bench as cars zoomed by, and pedestrians passed by.

“I’m indifferent. I don’t mind entering the contest, but I also don’t mind producing something mediocre.” Josiah took a small bite.

“Ahh I see. Maybe I should invite you over to play SpaceMan with me instead of Phet and Rubina.”

“I appreciate the offer, but I will be busy the next few days.” Josiah smiled.

“Busy? With a girl huh?”

“No it’s not like that.”

“So it is a girl! That’s why you were in a good mood to donate.”

“No it wasn-”

“So who’s this girl? Tell me” Mokhoddis got close to Josiah’s face.

“’s Rubina.”

“W-what..?” Mokhoddis was shocked.

“No, I told you It’s not like that. I’m just trying to help her paint.” Josiah held his palms out.

“So Rubina and Phet refused to play SpaceMan with me because they planned to go paint with this guy-” Mokhoddis muttered to himself “They betrayed me.”


“You know what Josiah. You can paint with Rubina and Phet all you want. But you won’t even come close to winning because I’m gonna be the grand winner for the contest. Mine will be so good that they'll give 3rd, 2nd and 1st place all to me.”

“Mokhoddis you okay?” Josiah asked worriedly.

“Yeah I'm okay, but you guys won’t be on the day of the festival.” Mokhoddis walked away.