Chapter 1:


Colourland Series 4: Alice and the Smithsons

Chapter 7

Alice, Easeion's Villainess

Meanwhile Easeion was talking with Alice.

" Alice, I will make sure that there will be stuff stolen for you " said Easeion.

" I know I can make sure it happens "

" What do you plan to do ? " asked Alice.

" I will request it to the organization " said Easeion. " We should steal other stuff as well "

" It is important to the organization "

" Easeion, you have been the villain that I need " said Alice.

" It is very special "

" I have been that villain for a reason, just like you have been that villainess for me " said Easeion.

" I am so happy about this "

" I love you in the way that a villainess should " said Alice.

" We must show that we now are together " said Easeion.

" It must be done "

" True " said Alice.

Easeion then kissed Alice, she was very happy about it and then returned the favour after.

Easeion then headed to meet with his father, Brett.

" Easeion, my son what brings you here ? " asked Brett.

" It is about Alice, she wants certain things stolen " said Easeion.

" What type of things ? " asked Brett.

" Lipstick, soap, shampoo, hair products " said Easeion.

" I see " said Brett. " We will need to find one of those drugstores "

" They may be at other stores, but the corner stores probably not " said Easeion.

" We should still take from them though "

" Yes, the organization always needs more " said Brett.

" I am glad that you and my sons and I am glad that Tara is my daughter "

" I am glad to see that " said Easeion.

Brett and Easeion shook hands then hugged.

Bill and Tara were talking with each other.

" You ready to get out there " said Tara.

" I most certainly am " said Bill.

" Easeion must be avenged, I must be the brother that he has wanted me to be "

" I will be a great brother "

" We need stuff stolen as well " said Tara.

" That is something that is for sure " said Bill.

" Crayon and his friends will fall down " said Tara.

" Hahahahaha " said Bill.

" Hahahahaha " said Tara.

" The Smithsons rule this place " said Bill. " Crayon's going down, he will regret ever angering Easeion "

" That is so true " said Tara.

" Yeah, we will make sure he is taken down for sure " said Bill.

Everyone went to bed and morning came, where Crayon and his friends were resting.

Allie had arrived to visit, Crayon woke up.

" So I heard you all won the fight " said Allie.

" They sure did " said Challenger.

" We did " said Crayon.

" Colourea's new attacks did so much "

" It is great to see " said Allie.

" These attacks will continue getting stronger "

" We must heal up, but you can continue training " said Challenger.

" I will do so, I think about how Warbler is doing " said Allie.

" He will take time, but he should be okay " said Challenger.

" Good to see " said Allie.

" It is " said Crayon.

Time continued to pass and then Alice, Bill and Tara then headed out at night to steal with Bear members.

" It really has been a while for this " said Bill.

" It is good " said Tara.

" Easeion is the man, we must do what is good for him "

" I think about Easeion a lot, I will keep doing so " said Alice.

" He truly is great "

" Yes, he sure is " said Bill.

" I am happy he is my brother "

" Me as well " said Tara.

Alice then saw a woman and then she fired off the Ultimate Darkness Blast knocking her out. The Bear members took the purse and the shopping bags.

Bear members were attacking people and knocking them to the ground and they took wallets, knapsacks and necklaces.

Bear members then headed towards this drugstore.

They then rushed the clerk and then knocked him out.

They then took shampoo, lipstick, soap, deodorant, money, gift cards, vodka and whisky.

They met with other Bear members who robbed a corner store which they took money, gum, protein bars, lottery tickets, smokes and a wallet.

They then saw another Bear member who had stolen a phone and a wallet.

Bear members then were on a rampage just attacking everyone around the area and they took wallets, phones and purses.

" We should head back to the hideout " said Bill.

" Yes " said Tara.

" Yeah, let's go " said Alice.

Bill, Tara, Alice and the Bear members then headed with all their stolen stuff to the hideout where they were greeted by Brett and Whites.

" Glad to see you all back here " said Brett.

" Let's see what was stolen "

" Money, phones, wallets, purses, vodka, whisky, smokes, gum, protein bars, gift cards, lipstick, shampoo, soap and deodarant "

" Excellent to see, this is so much "

" Yes, this is a good day for the organization " said Whites.

" It really is " said Melissa.

" The Bear really is a force to be reckoned with "

' Yeah, the Bear is great " said Xax.

" Alice, we will give you the lipstick, hair products and soap " said Brett.

" Thanks, I am glad to see what Easeion did " said Alice.

" It is nice "

" I am happy "

" You are all dismissed " said Brett.

They all went to their areas in the hideout.

More days passed, Bear members continued training their abilities.

Allie and Challenger did some training of their own as well.

Whites and Melissa were talking.

" Melissa, I have trained so hard " said Whites.

" Glad to see " said Melissa.

" It was great to see a lot of people robbed " said Whites.

" It sure was, haha " said Melissa.

" We are getting very strong " said Whites.

" I admire you " said Melissa.

" Thanks " said Whites.

" You are quite strong as well, I am glad that it just us here for the arrangement "

It is " said Melissa.

" I like seeing this "

" Same here " said Whites.

Melissa then hugged Whites.

More time continued passing, Crayon and his friends were ready to leave.

" Glad to be better " said Crayon.

" It is great to see Warbler is better " said Allie.

" Thanks, I missed you " said Warbler.

" Bakers have wanted us to be healed, they bake for our health " said Artby.

" They care about our health so much, I feel so healthy just thinking about a baker "

" Just thinking about a baker ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes, I think about bakers so much " said Artby.

" Customers do that "

" Do they ? " asked Colourea.

" They sure do, customers love the baker " said Artby.

" Customers understand what it means to bake "

" They help bakers "

" What does it mean to bake ? " asked Allie.

" It means to care about the mouth of the customer, bakers understand my mouth " said Artby.

" Bakers understand our mouths by respecting our taste buds with tasty bread "

" They have treated my mouth so good and have treated it the way it should be "

' It is wonderful "

" Treated your mouth ? " asked Challenger.

" Challenger, have you ever thought about the way a baker cares about your mouth ? " asked Artby.

" No, I have not " said Challenger.

" We should get bread " said Artby.

" Bakers must be thinking about how I have not purchased from the bakery "

" My purchases mean a lot to the baker, bakers understand my purchases and how I care about the baker "

" Let's go " said Allie.

They arrived at the bakery, Artby was very happy to see bakers again.

" I love bakers " said Artby.

I missed seeing baking like this "

Artby thanked all the bakers like usual and they got their bread and left.

" This bread looks great " said Warbler.

" Bakers have cared for my mouth so much, I am happy to see that " said Artby.

" The baker to customer relationship stays strong with a customer like me "

" Stays strong ? " asked Warbler.

" Yes, my purchases have helped a lot with that " said Artby. " I want to keep being that kind of customer "

" Uh, glad to see " said Colourea.

" It means a lot " said Artby.

" We should head off " said Warbler.

" See you " said Allie.

" Bye " the rest of them said.

Warbler and Allie headed to their place and they went inside.

" This bread looks great " said Warbler.

" It sure does " said Allie.

Warbler and Allie enjoyed eating the bread.

Warbler and Allie enjoyed being with each other and they hugged each other.

Challenger then headed to his place, Crayon and his friends arrived at their place.

" Glad to be back here " said Colourea.

" Same here " said Crayon.

" It is great to see " said Colouruke.

" Especially with all this tasty bread " said Artby.

They then ate.

They started hearing about the attacks.

" The Bear must be stopped " said Crayon.

" We really need to beat their next members " said Colourea.

" So many people are getting hurt and robbed from this " said Colouruke.

" Yeah " said Artby.

" We need to keep training and eating bread "

Time continued to pass and then Crayon kissed Colourea.

Nighttime was about to come and they all went to bed.

Bill and Tara had robbed more people again and got wallets, necklaces and a phone while Bear members had stolen tons of smokes, gum, headphones and lottery tickets.

Brett was happy to s a good idea to me " said Colourea.

They then headed to their usual spot in Colourland.

" We should begin, the bakers want us super strong " said Artby. " Bakers always want stronger customers just in case a fight must happen "

" Bakers must be allowed to bake at all times "

" Uh, yeah " said Allie.

Crayon and Colourea used the Heatwave Implosion, Colouruke used the Ocean Implosion, Artby used the Sun Implosion while Warbler and Allie used the Sky Implosion.

" Nice " said Colouruke.

I can now use the Heatwave Implosion which is great " said Crayon.

" We can both use it, imagine the power of combining them together " said Colourea.

" Bakers will feel safer baking " said Artby.

" I am the type of customer who wants the baker safe "

" Type of customer ? " asked Warbler.

" Yes, I want to be a customer that cares about the baker, loves the baker, buys for the baker and respects the baker " said Artby.

" It seems to mean a lot to you " said Allie.

" We should continue our training, bakers want that " said Artby.

Crayon used the Ultimate Bird Blast, Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast, Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Blast, Artby used the Ultimate Sun Blast while Warbler and Allie used their Ultimate Sky Blasts.

" Very good " said Colouruke.

" We are getting very strong with our blasts " said Warbler.

" Bakers will be so happy that we can defend baking super good " said Artby.

" Let's use our bombs now " said Crayon.

" Sounds good to me " said Allie.

Crayon and Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Bomb, Colouruke used the Ultimate Ocean Bomb, Artby used the Ultimate Sun Bomb while Warbler and Allie used the Ultimate Sky Bomb.

" Awesome " said Allie.

" Glad to be able to use these heatwave attacks " said Crayon.

" Bakers like that " said Artby.

" Bakers know of how strong we are, we can make sure they can bake no matter what happens "

" We should use our strikes " said Warbler.

" Sounds good to me " said Allie.

" Bakers want us to strike down our opponents " said Artby.

Crayon used the Tenfold Bird Strike, Colourea used the Tenfold Heatwave Strike, Colouruke used the Tenfold Ocean Strike, Artby used the Tenfold Sun Strike while Warbler and Allie used their Tenfold Sky Strikes.

" Great " said Colouruke.

" Bakers have wanted me tough " said Artby.

" Tough ? " asked Colourea.

" Yes, they want their customers like this " said Artby.

" Bakers love it, they can bake better knowing that they will not get hurt "

" I love seeing bakers not getting hurt "

" I can understand that, we should head to the bakery " said Crayon. " I learned some great techniques, we all did great today "

" Let's go " said Allie.

Meanwhile, Bear members were outside a bakery.

" We should find them like this " said the first member.

" Yes " said the second member.

" The organization needs us jumping people, we must fucking do that " said the third member.

" We'll jump Crayon real good " said the fourth member.

Crayon and his friends then were hit by Bear members.

" Hahaha " said the first Bear member.

" What the " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, we got you good " said a second Bear member.

" We will fight " said Colourea.

" Bakers want us buying bread, I'll kick your asses for the baker " said Artby. " I won't let anyone stop my purchases "

" Time to fight " said Allie.

The Bear members then used their Darkness Strikes but Allie and Warbler used their Ultimate Sky Blasts to deflect and everyone took damage.

The Bear members then used their Darkness Bombs while Artby used his Ultimate Sun Bomb which was too strong.

" Aaaaaah " said a Bear member.

" When tasty bread is available, I'll keep fighting " said Artby.

" Bread needs to go inside my mouth "

Two Bear members remained, while the other three were defeated.

" The baker understands my mouth, my mouth

has been respected by their baking " said Artby.

Allie then fired up the Ultimate Sky Blast while Crayon used the Ultimate Bird Bomb which combined into a super powerful aerial bomb which defeated the rest of the Bear members.

" Glad we won " said Allie.

" Let's get bread, bakers need my purchases " said Artby.

They went inside the bakery and got their bread, Artby thanked every baker.

" This looks great " said Artby.

" It sure does " said Warbler.

" We used our moves a lot today so I'm happy about that " said Allie.

" We need it, the next Bear members will be tough " said Colouruke.

" That is for sure " said Colourea.

" We will head to our place " said Warbler.

" See you " said Allie.

" Bye " the other four said.

Meanwhile, Easeion had heard about the Bear members who did not succeed in jumping Crayon and his friends.

" It really is a shame, I wanted that motherfucker jumped " said Easeion. " He would be a sad motherfucker which is what I wanted to see "

" Still seeing him being cockblocked was a very good experience "

" We will continue robbing people, the organization must keep it up "

" I love the Bear "

" I won't stop "

Currently Brett was with Whites.

" We should have Easeion with Alice for stealing tonight " said Brett.

" I think that Alice would be really happy about that " said Whites.

" She sure has seemed happy around him " said Brett. " When you are with a Smithson, it really is good "

" Well the Smithsons have done so much for us, the only sad thing is my cousin not being here to enjoy it with us " said Whites.

" Yes, Blackina as well but that is how things had to be sadly " said Brett.

" It is, Blackin will never be forgotten " said Whites.

" He's the man "

" He has done so much "

Time continued to pass, Crayon and his friends had their supper which they enjoyed.

" Bakers are the people that have cared for my mouth " said Artby.

" Cared for your mouth ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes, bakers have cared with bread for my mouth, they have respected my taste buds when others did not "

" Others did not ? " asked Colourea.

" Yeah, not everyone respected my taste buds " said Artby.

" Crayon, the bakers have treated your taste buds with their baking "

" It is what bakers want, they get your taste buds "

" Bakers have truly loved them, they have shown love "

" Artby " said Colouruke.

" Yes Colouruke ? " asked Artby.

" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, you know me " said Artby.

" You know my taste buds and how loved they are by bakers "

" Bread is their way of showing their love towards the customer and their taste buds "

" I am so lost " said Crayon.

" Bakers get your taste buds, they care about your mouth Crayon " said Artby.

" They get his taste buds ? " asked Colourea.

Yeah, they get all of ours, they bake for my mouth " said Artby.

" They bake for our mouths, they love our mouths " They love them with baking "

" Our mouths have been so well loved "

" They get all of our taste buds and our mouths are well loved ? " asked Colourea.

" Yes, they understand because they get the baker to customer relationship " said Artby.

Time continued to pass and they all went to bed, Crayon kissed Colourea for a bit before that.