Chapter 0:



Dreams are made by the brain when the person is sleeping, they are complex imagery created through memories and desires. They differ from person to person, sometimes they occur on a random basis. The dreamer in question may become aware of the dream they are in and can manage to control most aspects of the dream, one may call this lucid dreaming. in some circumstances, some dreamers may experience future events. Though it has a massive drawback, most precognitive dreams are always blurry, some details are left out and you don't know when it will happen. Most Pre-cognitive dreams will just be forgotten when the dreamer wakes up, they won't remember the dream until the scenario in their dream occurs and they will feel unexplained familiarity and they call it deja vu.

Some people believe that dreams are the doorway to the other world but scientist disagrees with them and it sparked a debate. In the end, the science community won by a landslide, and the debate ended but some still held their beliefs about dreams and went on research on their own.

Most of the time, life is quite eventful, it's full of mystery. But not for Hiro, his life was uneventful and he loathes it. It was just a cycle of work and sleep, it was not his dream but he can't do anything about it.
Hiro always felt that most of his time as a child is void, he can't recall everything about it and he can't recognize the figures in the photos in his house, he always wondered what happened, and why he can't remember anything.

It's the usual day, he goes out of his house to work and goes back to eat and sleep. It's the cycle he loathes so much but one day he started seeing odd things in his dreams, a woman.

The woman is dressed in a plaid yellow dress and she has a light complexion, she has straight long black hair and she has a bright smile.

He observed his dreams, and most of the time, the woman talked about a certain town. 

The Woman introduced herself as Nori

She always mentioned a town called "Musubi", to Hiro, he doesn't recognize the town and just read it from a book about a certain incident that happened there.
It was the 1991 Enigmatic Massacre.

The Incident was macabre and bloody, it was a Wednesday afternoon when people discovered the mutilated corpse of their neighbor. Throughout the town, mutilated corpses kept appearing and the police force are alert. 

No one knows what happened and most cases are speculated to be the work of a serial killer but no human can ever do that, many conspiracy theories popped out to figure out what has happened but as most theories go, it's never been proven

"Hiro, if you're wondering about your childhood, go to my hometown" Nori suggested "I am sure, the answer you want is in there. They missed you".

Hiro wanted a break so he followed Nori's suggestion, he want to know what has happened in his childhood. So he booked a bus to the town and quit his job