Chapter 26:

Announcement Letter

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

Alright, I thank you reader for reading my first volume of Cleansing A Sinful Heart. I truly appreciate that and may Elohim the Almighty bless you. I couldn't be any happier and prouder than that so far.

Unfortunately, my less satisfaction with the series' direction overall and less people reading my content, I'm sorry to inform you that this series will be discontinued and I'll be on hiatus from now on. But don't worry, reader. There is hope after all.

I'll instead focus on fixing the plot, blurb and the cover art, using the same exact characters and names in that story, but I'll change its genre to a Sci-fi Fantasy under the new title RE: Redemption instead of Cleansing A Sinful Heart. I'll be making the majority of changes in that story. It will take a long time for me to get that established properly. I'll also brainstorm for my new series and complete volumes 1 and 2 for it.

But don't worry, I won't make too many changes to the plot overall. Other than that though, the same characters will be back. Once I get that done and placed the chapters on there, I should be able to upload my brand new series and delete the old one, along with letting you guys know about it.

I know this is sad for me to delete my old series and to go through these changes, but this is what I have to do for the Almighty Elohim. This is the series' redemption moment after all. Anyway, it's very fortunate that I have readers read my first volume of the old series and I couldn't have done that without my fans at my side.

I truly appreciate your strong patience, time and support of my precious time. Other than that, have a great day and have a great year. Peace!