Chapter 84:

Chapter 79

Transmigrated Into a Noble's Beaten Son

As snow crystals and thunder clashed onto each other, the distance between Naell and Lesjon was getting closer.

It was then when both seemed to fiercely force their way through the other’s spell.

“Woah…” Namiku murmured, seeing the immense power in their battle.

That was also the first time Lesjon, upon using thunder, managed to be pushed back. Naell likewise got propelled from the clashes of magic. Yet it just solidified the fact that both of them had met their match.

Marcha who sat next to Noveam and Viola, while watching intently asked,

“Wait…Shouldn’t young master Lesjon be winning? He has a scythe and unlike him, melee range is a weakness for mages…”

Yet none could answer as to why it wasn't the case. Still, their distance narrowed.

While Lesjon was the one initiating a melee fight, Naell who was keeping some distance at first, with open arms, was now more welcoming of the shortening range.

The clash of the two mages caused shockwaves of snow and blaze to scatter across the field. It was seemingly harmless as by the time they reached a distance, they had already neutralized each other perfectly.

Yet still, the eerie sound each impact produced made the audience tremble. It only showed just how much power both mages had.

Viola kept her focus on the battlefield before her eyes widened as she replied to her friend. She still wasn’t sure but perhaps she caught a glimpse of the answer to their unconventional exchange.

“Watch Naell, Marcha.” She said, admiring the plethora of spells and incantations that had already been shown on the arena.

[ Blazing Current ]

[ Homing Sleets ]

[ Cumulonimbus ]

[ Glacial Sigh ]

It was then when Rizaul spoke of the reason; his eyes were, afterall more keen compared to most.

“Naell has exceptional cast time and control, and ice is an element that’s proficient in subduing movement.”

“Even I wouldn’t run head on at Naell.” Note added on to which Rizaul nodded as he continued,

“Lesjon would be frozen from head to toe if he carelessly approached Naell--- and Naell would be burnt to a crisp if he doesn’t halt the thunders with his ice and snow.”


“…A stalemate huh...” Utua muttered. From the otherside of the stadium, the princess and her friends were also discussing the duel.

"But not for long." As Septh replied, the intense showdown frighteningly grew more powerful.

As if on cue, the deciding move that told the tale of Naell and Lesjon's first bout, occurred once more, only this time, far stronger.

It was no secret that Lesjon’s spells had improved and greatly changed, yet it was at the cost of a hefty usage of mana.

No matter how powerful the young master of Star was, even he would feel the need to end that battle of endurance quickly from the likes of Naell.

“…Pure white mana really is tough.” He muttered to himself.

Still, he smiled and with his eyes shining ever so brightly he added on,

“I couldn’t afford to underestimate you cousin. I did say our next bout wouldn’t be a draw.”

He paid no mind to how Naell was turned to the ground, silently and seemingly casting several layers of magic protection on himself.

‘My mana’s gone after this, but I’m sure I won’t lose.’

To Lesjon, the snow-white young master seemed to be occupied with protecting himself before his inevitable loss. It was then when he brought his hand to the air, preparing to yell out his tell tale cue.

“I’ll visit you in the infirma--- What…?”

Yet he stopped and was unable to speak when he caught another glimpse of Naell.


After a brief moment, Lesjon snapped out of his trance,

“Fall ablaze…Burst forth!” Lesjon yelled out, yet at the same time Naell was also chanting under his breath.

“Tempests come, freeze and hinder…”

[ Star-dust ]

[ Snow-dust ]

With them were the final flashes of red and white that dictated the verdict of their bout.


“Besides, our relatives are here to evaluate.”

“Next time, the match won’t be a draw.”

“...I suppose I wasn’t wrong…”

The crowds who just moments ago roared with excitement, said nothing amid the scene of defeat. The young master of Star laid on the ground with the spiraling torrent of snow lightly falling onto him.

Like the [ Stardust ] from the beginning of their match, it had been completely nullified inside and out. All that was left were Naell’s elements.

“L--- Lesjon...Star’s mana has been depleted. The victor is Naell Beryldot of M-1!”

The cheers were delayed as some couldn’t believe what they saw.

“You nullified my evolved Stardust...huh.”

Naell then offered his hand and said,

“It’s easy to forget, sound and fire depend on the air."


Lesjon's eyes widened to a degree as he was truly impressed. After a while, he then accepted the hand and said,

“Thank you for the great match, cousin.”

In response, Naell smiled and shook his cousin’s hand, causing the arena to roar at the two's display of sportsmanship.

[ As expected of the family of Star! ]

[ Truly! But who would have thought that young master Naell would win against young master Lesjon. ]

[ Still, it was a close fight. ]

[ Frankly either of them could’ve won that. ]

As their fight came to an end, both Lesjon and Naell were the talk of the arena.

Regardless of who would have won, what they just displayed was a feat that only a few could ever accomplish.

The magic they both showcased was unique and could each be considered as their own.

Especially Lesjon's magic, that in their family was often compared to Sarah Star's lightning; although one was faster, the other is truly more powerful.

For Naell, talks of him inheriting his mother's talent and magic spread like wildfire.

It would then eventually be brought forth to other Kingdoms. Nobles and commoners alike would hear the rumours of the stormy winter battle that occurred.

It was so famous that it wouldn’t be a lie to say that it later on would lead to quite the ruckus in the Land of Faeries, yet that is at the moment, of no concern to anyone.

As the scattering of the news escalated, the relationship of the family of Star and Beryldot that seemed to have been irreparably distant, were mended in some ways.

Truly it was all thanks to Lesjon and Naell, who upon the end of their fight, mutually displayed a genuine smile of respect towards each other.

Little did they know, Naell’s mood later crumbled because of that interaction.

"Welcome to the family, cousin."


• What's wrong with you, HOOT? •

• Can your dark magic alter reality or time travel...? •


By then, Naell was with Owly resting in the infirmary. Although he had won, physically he was completely exhausted.

Lesjon's thunder magic was immensely strong, not to mention it even had a unique effect that could bypass his shield.

“... If not, maybe it can be done with aura?” He continued to say out loud while thinking of Casper.


• What? •

• You’re really hopeless, HOOT. •


Owly sighed at the pathetic noble before him, resting on one corner of the bed and pretending to shake his head in disbelief.

Nonetheless, behind that act was an owl who felt proud of what Naell had accomplished.

It was apparent that he was beginning to adapt to his dragon-like mana, and when it came down to it, the young master of Beryldot still had a lot to spare. He was even very much capable of using more if he needed to do so.

On the other hand, Lesjon, who was by no means physically tired, simply needed ample rest to regenerate his exhausted mana.

This outcome between the two had actually allowed Owly to gauge how strong Lesjon was to an extent.

Meanwhile, from the far corner of the campus, Septh approached their group and said to Lesjon snarkily,

"To think your red mana couldn't compare to Naell."

Upon hearing him, Wendy and Aive immediately scolded Septh. While Casper and Utua were laughing at his boldness.

Even Lesjon only smiled. Frankly he wasn't really bothered by it. Having powerful relatives wasn't a new thing for him afterall.

From having a monster like his grandfather, to his Auntie and A-rank magic knights at their domain to boot, Lesjon could only try his best to get stronger, molding his character to stick with humility.

If it weren't for his misunderstood appearance and tendency to hide his involvements, Lesjon would be popular with the common folk as well.

This led to Lesjon remembering a childhood memory that sadly only he remembered. The sky at that moment resembled where they first met, a location flooded with hordes of monsters.

'I always knew he wasn't weak.' He thought further, recalling the magic they once used.

As for those who stood by Sarah Star, most of his relatives were quiet while the administration of the school was feeling rather awkward.

"That was an interesting match, don't you all agree~"

"Indeed principal!"

"Very much befitting the family of Star."

If it weren't for Earlteria's initiation, not one would even dare talk in that moment. Fortunately, her cheerfulness and uncaring attitude were the best for those kinds of situations.

Because of that, Sarah Star then butted in, expressing her delight from all the battles she had witnessed.

"Truly principal, who would have thought so many students would have that potential."

Upon her words, one of the elders of the Star household’s eyes widened as he then asked her,

"Do you truly mean---"

Yet before he could continue, it was Sarah who finished with her words,

"Yes, the capability to become named."


When Earlteria nodded, not only did the elders become far more lively, even the administration of the school held their chins up in pride.

When a person is told that they have the potential to become a named mage or martial artist, they would unsurprisingly become happy.

Yet when the person who gives the compliment is already "named" themselves, it becomes far more meaningful as most would see it instead as a prophecy.

The only issue with those carrying this potential in the past was that they weren't able to fully grow into someone named.

Some died early on as a casualty of the war. Many at the hands of the [ Jack of all blades ], where even already named martial artists and mages perished because of him.

Of course there were exceptions, such as the case of Alicia Witner, who won against a number of foes; some of which were named martial artists, who on one occasion faced her altogether at the same time.

Using her destructive ice power, no opponent could even get near her, much less hit her. Those memorable performances caused them to dub her as the [ Witch of Winter ].

This is the reason that seeing Naell perform with exceptional ability, gave those who had known Alicia's legend goosebumps.

"For now, his mother's power is leagues above his."

"Yes, but he is very cunning… The young master is well on his way to that path."


Even throughout the following day, Naell and Owly’s banter continued. It was only halted by their decision to eat and relax, that is, upon being dismissed from the infirmary.

It was a surprise to the doctor that Naell and Lesjon's recovery were both exceptionally faster than most.

Still, the doctor reminded Naell not to do anything reckless till his next fight.

The young master of Beryldot wholeheartedly accepted this advice, knowing he would even go so far as to surrender in his next bout.

'Defeating Lesjon is good enough!' He thought firmly while Owly was sighing.

Seeing Naell's expression, Owly knew he was once more up to no good. One could even surmise that he was plotting to laze around endlessly.

• Let's go. •

• Food, HOOT! •

As they walked, the two met a couple of acquaintances along the way, congratulating Naell for his victory.

"Congratulations young master Naell!"

• Your classmate. •

"Thank you, classmate."


"Congratulations, young master."

• You've been with her on a guild mission. •

"Thank you, guild mate."


It didn't bother him that much to respond as all of them were actually quite respectful, yet each of them were dumbfounded everytime he replied.

They could only think to themselves that anyone would become tired after finishing the fight.

Several greetings later, Naell and Owly arrived at their destination, only to come across and see the crowds of students. Thus they decided it was better to order food to take away.

Not only was the place completely packed with people, but the queue was also quite long. Still, their persistence in ordering the cafeteria's pasta (which they had been craving for a while) was formidable.

Upon getting the food they ordered, the two then made haste to leave, knowing exactly where to go instead.

Matching with their variety of luxurious drinks and snacks, they finally headed over to their second home.

• Ahh, I miss this smell. •

• I now do too, HOOT. •

It hadn't really been that long since Naell and Owly visited the library. Yet somehow, both of them were longing for it.

At times, Naell felt guilty for having brainwashed the young owl, yet when he thought about how Athena, Owly's mother was bookish herself, he could firmly reassure himself.

• It runs within the family. •

• What, HOOT? •

• Nothing… •

• Weirdo, HOOT. •


That was how Naell and Owly spent the rest of their day, or so they had wished.

• …Owly, something’s wrong. •

Naell's eyes wandered around him as he was alerted by a strong wave from his detection magic.

Before he and Owly could even enjoy the rustic feel of the books before them, both of them sensed the heavy pressure of multiple beings that were surely not welcome in the school.

What then followed were loud screeches and screams filling the buildings' shaken walls. Immediately Naell and Owly were alarmed.

Yet upon exiting the library, the odd sensation that permeated the air in an instant disappeared.

"Interference magic, HOOT."


Although they could no longer sense it, what still beheld their sight was terror that neither of them thought they would ever witness in such a place.