Chapter 1:

Pablo: Where it begins


A lone young girl, wandering in the night. Nameless, flawless, heartless. Feared by the town, described as monster. With the signature profile of a white-skinned, white-haired, and different-colored eyes. And so, they said, “Once you see this girl, run.”

Pablo was a young boy living in the city, along with normal people. He didn’t have parents to accommodate him. He lives by asking the people around the village if he can do their chores in exchange for a meal or two. He’s kind to everyone, and is always paying respect. But he isn’t some sort of good boy or an angel. If not, it’s a lot better calling him close to a demon. Him stealing by secret to his clients or threatening them to agree to his offer is not even close to why he shall be called a demon. He kidnaps, tortures, and kills animals, including humans, just to ease his boredom. And no, this isn’t the main reason for his name. he has an actual demon lingering inside his heart. It came into him right after he was born, straight from hell. Not only, it was him who killed and ate his parents when he was three years old. The thing is, he is not special or rare. Many has a demon in their hearts; they even have their own race. Pablo migrated from there. No human knows about this race, because they themselves are not humans. They are cursing necromancers.

They used to be humans, but they excluded their kind to others. Their body has a lot more of potential than an average normal being. More strength, endurance, power, energy, and potential. Pablo also has that blood, and is now roaming around to find fun things to do. His kindness and offers are nothing but facades just so that he could mix in. But life had been very boring for him that he could just wish to kill everyone in the village. Until he was caught in an unfaithfully faithful encounter.

Before he knew it, the village was already on fire. He asked people around on what happened. “The rumored monster girl has come! She attacked the village and is killing us one-by-one!” Pablo got mad and searched for the girl. When he found her, she was laughing so hard in joy. He was about to ambush her when an another her appeared behind him, caught him and pointed a knife at his neck. “What?!”, “You plan to attack my mistress without fear, I see,” Pablo thought he was hallucinating. The girl is still in his sight, controlling the fire. Yet another one was behind him. When he looked closely, the one behind him had faint red eyes instead of having them different. “There’s two of you?”, “You’re right”, “But rumors say there’s only one girl”, “It’s because that is what they witnessed,” Pablo was so focused on his back that he didn’t notice that the first girl was already right in front of him, leaning. “You’re one of our kind,” the one with heterochromia said. Her voice is unexpectedly sweet and high. “Did you try to ambush her because you want to save the people?” while the one on her back has the same voice, but has cold tone. “They’re supposed to be MY victims…! I was saving them for my fest!”, “Too bad,” she leaned even closer, “Why don’t you just join us, then? After this, they’re already cooked, anyways,” Pablo thought of it. He can’t retrieve the dead. So, he just joined the killing to ease his anger.

The next day, the fire was gone, and everything was reduced to ashes. The three sit by a bonfire as Pablo and the rumored girl eats barbecue. “Can’t she eat?” asks Pablo. “She can’t,” she snapped her fingers, and the other disappeared. Pablo was shocked. “What is she?” he asked. “She’s my demon”, “Ridiculous. Demons can’t provide their own vessels”, “It’s because I produced her vessel”, “That’s impossible. It would kill an adult to just produce one vessel as big as a cat! You’re just a child younger than me”, “But do you know who I am?” her tone changed. “I don’t”, “See?”, “No, that’s absurd. Even our powers have limits. Demons can’t just jump off our hearts! You should’ve been told. Didn’t you have parents?”, “Did you have parents?” Pablo went silent. “What’s your point?”, “It’s that you don’t know who I am, but assume who I am. Is it your first time seeing this kind of power?”, “If all you just said is true, then you have great power!”, “That’s what they all said,” She started stacking sliced meat into a bag. “You’re interesting. Mind you come along?” Pablo has nowhere to go now. He’s just bored, so if he come along with someone this powerful, he’ll be entertained no matter what. “Sure. I’ll come along.”