Chapter 4:

3 - Mentality

Okane o Subete Sekai e Chikara


buo the gell japens wit me, I fucking laugh at myself, being so calm, Sooo logic. Whate fuk logic explains this shit, I am in another fucking world damint, one like TLO to add... I'm gonna die, that sadistic TLO didn't had mercy even with a Rookie, and my stats are even lower. Theere ar monsters here, mutations or de like...Bookmark here

What was I thinking... "so I also decided to buy some necessary things, like a sword".Bookmark here

ters no dout Hic! that a freaking suord is goin to safe my life, I don't even know how to wield it, my strength is a joke... uuuuug i wana kry Hic! I dont even have the strength to wear armor. Forget the monsters, anyone could kill me effortlessly... there are... If the other Earth had bandits, murderers and psychos, don't think twice, this world is full of them, in TLO there even was a criminal class <<Bandit>>.Bookmark here

Uuuuh. Aren't I like, the dream targett for any bandit? AAAH! HIC!Bookmark here

Maybe I should reconsider the course of my actions? I could just spend the rest of my life in this peaceful place, I would probably be safe... No, no NO NO! I spent my whole life studying and working to reach the top, to have money, and when my efforts began to bear fruit everything went to hell, I couldn't get to enjoy what I worked for.Bookmark here

Can I really live like a simple peasant in this town?Bookmark here


If I do that, it will be like that time since the accident, before TLO, I'd rather die trying to reach the top, than live quietly in the background.Bookmark here

This world, this body, are a second chance. I have little information so what? I can buy it, yes... I can buy everything. On Earth the rich do not lie in a corner shaking from fear of being assaulted, no, they are the powerful who trample the rest like worms.Bookmark here

Power and money are inseparable, if you have one, you are bound to have the other. The powerful are rich and the rich are powerful. I have more wealth than anyone could ever dream of. Unlimited wealth, only unlimited power can overcome that. I can't lose, I can't be defeated by anyone... Yes... As long my enemy isn't god himself, I should be able to manage to get well off against any opponent.Bookmark here

I'm the worlds' wealthiest man, I can't be wrong, I should be in the top of this world. If in the past I aspired to it, in my current state, with limitless resources, why the hell do I doubt it?Bookmark here

In the other world I fought for wealth and couldn't enjoy it, in this world I plan to do it without moderation, without regrets. But first, I must guarantee my safety, that will...Bookmark here

In a different way at the time I was transported to this world, everything turned dark.Bookmark here

◆◇◆◇Bookmark here

"AAAAGG, my head."Bookmark here

Fucking hangover, everything is spinning... I remember buying obscene amounts of alcohol, the man at the inn looked at me a little surprised, but said nothing. I drank a little too much, although with what happened yesterday, it was inevitable.Bookmark here

In the morning of yesterday I came to this world, a world like the game TLO, that I was obsessed with for a whole year. Surprisingly, until night, when I tasted food and drink, I was in denial and acted as Maki said he would if he was transported or reincarnated in another world.Bookmark here

Feeling the taste of the food and satiety it caused when it reached my stomach, was a reality shock for me, there was no way to deny it. This really happened, I'm in another world...Bookmark here

The best will be to continue as before. Yesterday I could get basic information, thanks to the conversations I heard in the armories while examining the merchandise and pretending to meditate on prices. Follow some of the travelers I had seen on the way to Galia was a good idea, I don't think the locals would have talked about some of those things so familiar that even a child would know.Bookmark here

My next step will be to get information, in quantities and of all kinds. for now I will go to the bar, at least in TLO it was possible to buy information from the bartenders.Bookmark here

"OH! Good morning, a hard wake up?"Bookmark here

" Something like that, I may have exceeded myself a little".Bookmark here

" Well, it's not like I haven't seen others drink like that or even more, but you don't look the type".Bookmark here

"Make no mistake, this was an exception among exceptions".Bookmark here

"I see, something special happened, so... Good or bad?"Bookmark here

"Last night I thought about the answer, right now, I think it's good".Bookmark here

"I'm glad then".Bookmark here

A classic bartender and client conversation, even so, I said more than I should. No doubt a man able to start a conversation so naturally with a stranger and make him talk as if they knew each other for years, surely have a lot of information available.Bookmark here

Without fooling around, I walked to the bar. In this inn -The most expensive one I found near the city gates- has a restaurant and a bar on the ground floor. Of course I didn't eat and drank at the bar last night, even if it is an expensive place and therefore, with some class, it does not mean that I feel safe among a bunch of drunk men carrying swords.Bookmark here

In this inn the best rooms -Like mine- are as large as a regular apartment, and have furniture, so I just ate in the room. It would be a problem if someone had heard me babble last night.Bookmark here

"I would like to buy some information" I said softly from the bar, of course at this time the bar is empty, even so, I prefer to make sure that my voice is not heard in the restaurant next door.Bookmark here

"Oh! well, well. This is interesting. What kind of info?"Bookmark here

"Everything from the simplest to the most restricted you have".Bookmark here

"He, hehe, hahaha, What's this? Pal... If I had to say what my Job is, I would not be a bartender, the information is what I do, and I have accumulated a lot. I can certainly take all morning to tell you what you want. Sure you can pay?"Bookmark here

"Believe me, I'm sure I can pay what you ask, but don't forget, I want everything, even common sense things".Bookmark here

"Amusing, I am very interested in knowing who you are, to ask for all the information. In other words ... you don't want me to know your objective, don't you?"Bookmark here

"You are a professional in the information market, you certainly know how valuable it is".Bookmark here

"No doubt. Very well, no one should come by the bar in a few hours, let's start then".Bookmark here

Without a doubt, asking for all the information is a way to disguise what I really want. The curious thing about this case, dear bartender, is that my goal...IS all the information.Bookmark here

◆◇◆◇Bookmark here

The bartender was useful, I spent all morning listening to him. If I analyze all the information I obtained, he is certainly a professional, he didn't forget to include details of the most obvious things. The price was much higher than everything I spent so far, but it certainly was worth it.Bookmark here

Now that I think about it, there is another reason to think well about how I spend my unlimited fortune, in addition to calling attention to myself.Bookmark here

As a businessman, I know very well how unstable the market can be, taking into account that a lot of money appears "out of nowhere" from one moment to another, the consequences can be enormous. Even so, that applies in an international market, if I see it from the point of view of internal trade, it's similar to money coming from abroad, it enriches the country, so the more I spend in one place, the more prosperous that particular country will become.Bookmark here

" With the new information I have, I think it's time to enrich this peaceful place".Bookmark here

Not wasting time, after having a good lunch in the restaurant of the inn, I walk through the streets of the city.Bookmark here

Yesterday I didn't have any information, but I could realize that being unarmed besides insecure is strange in this world. At least for a lonely traveler, so I focused my search in the armories.Bookmark here

Today I have much more data, so I can extend my search widely. Right now, a certain place has my attention, the <AS Academy of Galia>.Bookmark here

Apparently, like a thousand years ago, there was a war that involved the entire continent of Antei, in which mankind faced the "enemy". There are not many records of the "Age of the Legend", however, It is known that someone from that era known as "AS", was the mind behind the strategy that led to the victory of humanity, and is one of the main responsible for human supremacy on the continent.Bookmark here

He was the brightest mind of the Age of the legend, and while he lived, he founded academies throughout the world, in which human knowledge is located, is as well the place where scholars meet.Bookmark here

Don't make conclusions, it's not what you think. I certainly want more information, but that is now secondary, my priority is the academy itself.Bookmark here

Apparently, academies accept financial aid from benefactors, who are granted special access and attention. It is said that in name of progress, academy scholars can offer their services to their benefactors and more if they propose expensive projects that aims to the future of science. Of course, that they offer to finance.Bookmark here

Right now my main goals are, to become the main benefactor of the academy (naturally asking my identity to not be public). Get access to the exclusive library of the academy (there seems to be another non-exclusive one, but I don't think I can get much more than what I got from the bartender in that one), as well as the guidance and assistance of an academic. Also, to put my hands on the artifacts protected by the academy.Bookmark here

It's said that, from time to time, they sell them at astronomical prices at auctions when the academy goes through a bad economic situation. If I offer them unlimited funds, I don't think they will deny me one or more of the artifacts.Bookmark here

Due to the chaotic situation in the region, caused by the current war between Jagheb and Iren, most of the rich men, who financed the academy, have focused their attention on the war sector. If the academy is not yet in a bad economic situation, it will be soon and they know it. In the best case, I could even become the only benefactor of the academy, thus gaining access to virtually everything they have and know.Bookmark here

I'm not as good Samaritan as to give them my support without obtaining any benefit. To take advantage of their moment of greatest need is not dirty play, it's something natural in the business world, those are the rules of the game, my game.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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