Chapter 1:

To Grow A Flower, You Sprinkle It With Love Not Water: Part 1

Flames of Ice

Year 2060 

"I introduce to you my daughter, Mary." Says the old man pointing at the young woman who stood by the door smiling vibrantly and waving back at her father. He stands up excitedly from his chair next to the window as he slowly walks closer to the lined up men at the middle of the room. 

His step is full of graciousness yet his everlasting hypertonic footsteps made the young men standing shrink in fear. He was a man full of dignity and power but have always showered his men in kindness and love. Since the day the Shigura establishment was founded, he has always been known for his ferocious footsteps, tungsten personality, and fearless eyes. In one year, he has earned himself the title 'The Taipan Human.' If a word comes out of his mouth, it can never go back again. Once he takes a decision, it will undoubtedly take place. All plans he does, all risks he takes, and all achievments he earns are unquestionably endless in spite of the ruthless measures he takes. A life or two won't matter, does it? Strangely enough, among his men, they all referred to his strength as being 'platinum'; he was admired for his bravery that he looked so bright in their eyes overwhelming the untamed beast hidden deep in his soul. For that reason, to them, he was just as the platinum specks hidden in its ore.

Being the man who is admired and respected for who he is, what is going on inside his mind totally belongs to another galaxy. Perhaps it would be better not know what thoughts lie there. He was lost in his own world of madness and success. Because of that, the young men who are standing there in the room have not a single thought about what was going on or what was about to happen. Because the old man who stands in front of them, the one who never smiles unless for praise, is not the same man they have been interacting with since the day they knew him. Let alone the strapped sandals, jeans shorts, and sweat jacket that he is casually wearing, his personality has been suddenly reversed in every single  aspect possible to talk about. He had always made fuss about wearing a Haori and a Nagagi without a Hakama and insisted on wearing a full suit if he is not going to wear his full Kimono outfit. The man is standing there his smile stretched from corner to corner of his face with his both hands on his waists covered in a peculiar gleeful sparkling aura.

"What the hell is this atmosphere?!" The dirty-blond-haired man whispered panickedly to his teammate who stood beside him as his legs was shaking. Nakamura Shota, 23-years old, has been working in the Shigura establishment for 5 years. Known for being a troublemaker and a problem-solver at the same time, he spends most of his weekend  by the chairman playing board games and card games. It is often said that his strategic thoughts comes from his passion for traditional games. In spite of the mischief he causes, he is admired by the chairman for the determination that always lights in his purple haze orbs when he decides to do something.

"Yabee-! He was abducted by aliens yesterday!" Whispered back the berry-haired man who is standing beside him. Jingoro Rindo, 17-years old, has been working there since 2 years as a part-timers, yet he is the only one fully understands what type of man the chairman is even thought he is the youngest of the group working there. His only responsibility is making sure the place is organized, but to him the definition of 'an organized place' is a place that is '20% clean, trash to be thrown out once every 2 weeks, only crumbled papers are allowed to be thrown on the ground, and desks must not have any dust as an appeal that a someone has been really working there when it's not really the case; and on whirlwind visit occasions, all trash and dust are to be hidden under the rugs.' Pretty convenient, right?

"Yabee-! He is on drugs!" Says softly in the most feminine high-pitched voice the 26-years old Tamakuro Arnold who is standing beside Rindo.

"It's pink!" Exclaimed Rindo to Arnold in an untuned voice, "What the hell is wrong with you this time?!" Purred Rindo in cold sweat with his vocal cords on the verge of breaking. 

Rindo was obviously referring to Arnold's mid-lengthed hair that has been bleached in a Sakura pink colour. Arnold has always been a fan of make-up. He comes back from every weekend with a new hairstyle, let alone hair colour. With some of his locks on each side braided, he winked back at Rindo who just received a double shock. On top of the fact that the chairman was acting weirdly, his friend was suddenly acting feminine; he did not notice his presence nor did he try to as the old man stood in front of them. And there stood Arnold casually freaking dumb of the situation he is in and 'winking' at his friend and in front of the chairman. He is a man who never reads the atmosphere, a complete idiot.

"What on Earth are you doing, Arnold?!" Says Shota in a louder whisper that could be clearly heard by everyone in the room.

"Drugs are banned. I suggest we call an ambulance!" States Arnold in a soft voice again with full confidence and yet with every evidence that proved his lack of common sense.

"Where on the streets did you find your brain?!" Shouts Rindo while whispering as he even sweated more. He was worried about the situation they are in and was clearly aware of the fact that Arnold still doesn't realize that they were in big trouble. The last time the old man called all of them was when he scolded them for 4 straight hours and confined them in the room for the rest of the day without any food or sleep as a punishment for breaking the rules on one of their missions. Otherwise, he would never call them all together. The fact that the old man called them all and suddenly acts antithetical to the person who really is is even more eerie to them. For some reason, Rindo becomes even more panic-stricken at the thought that the chairman might do something contradictory to how he is acting right now. He knew well that everyone in this room was aware of that.

"Baka,  you don't call an ambulance for someone on drugs!" Squealed the lavender-haired man who stood in the same line as his friends. Wasada Sawara, 24-years old, has a bit of wisdom on what we call 'using common sense,' but lacks the power of 'using the brain.' He knows how to build up of his muscles really well as he depends on physical strength to do almost everything. On his day of interview, he told the chairman about his likes and dislikes.

"One thing I like is my dumbbells. What I hate the most is being too bulky," A shiver ran down his spine as the image of him being a bulky muscular man crossed his mind, "It's just too scary!"

"Boy, it's obvious that he has been hit on the head! We should call an ambulance for that!" Whispered Sawara as he subconsciously faceplamed himself.

"Shut up before I beat your asses!" Growled Sakamoto Yuuji, the best friend of Shota, and for some reasons, he is called Ryouma by his friend who believes that he is the great grandson of Sakamoto Ryouma the great samurai. Although Yuuji is too much hot-blooded, he cares alot for his comrades and rushes in to save them regardless of the situation. He always cleans up after their mess, or at least that is how the chairman described him once. There, he is standing and biting on his tongue, the one who was mostly stressed among everyone who was standing. He didn't know if it was right to punch the idiots who stood beside him or punch himself to calm down his rage beats or to punch the old man in front of him in the face to put some sense in him. He was like an older brother to all those who worked with him as he was the oldest one who worked there, 31-years old. 

The nine other men ignored all the mess that was taking place, frozen in their places, they were staring in awe from the corner of their eyes at the fiery red-haired woman who stood by the door chuckling at the other men's attitudes. That's when one of them noticed that the five men on the other side of the line are too busy to look at the beautiful Angel that stood right behind them. 

'Lucky...' Thought Daigawa Chuuya to himself feeling hopeless that they are missing such a great chance. He is a 21-years old who is the event organizer for the group. He sighed nonchalantly to himself before glancing at the rest of the men who became living statues.

"They say aliens have been discovered 30 years ago. That must be it!" Stated Shota in full admittance.

"The one whose brain has been alienized is you!" Says Rindo gritting his teeth which now has begun to shake hitting each other.

"Don't tell me... an alien drug?!" Says Arnold dumbfoundedly surprising Rindo at the fact that he actually believed the alien thing.

"And we will be the first to discover it!" Says Shota in excitement.

"The heck?! Are you facing drug problems?!" Says Rindo as he kicked Arnold's leg in attempt to relieve his stress.

"I'm just stating the obvious." Says Arnold proudly as he kicked back Rindo, totally unaware of how much his sentence was soaked in stupidity.

"Die. Just die already." Stated Yuuji as he looked away trying not to get in trouble with them. That was when he noticed that the old man with the belly fat had his eyes directed at them, let alone that his smile was even spreader wider. 'It's totally spectral at this point...' Yuuji thought to himself as his heart beated faster.

"Just how much cold-blooded are you?! Are you aware of the situation we are in?!" Squeaked  Rindo was his voice unintendedly broke into a louder tune heard by everyone in the room. Upon noticing that, Rindo looked back at the old man to see his eyes were locked on him. However, the old man was looking at them in general, but he still thought that at this point, he will get fired. He gulps averting his eyes on the ground to avoid eye contact with the boss leaving the rest to argue on their own.

A minute later which seemed like an eternity, the everlasting silence was struck by a lightening of bellow of laughter. Everyone's attention were at the old man to see him the source of he merriment that has just struck the atmosphere. "OH! You guys seem to be in a good mood today!" Exclaimed the old man loudly clasping his hands together in joy.

The Men were surprised by the gesture as they all were being crushed by a pressure caused by the old man. There is definetely something wrong with him. They were all sure of that one thing. The old man walks closer to Yuuji and places a hand on his shoulder as he chuckles eerily. To Sawara's surprise who is standing beside him, he freaks out steps to the side away from Yuuji. "You're the one!" The man blurts out in a louder tone as he moves his face closer to Yuuji's. Everyone's hearts stopped at this gesture as they felt the old man's chuckle sucking out their souls. On the other hand, Yuuji whose face is a few millimetres away from the old man had all his cells screaming, on the verge of fainting. 

Flames of Ice