Chapter 3:

2 – Checking my status

Okane o Subete Sekai e Chikara

                                                 Chapter 2                              Checking my status

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Galia, a politically independent city, build in a plain over a mountain with the same name. With natural defenses against invasions and due to the considerable flat land, can grow and hunt freely to stock up on food. Located near the eastern strait of the Antei continent. Galia is just outside the disputed territories between the great powers of eastern Antei, the Kingdom of Jagheb and the country of Iren, an oligarchy, known for its war-based culture.Bookmark here

This world is apparently also named "Earth", can be coincidence, or due to the automatic translation working by << Borderless trade>>. However it makes it easier to understand some conversations so that's fine. Although the name is the same, no doubt the circumstances are different, for instance in this world there is magic, monsters and apparently <<Half>>, hybrid beings with humanoid forms and beasts traits. All that sounds pretty fantastic, but apparently they are quite rare, it's not common to see any of those things, except for some monsters.Bookmark here

In Galia however, It's supposed to be possible to see Half flyers from time to time, they seem to have some nest closer to the top, since there have been no incidents in which people were attacked, they decided to ignore them, something quite logical, specially for this peaceful city.Bookmark here

I said peaceful, but still a lot of people carry swords or other weapons.Bookmark here

Speaking for myself, of course I didn't want to seem strange, so I also decided to buy some necessary things, like a sword, wristbands, gloves, a hat to protect me from the radiant su... to hide my face. I can't decide what other defensive equipment to buy, after all I don't have the strength to bear the weight of a full plate armor, although is if the safest. Even the sword that I purchased, was decided by its weight and simplicity.Bookmark here

Of course, to avoid attention, I didn't buy the most expensive equipment. Just the immediate inferior that I could carry without problems.Bookmark here

Do you think that attracts a lot of attention? Not so much taking into account that I get each piece from a different store. If I suddenly bought a whole set of expensive equipment it would be very noticeable.Bookmark here

As for lodging and food... Don't need to think about it, I can only accept the best one in the area. Face it, if we consider the civilization level, even that is inferior to the commodity of a mid-class family house, I can't force myself to have a worse time, especially when the price doesn't matter, and I'm serious. In the end I was right, my funds are unlimited.Bookmark here

After going from one place to another all day, I'm tired, physically and mentally. For now it will be better to leave the armor for later, I will go to my inn room to rest, and it's not that I doesn't have something of equal or greater importance to verify.Bookmark here

Already in my room, I check my current attire, the sword and my own hands... There it is!Bookmark here

<<Argent Makoto - Human 1>>Bookmark here

Job: Market Master Lv 1Bookmark here

-VP: 24/25         -Resistance: 2       -Defense: 1Bookmark here

-MP: 6/8             -Knowledge: 84        -Intellect: 295Bookmark here

-Energy: 9/20    -Strength: 2               -Mind: 3Bookmark here

-Agility: 3         -Talent: 1             -Spirit: 2Bookmark here

Items: ▼Bookmark here

Equipment: ▼Bookmark here

Skills▼Bookmark here

Titles▼Bookmark here

Money: 00Bookmark here

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Mm, I have a feeling that it looks different, but I'm not too sure... Energy: 9, I'm pretty sure it was two digits this morning. Now that I think about it I feel pretty tired and hungry, in TLO the energy was a stat that reduced itself over time and if it reached zero provoked a powerful debuff, and you needed food to reload it, I suspect it's not too different from that, I need food, but since this isn't a game, I will also need sleep.Bookmark here

Well, I already ordered dinner, I will eat in a few minutes, so forget it for now.Bookmark here

More important than these poor stats, I'm more interested in those arrows next to the other sections... If focusing in myself let me see the stats, maybe if I focus in the arrows... Bingo.Bookmark here

Equipment:Bookmark here

Clothing: Trade Master Suit▼, Luxurious Mince Cape.Bookmark here

Outerwear: Armin leather gauntlet, Robust Platinum Wristband, Leather boots of the wolf of the wind.Bookmark here

Armament: Mountain Storm Sword▼Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Mm, interesting, well, the names are the ones mentioned in the stores, not gonna pick in it anymore. There's nothing like a super flashy name mixed anywhere, it's not like I bought anything that seemed to be extremely powerful. Ignore it!Bookmark here

What matters is that apparently the equipment also has of those arrows, which means I can get more details if I focus...Bookmark here

Mountain Storm Sword▼Bookmark here

<< Forged with a fragment of electrified rock on the mountain during storms .Bookmark here

-Resistance to electricity +3.Bookmark here

- Boost electric and wind attacks +2.Bookmark here

- Simple electric attack in 1% of attacks>>Bookmark here

Oh, It has some interesting things after all like the name implied, not a bad purchase, despite being so expensive... not like it matters to me anyway. Let's keep looking.Bookmark here

Trade Master Suit▼Bookmark here

<< Default clothing of the trade master.Bookmark here

-Resistance +50.Bookmark here

-Mind +100.Bookmark here

- Resistance to negative effects.Bookmark here

-Self-repair Medium.Bookmark here

-Energy consumption reduction>>Bookmark here

...........Bookmark here

OOOOOOOOOOK............Bookmark here

Shit! those specs... well, I mean, its normal if you think of it as the merchant's final class uniform.Bookmark here

Unlike basic professions as an adventurer, High ranks of specialized classes in TLO are far superior to ordinary humans, as reward for how difficult it is to reach that state, now I regret not have anything else equipped. Well, in fact to make the class change you have to take off all the equipment, since you will receive the exclusive default equipment, like the Trade Master Suit.Bookmark here

Leaving that aside, there's something that interests me MUCH more.Bookmark here

Items ▼Bookmark here

<<Item bag (Trade Master) >>Bookmark here

Skills▼Bookmark here

<< Trade (GERON). Borderless Trade. Elite Dealer.Bookmark here

What's mine is mine. Peerless Provider. Miracle Seed>>Bookmark here

Titles▼Bookmark here

<< Scammer's Terror, Ultimate Merchant, The richest in the world>>Bookmark here

OK, let's think about it for a moment...Bookmark here

I know almost everything I'm seeing, like the item bag. If I remember correctly it allowed to carry up to 99 of the same item per slot. At the start of the game you have 10 every time you rank-up. Additionally, the merchant's item bag had an extra function, you could pay to have extra slots and more space for slot, very useful especially for some rare items that used more than one space.Bookmark here

In short, I can carry more items the more I pay to keep the expansion, the price raised exponentially, so to expand from 50 slots to 60 cost 16 times than from 40 to 50. Since I have infinite resources I can expand it infinitely... WIN.Bookmark here

As for the skills, "Trade" allowed the different basic functions of the merchant class, it being GERON rank, implies that I have all the functions, although I only know what I had up to the ANER rank, I have no idea if in the real world such restrictions even affect me... Whatever, better have it than not.Bookmark here

"Elite Dealer" granted discounts in stores as well as bonuses when selling items in stores... that's useless to me now. Well, in the real world it may have other applications.Bookmark here

"What's mine is mine". No idea about this one, didn't have it before, must be from the rank up, so I don't know its functions.Bookmark here

"Peerless Provider" allowed to place items for sale online to sell automatically, so you could sell items while doing other things, naturally it worked perfectly for when you were "afk", so you could even sell while sleeping. No idea what to do of it outside TLO.Bookmark here

"Miracle Seed". How the fuck should I know, not only I don't know it, the name doesn't ring any bell, and it certainly doesn't seem to belong to a merchant.Bookmark here

Well, the skills mostly leave much to be desired, in itself it does not seem that some will be useful for anything, "Borderless Trade" being the sole exception. I will be lost without that automatic translation, a fine example of its use in the real world.Bookmark here

Regarding the titles, "Scammer's Terror", it was a special title granted to me after I beat many scammers in their own game. Then having a GM to reward me for my achievement. In-game it allowed to see details beyond the basic description of a manipulated item.Bookmark here

Is it possible to do that here too? If so, it is very promising.Bookmark here

"Ultimate Merchant". Based on other classes that when reaching GERON rank obtain titles such as "Ultimate Swordsman" or "Ultimate Mage", I can assume that this is the title for obtaining the highest rank of merchant.Bookmark here

It is assumed that each title of the "Ultimate" series gives a strong bonus to the basic stats of each class, not like the merchant has one. To begin with all stats has a class focused in them, and even if it had one, I don't think I could find a use for it, forget it for now.Bookmark here

The title that really caught my attention, and in every way...Bookmark here

"The richest in the world".Bookmark here

No matter how I look at it, Isn't this responsible for my current unique purchasing power?Bookmark here

If I am right, is more than a WIN, is GG. Never seen it before, but I already love it.Bookmark here

My introspection was interrupted by knocking on the door, which was then followed by a servants voice calling out.Bookmark here

"Dinner is ready sir".Bookmark here

"Thanks, I go immediately".Bookmark here

Well, I will think again about all this new information later. For now I going to eat and sleep, I need all the "Energy" I can get for tomorrow.Bookmark here

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