Chapter 14:

Deneb's village: Meeting its people


Deneb took the lead. From outside the village, people who were able to witness him come shouted “Deneb has returned!” what tailed him weren’t boars or moose, like the previous ones, but a group of young people. They questioned it at first, but when Xadulo, who came last, showed herself, everyone was shocked. As they marched through the village, the people started moving to the side. There were faces of fear, shock, and amazement, but everyone was dead silent. They climbed the tallest hill, where the room of the chief can be found.

Deneb knocked, and then heard a “Come in”. When he opened the door, he made a cool entrance. But it didn’t last because five heads of fools peeked through the gaps. “Deneb. Who are these people you have brought?” asked the big man, who was facing his back on them. “These are… my friends,” he explained. 

“How many times should I tell you? We don’t need—” he turned his head, and was frozen when he saw one of head of fools fits the description of the rumored Angelic Demon. That instant, Deneb got promoted as vice-chief, and the successor when the boss, Centauri, dies or retires.

The happenings were too fast that Deneb couldn’t keep up. By noon, his head was hot from all the thinking. He sat by the side as Xadulo was comforting him, and Jack was offering him water. “My brother is a fool…” he thought. 

“Well, now that you got the attention you wanted, will you go full blown?” she asked. He couldn’t say that he wanted to join them in their adventures. “How about you? What are you gonna do for now?”, “I guess I’ll seek for more reactions. That was the first time seeing a village chief react to my appearance! It was fun!”, “Realize that you’re mocking him, right?” but Xadulo just laughed at it.

Like she said, she did start approaching random people to see their reactions. Deneb decided to stay 2 meters behind Xadulo to see things better. He enjoyed the people’s interactions with her, and when they start to think she is harmless. The villagers also ask if they’re friends or something, and Deneb answers kindly. 

“This village is great! We might stay here for years,” Xadulo said. “What were you planning, anyway?”, “Many, many, many things! Most of them are just not doable to the human world. I’ve got more capability in land of my home, after all,” she said joyfully, as she balances above the fences by the corn fields. “Mind telling even just one?”, “Creating a big part of history,” it ran chills in Deneb’s nerves. It’s frightening, but he didn’t find danger much in it, somehow. “What a wish,” he complimented.

Xadulo jump off the fence when she saw a three to four years old girl with her mother. “I was once this small!” she sat in front of her and adored her. “Everyone was,” Deneb sighed. Xadulo tried talking to the girl, but she showed she didn’t like her. Even the mother was worried something might happen. “Please don’t worry, ma’am. I don’t harm the intriguing,” the mother was confused. 

“My apologies, ma’am, please excuse this friend of mine, but please rest assured,” the mother was able to calm for a bit. Everyone knows Deneb loved the village, and he wouldn’t bring harm to its people. Xadulo tried to talk to the girl again, but she just didn’t like Xadulo. She stood and said, “Well, what a shame,” with a different tone.

She glared at the girl. Then suddenly, blood spurted out from her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. When the mother saw her child like this, she screamed. But she also met the same fate her child encountered. What was before Deneb worse and most horrific murder he had ever seen. He was left speechless upon the horror before him. 

Xadulo turned her back and started walking. Deneb followed her and asked, “What… were you thinking?!” Xadulo stopped to reply. “The usual thing I think of. ‘I don’t harm the intriguing’,” she said with a cold stare. Seeing those eyes as cold as what they look like, as cold as gems, Deneb thought of only one thing: I don’t want to die.

“Say, what kind of rumors about me spread in this world?” Deneb hesitatively replied: “You were an unusual child who was when born, demons and creatures gather around your home. Many believed it was because of your great power. That was why despite being totally useless, people still buy you, expecting something. Then suddenly, people started saying you were dead because you totally disappeared in this world. Since then, the rumors died, and only continued believing,” he was sweating, afraid of every word he says. 

“I see. Then, do you know what kind of rumors spread about me in the human world?” Deneb shook his head. “‘A human-shaped demon appeared, with skin as white clouds and hair as shiny as silk. Her eyes have different souls, and she burns villages down in the cold. Once you see this girl’…”