Chapter 8:

Preparation: A three day countdown


Three days left. Jack was still asking tons of questions, specially to Seril. “So then, why wouldn’t you—”, “Just shut up,” Seril signaled him. “Why should I continue telling you information that could bring my downfall?” he was obviously annoyed. “Then, let’s make a deal. You can ask any information about me, and I wouldn’t lie nor reject it, for every information you give me,” Seril thought for a moment, then agreed.

“Well then, that dude named Pablo, has he never fallen in love?”, it was unusual for Jack’s first question. “I’m fourteen!” said the dude named Pablo, who was looking out for them, instructed by Xadulo. “So what? I’m ten, and here I am, in the most blissful moment of my life!”, “Kid, fourteen is still too young. You’re still ten, so it might just be a little crush. You might not even know what love is!”, “Why, do you? No, right?” Pablo couldn’t response. “Silence means admittance,” Jack said. “So what if we’ve got four years of age gap? I’m quite clever myself.”

“How old is Xadulo?”, “12. Now, what is you’ve most hated food?”, “Jackfruit. Any chance you’ve fallen in love?”, “Never. Wait, why are we back in this topic?”, “Don’t the two of you think that love is a wonderful thing?” Jack said, as bright as the sun. “Nah. Love fucked many people. I might turn into one of those people, so no thanks,” Pablo said. “Oh, you, Jackie, will be turning into one of them when I win this duel. Xadulo said she’ll be the one granting it! I’ll wish for your misfortune, and ask to torture until you’d rather die,” Seril said, obviously wanting it badly. “Maybe you’re my love rival”, “Hell, no! anyone who falls for that Xadulo is…! Is what, actually?” Seril couldn’t even give an example because Jack was the first. “Still, isn’t this something girls should be talking about?” Pablo said, and Seril gasped. “Maybe Jackie’s a girl?!”

Two days left. “No, you hold it like this,” Seril showed how to properly fish. “Are you sure you’ll show off by impressing her, by courting her? We did agree to not fighting,” Seril asked. “It’s all or nothing”, “You’re risking too much. When you lose this tournament, you’ll lose you life—” Seril showed an evil, terrifying smile for a second. “I mean, your opportunity and even your love”, “I’ll be sure to win this. I haven’t opened up to anyone like this. If not for the sake of Xadulo, we wouldn’t be fishing right now,” Seril saw how serious Jack was. “So, why fishing?”, “Being able to find food for the maiden is a manly trait”, “Really?!”, “Yeah. Now, are you a defense person, or an offense?”, “Defense…” they continued fishing enough to feed the gang. “What’re planning to show off?” Seril asked. “Maybe flowers”, ‘I’m sure to win’ Seril thought. “And you?” Jack asked. Seril had hard time answering because he hasn’t had a plan. “…none, huh”, “YET! None yet…” Seril’s confidence was draining. By the end of the day, Seril run to Pablo. “Pablo, help!”

One day left. Seril was just chilling, when Jack came to ask for more questions. This time, Seril’s confidence was as high as the sky. ‘I’m sure to win’ he thought. Jack was continuous in asking, but Seril wasn’t listening. He finally halted the boy, and said, “Boy, tomorrow, for sure, you’ll end up lying in the river, dead,” he actually said it this time. “Cooking you isn’t bad cause you’re still young, but I bet you don’t taste too good because of your personality,” he said, still so high of himself. “…you are cannibals?!” he asked. “…you didn’t know?”, “Why do you eat humans?”, “They give more energy than simply pork or beef. History tales say ‘eat your own flesh, gain as twice the energy’ or something like that”, “What tale?!” Jack’s eyes were sparkling, which kind of terrified Seril. “Like hell I’d know! It’s what our parents said, and it’s apparently true!”, “Does it work when humans, instead of devil necromancers, do it?!”, “LIKE HELL I’D KNOW! I’ve never been a human! Wait, how many questions have you asked?!” the two unconsciously enjoyed their talk until sunset came. “So, what’s your card against me tomorrow?” Jack asked as his final question. Seril placed his standing index finger in front of his lips, closed one eye and said, “A quiz!” Seril was so excited about it. “And yours?” upon seeing Seril’s honesty in his eyes, Jack understood he’ll lose for the next day. He looked down sadly and said, “…nah, just some knowledge from my hometown.”