Chapter 12:


Mokhoddis School Days Episode II

A gust blew through Golden Hills Academy. Moonlight shined into the classroom, bringing in shadows from the maples outside. Fireflies orbited outside. Whistles from the midnight wind could be heard. The festival was done for tonight. Deyoung leaned into the window, resting his arms on the ceiling. He lit a cigarette and stared into the moonlight as if he was trying to absorb its essence.

“Smoking on school property? You’re not setting a very good example for these kids.” A shadow walked behind Deyoung. Deyoung smirked after immediately recognizing the voice.

“Don’t worry. These kids know better than we did, Rashid.”

“You’re right, they do hold a brighter future than us.” Rashid walked next to Deyoung. Deyoung handed him a cigarette as Rashid joined him.

“It’s been a while since I actually smoked with someone” Deyoung lit the cigarette.

“Same here.” Rashid exhaled a puff.

“I heard you’ve been here for a week. It was rude of you not to come to visit the school.”

“What can I say, I didn’t want to face the man who ended my reign as the most fearsome boxer in all of Hamsterdam.”

Deyoung chuckled. “You seem to be a lot happier now though.”

“I heard you became a traveling painter,” Deyoung took a puff.

“Yeah, it’s only half the story. I’m like a hound nowadays Dilthare.” Rashid sighed. “Or what was it that you went by now? Dejong?”

“It's Deyoung”

“Anyways, you see Dilthare. I follow the scent of trouble. Wherever I see trouble, that’s where my next painting destination ends up being.”

“So what trouble did you see in Golden Hills?” Deyoung, exhaled and looked at Rashid.

“Looks like you already took care of them. I saw a gang of bikers leaving Golden Hills with their tails between their legs.” Rashid smiled. “It seems like one man was able to manhandle 20 at once and save the annual pumpkin festival.

“Yeah, but it was just an amateur high school wanna-be gangster that wanted to nest in this town because they thought it was an easy unclaimed territory.” Deyoung spoke seriously.

“Yeah, they’re not the reason I came by for.” Rashid paused. “Dilthare, there’s a man I’ve been chasing.” Rashid looked up at the glowing moon. “He’s a very dangerous man. I fought him and lost.”

“Impossible? Someone strong enough to beat you?” Deyoung’s eyes widened.

“Yeah, the thing about this guy is that he’s a scrawny little bastard that would start crying from one of my punches, but.” Rashid paused. “But, this guy is extremely smart and he’s here in Golden Hills.”

“So what makes him so dangerous? You’re just spitting half the story.”

“I don’t know. He erased my memories of when I last faced off against him. All I remember is that this guy is up to no good and he’s here in Golden Hills.”

Deyoung bit his teeth “Well, thanks for the warning Rashid. I’ll keep alert.”

“Yeah, But I hope you get to stop him before he does anything serious.” Rashid looked at the clock. “Anyways, I’ll be back if my memory returns. Right now, I have to catch the bus or I’ll be stuck here another night.”

“Get going then.” Deyoung chuckled. Rashid turned around and slowly disappeared into the shadows. “By the way, you got some amazing kids in this town.”

“That’s why anyone who dares to touch this town will have to do it over my dead body.”