Chapter 3:

Turning Pro

28 million cows and a typewriter

Tori laid on her bed. She hasn't written anything in weeks. She wanted to write something, but it was hard for some reason.

Was this "resistance"? She remember reading a book called "the war of art" or something like that a couple of years ago. Resistance is the thing that stops humanity from succeeding. It's the thing that stops people from writing stories and painting paintings. It was evil and ruined lives.

It was January 8th, 2023. Tori's life was fading away to nothingness. Her life will end soon, her body will return to dirt, and that story was to be soon forgotten.

Tori was overreacting, she felt. She was 22 years old. She was hardly starting her life in other people's eyes. She didn't have any serious diseases that she knew of. For all she knew, she had about 60 years left of her life, unfortunately.

Tori was on her bed. She didn't do anything. She had free time. She could "turn pro" if she felt like it. What was turning pro? You asked like you didn't know. Turning pro was the solution to beat resistance in that book mentioned earlier. Turning pro is the equivilant of just doing it. It's the creative showing up to work and writing those words. It wasn't that romantic story of the creative who was struck by inspiration, causing it to jump out of bed and into creating its magnum opus. That didn't really happen all that often in real life. Neither did turning pro to be honest, but I disgress.

Tori sunk deeper into her bed. The sensation of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals took over her world. She bored into the earth. She sunk below this concrete jungle that we created. She had a heat stroke in the center of the earth. She regreted buying the softest matress she could find.

After an eternity that felt more like 5 minutes, she got out of bed. Should she watch a movie on her laptop? Should she turn pro? What the hell did turning pro mean anyway? The phrase was coined by a guy who wrote a lot, she imagined. That meant that he didn't know anything about us procrastinators. Yeah, he's wrong. He's just a filthy writer who writes.

She didn't have any arguments against "turning pro". Just a hunch that he was wrong, and she was right. She didn't have a real opinion to be right about, however.

She was going to turn pro, she thought to herself.

She wrote for 24 minutes and stopped.

Was she a pro yet? What the hell is a pro?

Maybe she was a baby. In the writing world, I mean. Not in real life. She was barely starting in the writing world. Her words were mere babbles. She couldn't even walk yet, but if she kept turning pro, she would be an adult someday,

Maybe she didn't want to be a pro. She remembered that the book was kinda weird. He was weirdly zealous about defeating "resistance". It was like a religion to him. She didn't subscribe to that religion. She liked writing and stories, but it didn't excite her that much.

Maybe her story is destined to be boring. The most interesting part of her life was her waking up in a tape-sealed cardboard box that was on her doorstep when she was 16. 16 year olds do weird things. Maybe she should mail herself to her parents house.

No, shipping costs sound expensive, and it wouldn't be that funny the second time. Not that it was funny the first time.

Did she beat resistance?

I don't know.

That's the problem.

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