Chapter 1:

I died...?


School was just over. I grabbed my bag and put on my raincoat over my blazer, then jetted out of the building. In a blink, I was on my way home.Bookmark here

I was a typical high school student - except I had the highest average of the whole city in every subject apart from Phys. Ed (which I sucked at) regardless of grade. And speaking of grade levels, I did two grades above my grade level (grade ten), in Math, Physics, and Biology, and one grade above in everything else apart from Phys. Ed.Bookmark here

High school biology was just too easy for someone who finished university-tier biology, I suppose.Bookmark here

My train of thought stopped when I reached my apartment. I used my key to open the door, revealing a small but clean apartment.Bookmark here

No one was home. No surprise. I had zero knowledge of my parents' existence. I know my grandparents passed away as a fact - I'm using the $3M USD they left for me to invest and make my own money. I was working for myself, essentially.Bookmark here

My only family was my older sister, but she was on her honeymoon with her newlywed husband, and I doubt that she'd come back and take care of me, a 15-years old boy who had to stay alive and above 95% average, and make his own money.Bookmark here

At this point, I don't even know who I'm studying so hard for. Guess it was just my ego.Bookmark here

I locked the door behind me, took my coat off, and stepped into my crocs. My apartment had a kitchen, a small living room, and my bedroom which was also my office.Bookmark here

Opening my computer, I started up Crest Chronicles, a fantasy RPG that I've been playing a lot. I haven't been active for two days because of a wound on my index finger, but I decided to ignore it today.Bookmark here

The game had great graphics, and I had but a middle-tier gaming laptop, so my battery was quickly dropping, forcing me to stand up and walk over to the outlet (which I hated as a couch potato) to plug the charger in.Bookmark here

I was seriously tired, so I just sloppily stabbed the charger in the port.Bookmark here

That was the worst decision I ever made.Bookmark here


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