Chapter 1:

The innocence of Elwin

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The first to arrive to the crime site was Emilia, she isn’t a police officer, and she doesn’t have the right to be there, but there she is, investigating all the small details, without letting a single mark.

She’s no more than a journalist, and her only engine is her curiosity.

She can already know that this case isn’t just an ordinary murder crime, the murderer is making it as obvious as possible that it was a murder, but there is no clue about his identity, it’s almost like it was done by a ghost.

This isn’t the first time murder is done in that way, but this one is perfect, even for Emilia who has a great justice sense, she admits that the murderer is genius, that’s because he didn’t only kill without letting a mark, he took many parts of the body, a hand, some fingers, tooth...

Before the police come, Emilia takes some pictures for the dead body and especially the face, and leaves.

- Is he the same one, a man talks to Emilia as she gets in the car

- It’s perfect, I still can’t figure it out Ethan, she answers

- It’s ok, don’t push yourself very hard

She smiles and gets back to work.

It isn’t only one crime, it’s not his first murder, this is the tenth dead body that shares the same features.

All of these crimes were perfect, and one key, all the victims visited one psychiatrist before their death.

He’s called Elwin, and Emilia is almost sure that he’ll be the key to solve this puzzle.

So in order save people from this murderer, Emilia visited Elwin personally. He stays a lot in his clinic, so it’s easy to find him,Emilia goes straight to the clinic and finds the door open. She enters, and she sees him.

He’s blond with a beautiful clear face, he wears glasses, but he took them off so it seems that he doesn’t need them, he also wears classic clothes, which doesn’t seem very expensive, she was surprised for a while by seeing his form, but she remembered that all dangerous men are handsome.

Meanwhile he has a different impression of her, no wonder,Emilia works really hard so she doesn’t care a lot about how she looks like, but maybe involuntarily, she looks like a goddess, with her dark eyes, and her short brown hair.

She speaks first:

- Mr. Elwin, can I get a minute of your time

- My job is giving people my time Mrs...

- Oh, she remembers, it’s Emilia

- Nice to meet you Emilia

- The honor is mine, she sets on a chair and keeps, can I ask you is you know anything about some murder crimes happening later

Elwin, shocked by what she said, closes the door and the windows and asks her

- are you a police officer

- No, she answers, I’m a journalist

He gets a little more comfortable and says

- I need your help

- Can you tell me more? Emilia asks

- Ten of my patients were murdered lately, it seems like someone is trying to make me accused.

- Can you proof your innocence sir

He takes her hand and looks straight to her face and says

- If I could, I wouldn’t ask for your help

She can see his shiny innocent eyes, and she can do nothing but to believe them.

Emilia accepts to help Elwin, they shared phone numbers, and Emilia leaved his clinic to keep her work.

Elwin wears some gloves, goes to the basement, his innocent eyes suddenly disappeared, he took a scalpel and said:

- Shall we keep our little game, someone screams like he’s about to die.

The next day the eleventh body was found.

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