Chapter 37:

Chapter 37: Into the Depths


As I was picked up into the air, the others chased after me calling my name. I looked up to see a man with a bird-like face and realized some bird experiment took me. I tried to break free but his talons were deep into my shoulders, not to mention a fall from this height could injure me pretty badly. We kept going higher and higher; I had to think of a way to escape and safely get back on the ground. We had gotten so high up that I could see a lot of the island, all the different experiments fighting each other or hiding from the fights. I couldn’t see or hear my friends anymore, with all the destroyed buildings and rubble it’s possible they hit many obstacles in their way. The bird-man looked down at me and released his grip, trying to send me falling back down. But seconds after he let go, I grabbed his left ankle and started climbing up his body. His screech-like scream sounded as I dug my claws into his back; he tried to throw me off by spinning around but I grabbed his left wing and sank my teeth into the shoulder. He continued to get me off but I wouldn’t let go, then I noticed we started both falling back down. I could see the city getting closer. “YOU FOOL!” The bird-man screamed, “THE FALL WILL KILL US BOTH!!” As we got closer to the ground, I had to think quickly of a way to land safely then I noticed we were close to the ocean, so I pushed off of him and sent myself toward the water while the bird-man went crashing to a tall building.

I curled up into a ball and splashed into the water, my lower back shot with pain on impact but I was still okay. I swam back up to the surface, popping my head out of the water. Panting slightly, I took my hand and lightly touched one of the talon wounds; it stung but it wasn’t too bad so I began to swim back toward the island so I could try and find the others. As I did, I felt the sense that something was watching me. I looked around but couldn’t see anything, there were vibrations in the water that I could feel so I dove my head back in, and the moment I did a pair of hands grabbed my face and pulled me back under. I threw my hands frantically, but they were held down by something as was the rest of my body and I pulled further into the depths. I looked at who had captured me, it was another man, but when I looked from his torso down he had the tentacles of an octopus. I needed air…..AND FAST. I noticed one of the tentacles was flowing in front of my face, so I opened my mouth quickly and bit into it. The man yelped and released his grip on me, I broke free and started swimming back up to the surface but the man caught my leg and pulled me back down. “Don’t think you’re gettin’ away that easily,” The man said, “This is a test of survival, and only one of us can win.” I pointed at my throat, showing that I needed to go back up for air. “You need air, huh?” I nodded frantically, “Well…you’ll have to earn it.” He tackled me and started to swim back down, I couldn’t fight back, the water was slowing down my punches. The further down we went, I could feel this heavy pressure on my body, and my need for air became dire, I needed to do something….NOW! I struggled to get free, but this guy was strong and I knew he wasn’t going down easily.

Then something rammed into us, setting me free from the octopus guy’s grip. I looked around to see a woman attacking the octopus guy, from her torso down she had a tail like a dolphin and a dorsal fin on her back. As much as I wanted to keep watching, my air was little to none so I swam back up as fast as I could and burst my head out of the water taking a large exhale. I took deep breaths looking around for the shore, I was disappointed to see it was pretty far away. Guess we went further than I thought. I started swimming, keeping my eyes forward on the island. I didn't want to look back, but at the same time, I felt bad for leaving that girl all by herself to fight. I stopped and looked back and forth deciding whether or not to help. I can’t do much underwater, but I could at least try. Then again, I need to get back with my friends…..ugh, I don’t like having to decide. I thought about it for a few more seconds and then made up my mind, I turned back and went to help her. I dropped my head back in and started swimming back toward where she and the octopus guy were. As I was swimming, I saw something on my right coming at me at a fast speed. It was another man, his mouth open wide and when I got out of the way he bit down where my ribs would’ve been. He turned in confusion to see I had dodged his attack. “Oi, you know these waters are only for us sea experiments only, right?” I nodded, then he chuckled, “Then you must be pretty stupid because you’re a long way from land. Oh well, easy pickings for me.” He cracked his knuckles and got ready to attack again. I eyed him up and down to see what kind of animal he had. His tail was similar to that girl’s but broader, he had a dorsal fin like her too but his teeth were all sharp and pointed. He must’ve been a shark, a Great White shark wouldn’t be shocking. I knew I wasn’t getting myself out of this one, so I held my breath more than I did before and got ready for his attack. He burst forward, giving me barely any time to block his punch. I was pushed back and he charged at me again, this time I threw a punch but because of being underwater made it low and he dodged my attack and socked me in the gut with full force. I almost opened my mouth but kept it closed, then he swam to the side and slammed my back with both his hands. I flew forward, flailing my arms and legs to try and stop myself. Once I did, he continued his attack but this time I knew what to do. I pulled back my fist and threw it a few seconds before he was close, then when he got closer my fist connected with his jaw. He was pushed back to the side and I swam a few inches back. I figured if I throw my attacks a few seconds earlier they should connect if he’s distracted.

He rubbed his jaw and looked at me with a smirk, “Not bad, friend,” He said, “But consider that you’re only shot.” He swam toward me rearing a punch, so I got ready to block it but instead, he flipped around and smacked my face with the end of his tail, then he flipped back and sank his teeth into my right arm. He started tossing his head around, throwing my body around in the process. If I didn’t act fast, he would’ve torn my arm off but there was nothing I could do. Just then, someone punched the shark guy in the face, releasing his grip on my arm, and then I pulled that arm away from the shark man. I looked at who did it and it was that dolphin girl. She swam pretty fast, even while dragging me. I turned to see the shark guy catching up to us, I looked back at the girl who was keeping her eyes forward. Then she raised me up and threw me out of the water and back onto the sand of the beach. “Stay, I’ll be back.” She said, but before I could respond she was pulled into the water by the shark guy. I looked into the water to see where they went, but couldn’t find them. A few minutes later I could see red coming up the water…my face went pale. I was almost ready to jump back in, but then the dolphin girl popped her head back up. She sighed and began swimming toward me, I watched her with a surprised look on my face. “That was some fun, huh?” She asked with a chuckle. “Uhhh, yeah. Thanks for helping me…twice.” I responded. “Ahhh don’t sweat it, we are friends after all.” “W-We are?” “Well sure! I love making new friends and anyone I see is a friend o’ mine.” “Wow, you’re really nice. But wait…then why did you attack the octopus and shark guy?” “Easy, I was keeping them from hurting you. See, while I think everyone is my friend I also know who my enemies are. It sounds weird, I know, but trust me.” I sat on the beach and let out a long sigh, “Well, you did save me, so I do trust you.” I told her. “Awesome! So…what were you doin’ in the ocean anyways?” She asked. “A bird experiment picked me up and I broke free and then landed in the water.” “Woooow a bird, octopus, and a shark. You must be pretty popular to get attacked so often.” I chuckled, “Ever since I came out that seems to be the case.” “So what’re you planning on doing now?” She asked. “First, I need to find my other friends. Then, we’re going to try and stop this whole thing.” She turned her head in confusion, “Stop this entire test thing? Why?” “Because we shouldn’t be fighting each other. Most of the experiments are captives that were sent here against their will by people who made us. And I plan to fix that.” Her eyes gleamed, “Ouuu, so you’re planning, like, a revolution?! I LIKE IT!” “N-No. Well I mean..maybe. Look, I just want all experiments to be free and not have to be held like prisoners.” She stretched her head, showing her bloodied knuckles, “If that’s your plan, then I can help ya.” I looked at her, surprised, “You will?” “Uh yeah, that’s what friends do.” I smiled, “Thank you, with any luck, we can end all of this before something terrible happens.” “You mean like death? Ehhh I’m pretty sure some people are already dead, but hey if you wanna try and stay positive then I won’t rain on your parade.” What she said might be true, but she’s also right in the fact that I’m trying to think about it too much. “Alright then! Guess I’ll be off to spread the word of your righteous revolution!” “I wouldn't call it that, but I guess whatever works.” The dolphin girl began to swim away from the shore, “Oh yeah! You got a name I could use when I talk about ya?” She called out. “Ferral!” I replied. “Ferral? Wow, sweet name! Till we meet again, friend Ferral!!” She drove her head into the water and was gone from my sight.