Chapter 3:

Xadulo's Carnelia: What the past had brought


“I mean, I can’t blame you…” Xadulo said, anxious. “Of course, you can’t! after all I’m through, none of ‘em was my fault!” Kyshanne said, pissed. “It must’ve been hard for you to travel, huh,” Xadulo said with teary eyes, “It was, totally! I couldn’t leave my dog until he left me! He’s now buried by the Marliayan hills. I still miss him”, “Even after two years?!” Xadulo cried loudly. “Even after two years!”

“They became friends easily. Huh,” Pablo said. “My mistress is just lonely. She’s not sure when let down her guard”, “It’s literally been just half an hour since Kyshanne was struggling to breathe! She must be planning something!”, “Do not worry. My mistress isn’t as dumb as you”, “HEY.” The two looked like close friends. Kyshanne can turn Xadulo’s emotions into rollercoasters just by her stories. “By the way, second Xadulo!”, “She’s Carnelia”, “Carnelia?” she came forward and sat when Kyshanne called for her. “What is it?”, “Why don’t you cut your hair? Isn’t it hard for dear Pablo there to identify you?”, “But I have carnelian eyes,” she pointed her eyes. “That’s not the point!” Kyshanne grabbed Carnelia. “You two have the same hair, voice, height, clothes, hell, you maybe her clone!”, “Kyshanne,” Xadulo called with a calm, serious voice, as she smiles. “Don’t say that. Carnelia has her own mind, memories, views, personality, tone, she’s a completely different being than me. A twin is not a clone, you know?” Kyshanne went silent, and didn’t even have to joke about it. She understood fully, and went silent. “But, yeah, I think short hair suits you, Carnelia!”

Midnight, Pablo was outside, sitting on the roof of the hut they’ve been staying at. The skies were clear, and so, he went of a little star gazing. He was feeling drowsy and was about to fall asleep, until he heard footstep that got him on his guard. He only left a sigh, in the end, when he saw it was just Carnelia. He lied once again, but got startled when he saw Carnelia in his view, as she was looking down, right above him. There were a few seconds of silence. ‘Her eyes are beautiful’ it was Pablo’s first time seeing them up close. “Sleep”, “What?” Pablo was confused. “You should sleep by now. If you died of tiredness and fatigue, then I couldn’t protect a trusted friend of my mistress’s,” as always, Carnelia’s tone and expression were emotionless. Pablo just let go another sigh, but didn’t move from his place. “I said sleep”, “Alright, I will!” as he sat up.

However, he didn’t go down. His mind was on air and think for a moment. “Hey,” he spoke, as if there’s concern in his voice. “What exactly happened to your past? Both yours and, you know… Xadulo’s,” However, Carnelia didn’t respond. She just stared for seconds. “Alright, then, I’ll go to sleep”, “That, I wasn’t told to keep it from you, nor was I told to lie when you asked,” she suddenly spoke. “Xadulo was a prodigy. From the moment she was born, her parents and grandparents debated over her: should they keep her? Or should they sell her? But her grandparents ended up killing her parents and selling her on great price. Xadulo grew being passed by sellers and buyers. But no matter how her great power is, as stories tell, she wouldn’t show it to anyone. Even if she got beat and was treated poorly because of it. No one taught her how to talk, but she can understand anyone, in any language. She can read people, after all. Even without learning it, she mimicked the people talking and learned to talk by herself. Once when she was 4, she was staying in the basement where she was locked in. She then just realized that each necromancer had a demon in their hearts; she found my existence. She just then realized how lonely she was,” once Carnelia started, she didn’t stop even once. “Before she met me, she was very cold. If she’d wish it, she’ll kill anyone who’ll touch her. She can flee anytime she wanted, but said ‘what would be excited in being imprisoned thinking you’re free?’ she didn’t smile, and she looks at the world like it’s an annoying bug,” Pablo felt Carnelia changed mood.

“Say. Do you like the way I act, talk, or move?” she suddenly asked. “…yes. You’re stiff in all places as if you’re a doll forced to talk,” Pablo said. “…huh,” Carnelia said with a changed of tone, which surprised Pablo. “Then I guess you wouldn’t like the past Xadulo. She was as cold… no, even colder than the me now,” she said with an unsure voice, as she showed a pained smile. For the first time, Pablo saw her show emotions. “Then she found out about me, then called for me, then started crying out loud. That was the first time she cried. Before I knew it, I had a vessel the same as hers, except, the color of my nature showed in my eyes. She asked tons of question, until she wore a big smile. She asked me to not leave her side. The next day, she set the house in fire, killing both hunters currently living there. She livelily grabbed my hand as she said ‘lets escape together!’ Four years ago, we wandered around, just the two of us. A year ago, we met, and you joined us. Xadulo was just so happy to have another friend other than me. Now there’s Kyshanne, too,” Carnelia’s expression was blooming, which amazed Pablo greatly. ‘It’s like I’m dreaming. This might be my first and last time seeing her like this…’ he thought. “I have a request for you. Don’t ever leave Xadulo’s side. Even if it means leaving my behind,” She bowed her head sincerely, with all of her heart. Pablo sighed, “Nonsense. I promise I won’t leave her behind, but I won’t leave you behind either,” Carnelia lifted her head, eyes wide opened. “Though I don’t trust her, but I won’t leave Kyshanne behind either, too,” Carnelia left a small ‘pfft’ that got Pablo off-guard. “What’s that, friendship’s pledge? Ha ha ha,” she continued laughing quietly, showing a small, concerned smile. “Huh. Maybe it is,” Pablo said in confidence.