Chapter 25:



Makoasis. One of the most popular theme parks in the world not owned by the Kidney Foundation. With its thirty square miles of primarily water-based attractions, people the world over came here year-round to cool off from the scorching heat.

Even combining the three parks they’d been through already, Frankie and Katie hadn’t even come close to exploring such a massive plot of land. Katie didn’t know where to start. Frankie was much too busy looking past this overwrought park, dazing off as she rested her eyes on the clouds above. It was the hottest, brightest day of the season- and all around them, the noise of the visitors’ chatter burned just as much.

Katie didn’t mind any of this. Shaking off her paralyzed indecision, she ran right away to the nearest draw- a wave pool the size of a football field.

“This way! This way!” She hooked onto her sister’s tired wrist.


“Check it out! It’s like our own private ocean!” She pushed through the families and lines for other rides spilling over into the central street.

“Hardly private….”

Katie stopped in her tracks.

“Oh, wait. We don’t have swimsuits!”

Frankie groaned.

“To the giftshop we go!”

Before she knew it, Frankie was having different sets of swimwear held in front of her by her big sis in a damp, salty-smelling megastore.

“Just pick me one… as long as it doesn’t show too much.”

“Aw, are you sad there’s no Percy swimsuit?”

“As if there would be. Is that what you’re going with?” She eyed the fancy purple thing already folded in her arms.

“Mhm! It’s nice, yeah?”

“Looks expensive…”

“I can… uh, cover it!”

“Just how much money did that bald eagle give you…?”

“A… little… bit.” Her pupils fell to the ground.

“Seems more like a lot.”

“Okay, so he gave me a ton! But we have to be smart with it. This money is to make us happy! And to accomplish my dream!”

“You could file basically any purchase you felt like under that.”

“Then so be it! I'm a smart girl, I can make my own financial decisions. But if there’s anything you want at all, just let me know! Anything for my little sis~” She waved the suits she was comparing up to Frankie as the poor lass sighed.

“Just pick me my suit already…”

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