Chapter 15:

Farhood Village's decline: Freedom and Selfishness


The group hid the victims’ bodies, and none had yet found they were missing. Deneb’s mind was all messed up. The six had been discussing things, but Deneb can’t hear them at all. He knows he decided to follow this group over his village, and that was why everything was fucked up. Deneb’s love for the village was nothing but inheritance from his late father, and never actually wished for it. Yet he was convincing himself it was what he wanted the most in the world. In following after these people, he found he can be happy, like all chosen four. He was thinking: should he leave the village which had been a burden to him ever since he was born? Or become selfish and follow what he wants?

That night, the father of the girl came out and said his family was not yet home. At the same time, Xadulo was opening the chest of the girl to show to everyone how she killed them. 

“My wife and child! I couldn’t find them anywhere!”, “Notice, here, the heart gets detached from the veins first…” he was panicking, asking anyone he encounters for help. “Please, have you seen my child?”, “…then after a detachment, it explodes,” Xadulo picked the small tissues, explaining it was a piece of the heart. 

“Should we notify the chief?!”, “I do that by simply manipulating the demon soul inside the heart and go berserk”, “Over here, mister! I saw them earlier here, talking to the Angelic demon!”

“Once it loses itself, it tries to escape the heart, then BOOM!”, “Piles of blood?! When did this appeared here?!”

“The veins are detached, yet blood still come out here, and here”, “Something like this never happened until that girl came!”

“Notice, there’s a pump here, if we slice it, it’s actually blood which couldn’t escape”, “Did they do this?! Let’s ambush them!”

“I don’t know if I can teach you how to do this, but can you spot where the demon is?” all five shook their heads. “Then, I guess it’s just me and Carnelia,” she said in disappointment.

Not a while after, they heard shouts people outside the shelter, threatening they’ll burn the hut. Xadulo peeked out of the window, and the people started saying their complains. After hearing it for a while, Xadulo’s little noticeable inhale made the people quiet. She blew like how one would blow a candle, then all fire in torches died out. Darkness ate the place. Then, people suddenly started grunting, which made the people confused in the dark. Xadulo blew once more, all the extinguished torches lit up again. There were ¼ of the group remaining standing, as all others had their hearts explode.

These remaining men are apparently the bravest men of the village. “Try me,” Xadulo said. They all tried to attacked, but their body started melting, and all that fell on the ground started rotting. These men cried in agony until their last cry. All that remained alive was the bravely clever one. Xadulo was happy like a child when she saw the only remaining man. “Found him! Hey, dude, let’s play! Centauri!”

It caught Deneb’s attention and ran to the window. “Brother…”, “How could you do this to our village? Deneb,” Centauri said with fierce eyes. “Is this the scene that you said you wanted?” Deneb wore pain in his face. Carnelia came too close to him, almost as if hugging him, and whispered in his ear ‘you always wanted to put yourself before the people, like what you did when I killed the child and the mother. So, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes’ in a very seductive tone. “Answer me!”, “Yes, it was!” he shouted with all might. Carnelia stepped away after hearing what she wanted to hear.

 “I wanted everyone out of my face! I didn’t want this village blocked me away from my dream!” Centauri was shocked. “What is your dream?” Deneb hesitated at first, but he shouted it anyways. “To explore the world…!” Centauri was satisfied. “Fine. Angelic demon! Come and get me!” Xadulo was so excited.

She came out excitedly, like when a child is permitted to play. Jumping on the pool of blood, like how a child would jump on a pool of mud. She was laughing childishly, like how a child would laugh when their dog licks their face. There, Deneb saw: the world can be Xadulo’s toy.

Laughing happily, Xadulo killed the village’s strongest man with ease. It just as if stepping on a fallen flower petal. Now that Centauri’s dead, Xadulo was bored again. “Creatures should multiply more for me,” she said while sitting on Centauri’s cold body. The moment Xadulo stood, the muscles of his body started growing like balloons. For every step Xadulo make, the body gets bigger and bigger. She ran inside in excitement and whispered, “Do you guys want a dragon?” T

the corpse released its air, that sounded like a big monster. “Guess where it’s leaking from!” Xadulo held everyone close. “…the asshole!” Deneb said in amazement. “Now let’s get out of here! The gas is suffocating!” they all laughed (except for Carnelia) as they ran. Far enough, they saw the corpse explode without being affected. The blood glowed, and the flesh burned into sparks, like a gigantic firework. For a moment, Deneb forgot that was his brother’s body and let himself drown in the unbearable happiness he was feeling.

He was relieved knowing he doesn’t have to go back there every time he goes in an expedition. Knowing he wouldn’t be lectured for every imperfection he made. Knowing he can have fun with his life. He was weirdly glad with everyone.