Chapter 67:

Palm Shield

Royal Princess of Blood

I looked at the opened book and scanned the first spell. It was the “Palm Shield”, it was mentioned to be the easiest and least demanding, that was why beginners mostly learned this first. In addition, defending yourself was important.

But of course, a beginner’s Palm Shield spell would be weaker than those who were already experienced. One would need to provide the spell a decent amount of mana to enhance it, in addition, stabilization would also be needed. Meaning, you have to keep the mana stable in forming the spell.

I just have to imagine, visualize it, shape the mana, in order to cast this spell. Judging by my mana that went out of control, I should have a great amount of mana. So I imagine if I gave it my all, my shield would be harder than what was normally casted.

That said, I will need to be more careful. And, how regrettable this may be, I have to hold back. I still have that issue with my Mystic Medium. I have no weapons so I will be safe when I pass out. But I don’t want to experience that again.

Feeling the pain was… bearable. However, I would prefer not to feel that intense pain again. Ultimately, I don’t want to risk my life over something like that.

“You highness, I suggest that you try and exert mana. See how well it would go.”

Vernon said as he stood beside me. Yeah, I was planning to do that. I need to know my limits. Not knowing would be the height of carelessness.

“... Let’s see.”

I held out my palm. I recalled the familiar feeling I felt that time when I first controlled my mana.

I released a feeble amount and slowly let it flow out. A faint force of pressure emanated on my palm that no eyes can see.

“This is feeble, do you think I can cast a spell with this?”

Just imagine the amount of mana in my palm was equivalent to one small cup of water, filled past halfway. Yes, that small. I only did this amount since it felt more comfortable.

“Yes you can, but can you try to increase it?”

I tried to increase the amount of mana. However, as I did so, I felt a small amount of pain, like being pricked by a thorn, but within me. Then, the first moment I felt a burst coming out, I closed the lid in an instant, prompting the mana in my hand to disappear entirely.

Vernon noticed it and looked at me with concern. I smiled at him a little to tell that everything was fine.

“I felt a little uncomfortable so I stopped before everything became worse.”

“I see. So that amount of mana is all you can do. That’s fine, in time, it will go for the better.”

“I suppose.”

“Then, I shall be overseeing you. But bear in mind that I won’t be teaching you a lot of things since I am no mage. But I can help you in casting Palm Shield.”

Great! Having an instructor was much better than not having one. Maybe the reason my father chose Vernon not only because he was trustworthy and strong, but also so that he can guide me.

“Excellent! Please demonstrate it for me.”

With a nod, he held out his hand. Next moment, a half circle transparent barrier appeared in thin air from his palm around the size of his torso.

“Interesting,” there was something I noticed. “Your barrier is of different color from the knights.”

“The knights have translucent barriers which lack a conspicuous color.”

I nodded. It was almost transparent. But I can still see a barrier since they were shining. But what Vernon formed was a conspicuous bronze barrier.

“The knights made their barriers transparent so they could easily see their enemy from the other side. Obstruction from view is inadvisable.”

“Wait, so, you can freely choose what color you want?”

Vernon smiled as though he found my idiocy amusing.

“Princess, you shape the spell don’t you? It’s given that it is up to you how you would shape them.”

I pouted. Well, I thought spells were of determined style, something like that. You know, like they have determined form. You could say a standard. An unchangeable uniform. Okay, maybe I haven’t given much thought about the deeper rules of magic.

Maybe because this kind of thing was just mostly cosmetics that I haven’t given this part much thought. I just thought of the function, that’s all. But no harm done, yes?

“Alright, I understand. But if it is advisable to not obstruct your view, why is your barrier literally in the color of bronze?”

I sweetly smiled. He narrowed his eyes before grinning himself.

“I can increase the transparency, your highness. I only made it to have more color than usual so you could see and tell.”

“Is that so? But that would still have a tint of color if your default is more transparent than that, still an obstruction.”


This warm and short cold battle was mine to triumph.

“... Having a color is warmer, it’s boring to have a plain color,” he admitted.

I smiled wider.

“So the way things look is important for you after all, Vernon.”

“I like things that are pleasing to the eyes.”

“I see.”

I thought Vernon was more on functionality rather than appearances. But I guess not.

I glanced at the poor Mera who has been out of the conversation since the beginning. She wryly smiled so I greeted her back with a fond smile of my own.

I understood the feeling of being left out from a conversation. Hang in there.

“Then, let’s start the practice.”

I followed the instructions from the book. I extend my hand forward. Released a bit of mana. Expand it and slowly give it form. It was difficult to control it when it's outside my body compared to inside.

I visualized and imagined the shape of the barrier. Like weaving clothes. Like slowly putting together pieces to its proper form akin to a puzzle.

Now then what color should I choose?

A small translucent barrier slowly formed on my palm in the color of crimson. My concentration level was high just to make this, and I was struggling to keep its form. However, I grinned when I saw it on my palm.

“I did it!”

However after I said that, the already small barrier broke apart like a piece of glass.

“Ah!” such sound escaped from my delicate lips.

“Good start, your highness.”

“Why did it break?”

“The distribution of mana was lower than it needed to maintain itself.”

“Wouldn’t that consume more mana than necessary when my goal is only to maintain it?”

“If you distribute enough mana to the spell, it creates some sort of link to each other. Once the link is stable, only then can you minimize the mana required to maintain it. If it does, it is so miniscule that there is no trouble at all to your mana.”

In the end, mana was still required to maintain it. But at least it would be minimized to the point that you won’t be able to tell.

Stabilization seems to be one of the important things to learn in magic. I suppose that was also how it works in technology made by science, being stable. Like a computer, requiring a stable flow of electricity. Or a stable internet connection so you can easily connect with no problem… Come on, even I use the internet.

“I understand. I’ll do it again.”

I did it again, and the red feeble barrier formed on my palm. But this time, I gave it a bit more mana than before. Then I felt a bit of comfort to the casting, then I slowly decreased the amount of mana I exert before it now felt it stopped.

The barrier was slightly larger than the previous one which was good. And feeling it closely, I can imagine that maintaining this barrier like this is like only letting go a tiny trickle of water. And I mean really tiny.

After several seconds, I nodded in satisfaction that it did not break on its own.

“Splendid work, me!” I giggled.

Then Vernon extended his index finger and went towards my feeble barrier. He then tapped the point of his finger to my barrier.

He didn’t use much strength, it really looked like a casual tap. But my barrier shattered into pieces and also broke my heart.

I gasped.

Hey! Don’t destroy my hard work now. My precious shield!

I pouted as I looked at Vernon.

“How mean Vernon!”

“Hehehe, it’s weak. Please slowly increase the amount of mana you give to the spell. And it will certainly help the restoration and adaptation of your Mystic Medium.”

Tch. This old man… really… why did he have to ruin my precious shield…

“F-Fine. But don’t do that again!”

“No promises.”


I then went on to practice again.

As I did so, Vernon approached Mera.

“Mera, as you are the personal maid of her highness, I suggest you also begin practicing spells.”

Mera looked surprised.

“Me…? But…”

“As a maid, you ought to protect the princess from harm. How are you to protect her if you cannot even cast simple spells? At least please learn the simplest spells.”


I stopped my work and turned to Mera.

“That’s perfect Mera! Let’s practice together!”

I approached her and grasped both her hands, a smile brightly radiating on my face.

“W-What? With — now?”

I nodded my head.

“Sure! No harm in it, right?” I looked at Vernon. He nodded his head in agreement. “See?”

Mera seemed to hesitate, but the next moment, she nodded her head.

“... Okay.”

And so, we practiced together like best friends. Heh, I have been observing her while we practiced.

Seeing how pretty inexperienced she was, I was starting to be convinced that she might not be a traitor after all.

However, the day for Mera’s judgment was nigh. I only need to find the time.

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