Chapter 1:

Adam's Pulp Factory - Part (1/3)

C.I.D. - Crime Investigation Detectives

6:05 AM.

The scene of the crime took place behind Adam’s Pulp Factory. It was located far outside the reaches of the big city. The factory itself was busy, but the area around it was either derelict or under maintained. There was a heap of garbage and discarded equipment left in a cluster behind the building. The factory’s neighbour was a former electrical plant, now nothing but a husk filled with squatters, garbage, and shards of broken windows. Even the area layered with concrete and filled with gravel were overgrown with tall grass and thick moss.

“...What a waste of a sunny day.”

Detective Sergeant Leo pulled up his car near the Adam’s Pulp Factory, in the supply offloading zone. He got out of his car to see a crowd of police officers holding a defensive line against a flurry of curious factory employees and nosy reporters. He made sure to pull out his police ID to show the cordon, allowing him to pass the threshold between the media and the investigators.

“Top of the morning Sergeant.” An officer in plains clothes came up to Leo and passed him a small cup of coffee, “Eye opener.”

Leo rolled his eyes, “What do was have this morning, Jackson?”

“Hmm. Dismembered body,” Constable Jackson adjusted the fedora on his head, “No head, no arms, no legs, not even the hip was spared. Full on Megazord.” The Constable paused to take a sip of his coffee, trying to enjoy the taste while it lasted, “Some poor hobo found the pieces in several black bags.”

“Anything else you found so far? It’s a big yard we’re walking in.”

“Tell me about it Leo. So, we got a torso, arms, and legs. Still looking for the head and the hips.”

Leo nods and he waves his hand to gesture around the area, “Continue canvasing, I’ll get a sit rep with the coroner.”

“He’s right over there,” Constable Jackson would point over at a group of people with masks and gloves on. “Oh by the way. You see that guy over there wretching his guts out?”

“Another witness? Employee?”

“The new guy.”

“...Oh for Christ sake.”

LinLin Carnley