Chapter 2:

The Worst Day of My Life (Part 2)

The Grim Reaper of Chaos and Destruction is Real and Can Hurt Me!

And that’s how I ended up in an isekai.

…Just kidding.

The car didn’t even hit me, but part of me wondered if it did, and I had been sent to hell.

After what I just witnessed, my jaw would’ve probably hit the floor had I been a cartoon character.

But I wasn’t.

Sinful Shadow, however, was closer to being one than me.

And yet here he was, flesh and blood, standing in front of me asking if I was hurt as I held onto a stranger’s little dog for dear life.

“...Y-You… Can’t be……… Are you…?”

I could hear my voice tremble as I fumbled for words, unsure if this was just some sick joke from a cosplayer that was somehow familiar with my unpublished, personal work from middle school.


Although, now that I think of it…

It’s not like my design was too original in the first place.

I just took bits and pieces from every anime character I thought was cool at the time and made my own chimera of edginess.

Admittedly, I went overboard with the bandages and the belts and… everything.

So more than likely, this kid wasn’t cosplaying my character at all.


He said, then proceeded to cover half of his face with his hand.

“Hehe. I see. Of course you wouldn’t know me. I move through the darkness, like a shadow, like the echo of nightfall—”


The lady with the dog’s matching raincoat suddenly yelled at us, and all I saw behind this kid’s back were a pair of headlights coming in at full speed, tires screeching as the driver hit the brakes to avoid killing us.

It couldn’t stop on time because of the rain, and as it swerved around I saw it hit the edgy kid at full speed, pushing him away like a baseball hitting a home run faster than light.

“Holy shit!?”

Thankfully the car skidded to a full stop before it reached me, no doubt cushioned by that hit, so I rushed to pick my now sober ass off the ground, staggering as I held onto the dog.

I ran to the sidewalk as fast as I could to where the cosplayer had been sent flying, handed the dog to that woman, then rushed to check on the kid.

His unconscious body was lying halfway on the other side of the sidewalk.

“Hey! Are you alright!?”

I knelt next to him, shaking his shoulders and examining his body for injuries.

His eyes were closed, and he didn’t answer.

It was too dark and rainy and his clothes were all black, so it was hard to tell if he was bleeding or not.

I could hear behind me the woman with the dog calling an ambulance.

The two drivers were also discussing the situation from afar.

The little dog wouldn’t stop barking.

The rain felt loud in my eardrums, and my glasses were so foggy I could barely see.

It was chaos.

It was destruction.

But it was also somewhat… Exciting.

…Wait, I shouldn’t think that, huh.

This was a very real, very ugly situation we were in right now.

This kid came out of nowhere and now he’s unconscious; regardless of who he really is, he saved my life without question.

I couldn’t simply leave him here all alone after that. I owed him.

I’ve never been in a situation like this before, so I wasn’t sure if it was safe to move him, or lift his head, but at least I felt like I had to check if he was still alive.

Man, what a horrible thing to do.

My body was pumping adrenaline like crazy, and the loud, cold downpour wasn’t really helping in any way.

I reached my hand to his face, hesitantly.

I moved the dark bangs away from his forehead, and just as I thought, he was wearing an eyepatch right under it. 

Exactly like him.

I groaned.

“Come on, kid… You can’t die right now. I have a ton of questions for you…”

But he didn’t answer.

A loud crash of thunder rumbled in the sky.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.


I gasped, feeling my heart race again. But before I could say another word, he sprung to his feet as if nothing had happened.

“H-Hey, take it easy!”

I reached my hand up to him to signal him to stay put, but all he did was look around quickly with his head from side to side, as if looking for something.

That’s when I noticed the blood coming from his chest.

“Where is it!? Where’s Soul Killer!?”

He didn’t seem to notice, and was still frantically looking all around for something.

“I don’t think you should be moving— ...Ah.”

…Wait a sec.

Soul Killer?

I know that name.

…No way.

That’s the edgy name I gave to Sinful Shadow’s scythe, isn’t it?!

My stomach turned immediately.

“The ambulance is on its way now,” said the lady with the dog, but I barely heard her.

I was staring up at this kid as he tried to squint through the rain and the dark looking for the weapon he used to slice the car in half.

“H-Hey… You’re bleeding, you shouldn’t move so much…”

“What?” He snapped his head to look at me, surprised.

He quickly started touching from his stomach upwards, until he reached his chest. When he felt the wound, he pulled his hand away from himself and raised it.

His eyes went wide.

He was trembling at the sight of blood on his palm, as if scared.

“N-No… How could this… be?”

It looked like he was about to cry, or scream, or… ah.

No, no. 

What was it again?

There was something

I made Sinful Shadow do something at the sight of blood, but I can’t remember what…

“Hah… Hahaha…”

He started laughing. And it was slowly growing darker and more maniacal.


Now I remember. I made him go crazy at the sight of his own blood!

He’d go berserk and attack the enemy, but there was no enemy here, it was an accident!

If this truly was Sinful Shadow, there’s no way this could end well.

I quickly rose to my feet.

He slapped his bloody hand on his face, laughing behind it.

I felt like dying at the cringe.


He didn’t listen. His laughter slowly grew louder. He lifted his head to the sky, still covering his face as he did, his other arm wide open as if embracing the darkness that was about to devour him.

The drivers from all the cars involved and the lady with the dog looked at us with concern, and I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment.


I called to him again, but he didn’t stop laughing.


More evil laughter.

I could feel the lady walking closer. I was not ready to get involved with a weirdo, but I also couldn’t leave him alone yet, so I took a deep breath before yelling.



His laughter stopped.

He was frozen in place.

And before he could look at me, or question me, or before anyone else approached us, I did something bad.

With my hand as a dagger I poked him right on his wound.

He groaned loudly before collapsing again, probably from the pain.

I caught him before he hit the pavement, scared out of my wits that I might have killed him with that little stunt.

In the distance, I could hear the sirens of the ambulance approaching.

Nika Zimt
Steward McOy