Chapter 10:

Chapter 3.3, Aiden

Don't Worry, We Have the Best Supporter in Our Team

“This is bad,” she muttered under her breath.Bookmark here

Noir, up until now from the Jayce’s summons, stood beside Alice and kept watch about their position hadn’t made a single sound to indicate any intruder in their vicinity.Bookmark here

Alice later asked Noir for advice, thinking he might be able to communicate with her like Chima, but it kept its eyes and ears focused on their surroundings. Bookmark here

“Guess you can only communicate with Jayce, then,” she concluded. Bookmark here

She returned her attention back to the camp. Her mind began to race, and she could only think of two possibilities: Bookmark here

The first was that Jayce and the other prisoners escaped from the camp, avoiding the fight against the bandit leader.Bookmark here

The second was Jayce stayed behind to hold off the bandits so that the prisoners could escape.Bookmark here

But the first possibility was very unlikely, he wouldn’t go down that easily.Bookmark here

At her current position, she couldn’t get a clear vision of what was happening in the camp, so she circled around the camp to the west, jumping from branch to branch with Noir in tow. Bookmark here

Up until now, the reason she could cast spells to specific positions was due to Jayce’s information. Jayce might not be able to communicate with her telepathically while fighting against bandits and keeping his enchantments active.Bookmark here

When they reached their destination, she equipped and activated the enchanted monocle, her right eye searched around the upper platform of the entrance of the camp until she located Jayce and a blindfolded stranger that seemed to be one of the prisoners whom he had rescued. Bookmark here

Wait… Why is this guy blindfolded, she wondered. Bookmark here

But Jayce’s expression was serious as he was looking towards the south. She followed their gaze and soon found out why. Bookmark here

On the south side of the camp, there was a large man carrying a greatsword and placed it on his shoulder, approaching toward Jayce’s location. He seemed to be the bandit leader as there were about twenty or so bandits following him, brandishing themselves with swords.Bookmark here

Jayce, I will cast a few spells on you,” said Alice through their telepathy enchantment.Bookmark here

Thank you. But could you cast your spells onto Aiden who’s standing next to me? He hasn’t equipped his proper gear at the moment,” he requested.Bookmark here

So that person next to Jayce was Aiden. Either way, the safety of prisoners comes first. Bookmark here

The amount of mana required to cast a spell to the caster’s target depended on the distance between them and the nature of the spell. The further the distance between the caster and the target, more mana will be required. Bookmark here

Alice had to bear the burden of casting multiple spells to support her friends. Bookmark here

After casting her spells, Jayce asked a question, “Alice, do you know the location of the weapon storage?Bookmark here

If she were to guess, the weapon he asked was referring to Aiden’s. Aiden was attempting to assist them in their quest for an unknown reason. Bookmark here

She scanned the camp from her position, thinking of an optimal location to store weapons based on the layout of the camp. From there, she ran a few simulations within her head for every situation that the bandits would take until she reached a conclusion.Bookmark here

The weapon storage is in the middle of the east side of the camp, you will able to see it.”Bookmark here

Understood,” he replied. Bookmark here

He relayed the information Alice had provided to Aiden. Bookmark here

From her enchanted monocle, Aiden nodded to Jayce and sprinted off to the location she had mentioned. Bookmark here

Alice, we’re going to have to fight the bandits until Aiden comes back with his gears. Do your best to provide support. Don’t push yourself too hard to avoid mana deficiency. Understand? He commanded.Bookmark here

She gave him her affirmation. She took out two mana potions from her magic gloves and drank them. Once she replenished her mana, she began her incantation.Bookmark here

                                                           ____________________Bookmark here

Jayce felt the power surging within him. He kept his eyes on the bandit leader, who was about one hundred metres away from his position, walking leisurely towards him. Bookmark here

He jumped down from the platform and landed gracefully to the ground, and walked towards the bandit leader. Although that choice of action damaged his mana shield, it was just a minor issue.Bookmark here

Once they were about ten metres apart, the bandit leader broke out the silence between them.Bookmark here

“So, you’re the one who releases my prisoners. Do you have a death wish, boy?!”Bookmark here

Jayce let out a sigh, thinking about how they had reached to this situation. Never mind that, he looked up at the bandit leader.Bookmark here

“I don’t have any intention to get killed by the likes of you.” Bookmark here

The bandit laughed and pointed his greatsword toward Jayce, who had yet to draw his weapons. Bookmark here

Jayce felt a killing intent coming from his foe. Bookmark here

This guy meant business. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Alice began to tremble, not that she was there, to begin with. She began to worry about Jayce more than herself. How could a pair of scimitars be able to beat a greatsword that was able to break any weapons it lay upon? Bookmark here

If the information they had gathered from the village chief was true, and Jayce’s weapons might break... No, she had to believe in Jayce. He chose to stay behind and got to have a reason behind it.Bookmark here

Alice, focus your offence on other bandits who attempt to go after the prisoners. Don’t let them leave the camp and don’t kill them.Bookmark here

I’m on it. Be careful.Bookmark here

Yeah.Bookmark here

He drew his pair of obsidian scimitars and assumed his stance, his left blade held in a backhand manner, positioned by his waist, while the other was lifted over his right shoulder.Bookmark here

Without any words spoken, the bandits rushed towards the gate, leaving the battle against Jayce to the bandit leader. They, too, had faith in their bandit leader to settle their business. Bookmark here

One by one, the bandits were taken down by Alice’s attack spell, but there were a few bandits evaded her barrage of spells approaching the gate.Bookmark here

“!”Bookmark here

Jayce sensed something slipped passed the bandits. He turned to look while keeping the bandit’s leader presence in mind so that he wouldn’t strike him unaware. Bookmark here

There was a silhouette, clad in dark grey clothing and scarf, equipped himself with a pair of silver gauntlet blades, taking down five bandits at once. His action alone left other bandits around him stunned.Bookmark here

“Well that was quick, I thought it will take some time for you to look for your gear,” said Jayce.Bookmark here

“You know, it’s not that hard to look for my gear within a reasonable distance,” replied Aiden, retracting his blade gauntlets. “At least you and your partner gave me the location of the weapon storage. Anyway, I will handle these guys. I will help you when I’m done with them.” Bookmark here

Once Aiden declared his assurance, the bandits turned their attention from the escapees to him. Bookmark here

He brought all his concentration to his sense of hearing. Within seconds, he envisioned his surrounding, twenty metres in radius. Based on every single information he could hear, the slightest movement or the sound of the wind was enough for him to picture his surroundings. Bookmark here

Fifteen bandits left. Bookmark here

He didn’t bother to take his stance. Bookmark here

He just stood there, waiting for his bandits’ next action. Bookmark here

There might be reinforcements to assist the bandits, but whoever they are, they will take them down. Bookmark here

Earlier, he had heard a few bandits knocked down. Bookmark here

Definitely not Jayce, he thought, that means there was someone outside of the camp providing support. Oh well, I’m just going to assume that they are Jayce’s comrades. Bookmark here

With that contemplation concluded, the edge of his lips curved up slightly and he provoked his assailants. Bookmark here

“Come at me with everything you got. I will take all of you down unless you’re too afraid to fight a blind adventurer.”Bookmark here

Seven bandits rushed towards Aiden with their swords. He listened to the flow of the wind, flowing by the swords and the bandits, each produced unique frequency at every possible position within his hearing range. Bookmark here

Three bandits positioned their swords for an overhead attack, two bandits went for a horizontal strike and remaining focused on the lunge attack. Bookmark here

When a particular sound was heard, he began to dash towards the opening between a pair of bandits. Bookmark here

One of them was attempting an overhead strike while the other was a horizontal strike. At the same time, his blades extended below his gauntlets and swung them to their necks. Fortunately, they were also equipped with magic gloves, so they had been pushed back away from their assailants and knocked unconscious. Bookmark here

But he didn’t stop there. Bookmark here

Once he was out of the circle, he turned to his right, aiming for the third bandit. The next target immediately changed his stance and swung his sword toward Aiden, but it was too late, Aiden swung his weapon to his torso, enough strength to push him further away than the first two bandits, but not enough to knock him unconscious. Bookmark here

As he turned his attention to the other bandits, all he heard was groaning. Turned out that the other bandits were knocked down by their supporter from outside the camp. Bookmark here

He silently thanked whoever helped him and moved on to the next group of bandits.Bookmark here

                                                           ____________________Bookmark here

“Now that no one will be disturbing us, may I ask: what’s your name?” asked Jayce.Bookmark here

“My name is Axton.”Bookmark here

The foe that stood before Jayce lowered his greatsword and balanced his centre of gravity. Bookmark here

He’s going for an upward diagonal slash, huh? thought Jayce, as he analyzed his stance. Bookmark here

He reminded himself about the leader’s weapon from the village chief: the weapon he wielded destroys any weapons. Bookmark here

Should Jayce risk using his scimitars? Bookmark here

Surely everyone around him would voice out that he shouldn’t fight against that kind of weapon. But deep down, he wanted to test out the durability of his main weapons.Bookmark here

The bandit leader began rushing towards him using a warrior skill: Shoulder Charge to close the distance between them and swung his greatsword upward.Bookmark here

Instinctively, Jayce raised and crossed his blades to block the blow while activating hardening enchantment. The strike was heavy; it almost twisted and broke his wrists, so he adjusted his wrists and made use of the momentum to distance himself away from the bandit leader. Bookmark here

After landing away from the bandit leader, Jayce quickly checked his weapon’s condition. So far they were fine, but he had a feeling that they wouldn’t last for long. Bookmark here

Not yet, he told himself.Bookmark here

He returned his attention to the bandit leader. This time, Jayce sprinted towards Axton. Bookmark here

Just when Jayce entered his reach, he voiced out his skill, “Thief skill: Reversal!” Bookmark here

The Reversal was a basic skill that allowed the user to immediately circle around their target. Unlike the Side-step skill he had used against Chima, this skill was just slightly superior, however, he had to time it well to stop at the right position, or fall due to the failure of balancing the user’s centre of gravity. Bookmark here

Once he was behind him, he shifted his pair of blades in position for the next skill. Bookmark here

“Thief skill: Elusion strike!” Bookmark here

He made an upward cross strike, then downward to lift himself up in the air. While in midair, he gave a barrage of horizontal strikes with his blades, chipping away the mana shield that kept producing after every strike he landed. Bookmark here

Sensing something was off, he finished his skill with a downward strike with both blades to keep himself in midair. Bookmark here

Axton unleashed another skill: Warrior skill: Reversal Slash. Bookmark here

Jayce took the strike head-on with his blades. If he hadn’t done that, the greatsword would have landed on his side. Bookmark here

“You’re pretty resilient, aren’t you?” asked Jayce after he landed pass three tents.Bookmark here

“Ha-ha-ha! Not bad for a young adventurer! Finally, a worthy opponent about my level!” he proclaimed.Bookmark here

Jayce narrowed his eyes. Bookmark here

His brute strength and skill with the greatsword were not to be overlooked. He had to be careful from this point onward. Bookmark here

“About your level?” asked Jayce.Bookmark here

Without a word, the bandit leader took his stance. He lifted his greatsword with both hands. He positioned his right hand horizontally, while the left arm was positioned vertically. He positioned his right foot to the back and the left foot on the front. He steadied his breath, ready to charge.Bookmark here

Jayce imbued his mana to the hardening enchantments of his blades. Bookmark here

As predicted, the bandit leader charged at him with a lunge attack, but this strike was a lot faster than his first. Jayce lifted both blades to shield himself, taking the hit from the bandit leader. It sent him further away from the bandit leader by forty meters. He kept himself balance when his boots landed on the grassland, leaving a trail and sending dirt and grass in the air. Bookmark here

Once the momentum died down, he did another check on his weapons. Bookmark here

Just as he had thought, the blades were now blunt after receiving three strikes from the greatsword. Not only that, his arms felt numb and heavy, even with the hardening enchantments from his gauntlets. Bookmark here

Guess I have no choice but to use that, he thought.Bookmark here

He took out a throwing knife from one of his sleeves. As he was about to teleport himself away from the Axton, there came an explosion occurred between Jayce and the bandit leader. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A third party? Bookmark here

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