Mokhoddis School Days Episode II

General plot: Mokhoddis is struggling in his art class. He is a very logical intellectual individual, but when it comes to creativity and starting things from scratch and nothing to deduce from, he is left helpless. The assignment for this weeks class is “paint something that symbolizes where your creativity led you to overcome a daunting obstacle”. Mokhoddis, being a smart guy, overanalyzes this and cant think of anything. He cant naturally let his mind free on the canvas and struggles to connect things together. Everyone else like Phet and Rosemary seem to have an easy time with this. Mokhoddis wonders around and meets a travelling painter painting the golden hills river. He decides to go and ask him for advice. The painter says that he can tell him how to improve his work, but he cant tell him what to paint, he has to figure it out himself.

Follow Mokhoddis as he destroys his relationships, acts hysterical and ultimately solves a problem he created.

GenreComedyDramaSchoolSlice of Life
UpdatedJan 02, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count17,141
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