Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

System: Overload

Contemplating the encounter I just had, I made my way home. As I turned the corner to the street where my house was I recognized a familiar figure standing on the pathway that leads up to the door. I for one recognized this figure. Her name was Sophy. Just like always she seemed to notice my presence. I swear sometimes it seemed like she had some sort of super sense.

“Aaron, my Mom wants to know if you’re coming over for dinner tonight?”

“Sorry I'm going to be trying out that game everyone plays.”

“No way you're going to try out Overworld Online, why didn't you tell me sooner I could've jump started on making a new account to play and show you around.”

“Well I didn't want to take up your time y'know going to that high class school of yours id think you wouldn't be all that interested in.”

In truth I just didn't want her to know because I knew she would instantly clear up her schedule to fit me in and I don't want to take any time she puts toward her stream oh right guess I should introduce her in greater detail Sophia aka Sophy is my friend from way back when or so i'm told we always hang out at her house. One day I accidentally walked in on her doing a IRL stream before that I never even considered honor roll student Sophia would touch a game let alone make a semi career out of it. Anyways can't have her know I wasn't trying to take away her time knowing she'd probably tease me to the ends of the earth for a reason like that.

“What do you mean not interested? You know how much I love Overworld Online. I mean my entire stream is dedicated to that game, you know that.”

“Fine it was because whenever we play online you're always bombarded by your fans. It kinda makes it hard to play when we have so many people coming over to take screenshots.”

Hopefully this excuse gets me out of further questioning. Honestly it has become a problem lately so she should understand.

“That's why I said I'll make a new account go incognito y'know besides knowing you you probably just don't want to waste my time hanging out with you saying I should spend more time focusing on streaming but even I need to break away from the camera every once and awhile.”

There was no getting out of this even though I knew that much by now I had no choice but to concede.

"Fine, fine you win so how should we do this I mean I have no idea how to meet up or what to do?"

"Don't worry all new players get a tutorial when they first login as for where to meet up go to the guild in the starting town. It's the most prominent building aside from the church."

"OK, what time are you diving in? I have some things to do around my house so I'll drop in around 5."

"Since you're going in at 5 guess I'll go some 30 minutes after though because of the acceleration system you'll probably be pretty well acquainted with the combat system by the time I go in."

"Got it, guess I'll see you later then tell your mom I said hi and thanks for the offer but I'll have to take a raincheck today."

“Alright see you then tell Kass I said hi as well.”

With those parting words we went our separate ways for the day. Usually everyday feels almost monotonous but today has felt oddly different from the days of the past either way I felt strangely excited to start playing but first gotta clean up.