Chapter 5:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 15

***The Saint’s Tree, Cherwoods***

“We really need help! Her Holiness can lift a finger or two to send us aid, can’t she?”

“We offer our apologies, but the Saint can’t be disturbed right now!”

“I don’t need your apologies! Show us Her Holiness, or at least, bring us to her! Tell her the elves—her people—is about to die from hunger, or from the encroaching sand! When would she even move; when half of Cherwoods are already desolate?”

“We ask for your understanding—”

“I refuse to understand now; my people dying!”

“Stop that elf! He has drawn his sword! Arrest him!”

From the windows of the small ‘tree palace’ allotted for him, Kuro watched another delegation of elves turned away, and their ‘vocal’ members arrested for running amok. The human could only close his eyes and shook his head. It’s not like he couldn’t understand the despair and sense of urgency from those elves coming to the Saint’s Tree to ask for their saint’s help, only to fail in the end. As the desert outside the limits of Cherwoods’ ancient forests advanced to the interior of the Elvish territories, so was the threat of starvation and death rose.

However, what’s even more remarkable for him was that, even with all the voice calling out to her, the Elf Saint remained unmoved. Far hidden in one of the inner rooms of the tree palace, the only concern in her mind right now was how to get her laptop connected to the internet.

Well, while Kuro was aware of her current situation, the Lady Hinwe’s god-power greatly weakened as her people gradually lost faith in her. At this rate, he surmised that it might vanish once everyone started cursing their saint, instead of praising her.

It’s the opposite of the conditions for his own god-powers to gain strength…


And, even complicating the problem were the Elf Saint’s palace officials and servants. Originally brought there to serve the needs of their holy lady, soon they realized they possessed the ‘power’ and ‘influence’ to interact with the people outside the palace grounds. With the Lady Hinwe refusing to take charge, they brought matters to their hands, deciding on issues their mistress had no knowledge.

And he read enough history books on non-ruling emperors of Imperial China to expect what will happen next…

So, to keep the order of things without drawing flak to him, Kuro tried his best to shore up positive public opinion back to the Elf Saint by helping those Elvish delegations arriving from all over Cherwoods. But then, some of the palace officials had seen his efforts as attempts to undermine their hold on their newfound ‘power’, so they worked to prevent him from talking to the other elves.

Humans have no business with the lives of the elves, as they declared to him. And honestly, Kuro thought they were right. He shouldn’t be dipping himself into the affairs of the elves. However…


Kuro’s eyes went from the window to the set of clothes he was given by Her NEET Holiness after she summoned him. If it wasn’t for the Lady Hinwe, perhaps his spirit and body would remain buried deep in the swirling sands of Cherflammen.


On a related note, how did he gain another life? Isn’t it—if he remembers well—the Saint of the Flame who possesses the god-power over life and death?

The human commoner shook his head, returning to the pressing issue. For now, questions and answers about his ‘third life’ would have to wait. The court politics of the Saint’s Tree was so bad, Kuro told himself that a ‘power shift’ was about to happen anytime soon. And everyone was so fixated on the power struggle that they had no idea of how dangerous their situation was, given that the desert kept on advancing into Cherwoods.

He has to do something drastic, or everyone in this land will die…


***The Holy Palatial Gardens***

The scene at the tram station didn’t escape Eris’ mind. While she was not on duty with the ‘welcome party’ led by the Human Saint, she was assigned to clean the areas around the place, along with her entire department.

So, she couldn’t help but hear the conversation between Her Holiness and the elf visitors.


The moment Eris learned about that man from Cherwoods calling himself ‘Kuro of Arles’, she dropped her cleaning tools and dashed towards where the owl-girl, Salis of the Owls, stayed.

“The Lord Kuro!” were the words the young Braunhauer maid blurted out the moment she burst into Salis’ room. “He’s alive!”

“I know,” the owl-girl answered, unaffected by the excitement brought by the human. Unfazed by Eris’ words, she continued changing her clothes.

The young maid, seeing that Salis was changing into what seemed to be clothes for traveling and the stuffed bag on the bed, asked, “Erm…milady, you’re leaving the exhibition?”

“Yes,” the owl-girl’s curt reply. “I’m off to find the Lord Kuro.”


“I think you heard me before,” Salis explained, all the while doing a last check of her things. “As long as I don’t see any corpse, no one can conclusively prove to me that the Lord Kuro is dead. I don’t care if they are the saints…I don’t give a damn even if they are the gods! I’m a genius, and I can always prove that I’m correct!”

“Such confidence,” Eris marveled at the owl-girl’s resolution, “however…erm…do you know where to go?”

“What are you taking me for, buffoon?” the owl-girl countered. “You’re talking to one of Cherwind’s—possibly the most—intelligent Beastman in existence! Of course, I know where I should start looking! And another reason for me to leave is because…you know…social events like the exhibits exhaust me.”

“Any known place you’d go?”

“Yes. But I won’t tell you.”

“You mean, you don’t know.”

A-Ahem…I-I’m a genius…I can follow my gut feelings, and still be correct!”

“So where will you go then?”


Eris stared at the owl-girl with a confident smile on her face, though there was also a hint of sarcasm and mockery written all over it. Salis was aware of this, so she tried to fight back.

“And what do you know, Lady Braunhauer? You speak as if you know where to look!”

“Well, of course, I do. It’s the reason I’m here, actually.”

“Alright then,” Salis still held her head high, “I’ll allow you to share your educated guess with my genius self.”

“Nope,” the young maid chuckled. “Yes, we’re both interested; but first things first, owl lady. I don’t like that arrogance you exude, and I’m telling you, you need my information. And it won’t kill you if you just bring yourself down a bit, and ask properly.”

Salis was taken aback, “Wha-What do you—”

“Saying ‘please’ will help you.”

The owl-girl and Eris locked gazes in a silent contest of intimidation. Still, the former knew that her chances of finding the Lord Kuro were slimmer if she remained high on her pedestal, so—for the sake of obtaining information—she raised the white flag first.

“You better give me good news,” Salis muttered before she begrudgingly asked, “Please, may I know the information you have on the Lord Kuro?”

Satisfied, Eris smiled and tapped on the owl-girl’s shoulders. Then, she narrated the events that transpired at the tram station, and what the Human Saint and the elves talked about.


***The Heavenly Realms***

The place remained as it was the last time each of the four saints came there for a visit. No matter how many years had passed in the mortal realms, the scenes they see never changed. The same gilded roads and gates. The same pleasant feeling to greet them whenever they set their feet on the golden ground. And the same gatekeeper, holding his rooster, waiting by the main gates of the heavenly palace.

“Old man Peter…”

Oh! Welcome, uh…” thought taken aback, the old man fixed his glasses to check on his visitors. “I didn’t expect you four are going to drop a visit, Your Holinesses from Chersea, Cherwind, Cherflammen, and uh…

“I’m just an overseer saint, Sir Peter,” Seirna reminded him. “I have no world to rule over in Chersea and the Four Realms; I’m just there to make sure everything works as the former god, the Lord Gaius, had intended.”

“Right, thanks for reminding me, Lady Seirna. Anyway, you need to meet with the High King of the Gods?”

“Well, pardon us for disturbing everyone,” it was Ruro who answered. “But we really need to talk to Him.”

“I see…there’s an assembly of all the gods and goddesses as of the moment,” the old man Peter added as he opened the gates, “but don’t worry; His Majesty has always time for those who call to Him. Please, come inside!”

And with him as their guide, the old man Peter led them to the grand hall of the heavenly palace. There, they came upon the High King of the Gods, sitting on His throne and flanked by several other (lesser) gods and goddesses of various realms. Once the saints appeared, He asked for everyone else to leave the hall for a moment.

“Thank you for bringing them here, Peter!” the old God smiled. “You may leave now.”

The gatekeeper bowed and took his leave. Then, once they were alone in the presence of the High King, the four saints immediately kneeled before Him.

“You may raise your heads,” His gentle voice said to them, so they did as they were told.

It was Maddie who spoke first, “Your Majesty, Milord, me and my fellow saints have come here to beseech Your help regarding a matter of personal importance.”

“Please, feel free to speak, my child.”

“I-It’s…” the Human Saint, as she knew she had made the same request before, had trouble speaking, “I-It’s about my…”

“Your Majesty, it’s about my old teacher, and Maddie’s lover and fiancée, the Lord Kuro of Arles,” Natasha entered the conversation.

Oh! Yes, Kuro! Or as he is known in his old world, Greg Santos,” the High King had a fond smile on His face.

“Yes, Milord. Six years ago, in Chersea’s time, we left him to die in Cherflammen,” the Demon Saint had a hint of bitterness in her voice. “We…even though we possess the god-powers, failed to save him.”

“A truly unfortunate event, yes…” He commented.

Ruro then followed Natasha’s lead with a question, “Y-Your Majesty, I’m sure You already know the reason we’re here. As what the desire of everyone else with me, we’d like to appeal for another life for this man—for my master, if You can accommodate such request, Lord.”

“It is my fault, Your Majesty!” Maddie added. “I keep on acting on my selfish whims, and abused the courtesy You gave me before. This is why I ask of You to punish me in exchange for Kuro’s life!”

Hmm…there’s no need for that, my child,” the High King replied. “And let me remind you that while you did act on your whims, you’re also under the influence of your ‘mother’. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“T-Thank you, Your Majesty…” was all the Human Saint could say.

“However,” He continued, “while I wanted to act upon your request, I have to decline.”

The four saints were quiet, but the High King could hear the questions and bewilderment in their hearts, almost simultaneously asking why. He could only sigh…

“My children, it is true that I would like to help you bring back Kuro. But then, please understand that I—even as the High King of the Gods—am bound by the rules and oaths I formed with the others. Madelaine, you know yourself that I already broke that before.”

“Y-Yes, I…I understand, Your Majesty,” Maddie could feel her heart sank, as the words of the High King of the Gods rang in her ears. It’s not like she could force Him to do what she wanted, after all, He did accommodate her plea when Kuro died in the aftermath of the Tri-Skill Tournament.

Natasha, for her part, was about to cry. Nevertheless, Ruro noticed that and held her hand in an effort to console the Demon Saint. Only Seirna was unaffected by the emotions.

“My children,” the High King of the Gods broke the ice. “Everything happens for a reason, and there is a time for everything. Soon, you’ll see why things went like the way it is right now. Go home in peace.”

Aware that they couldn’t pursue the matter with the High King of the Gods any further, the four saints then gave their respects and left the heavenly halls, albeit with heavy hearts. The High King watched them until they disappeared beyond the gates of St. Peter.

“Are you sure about this, Your Majesty?”

The High King of the Gods turned to the winged figure that appeared behind Him, “What is it, Gabriel?”

“That they don’t know the man, Kuro, is alive and is in Cherwoods right now.”

“Well, I can’t simply just break the oaths I’ve made with the gods and meddle in other worlds’ affairs,” He told him with a smile. “Besides, it is Kuro’s wish to remain in Cherwoods for the meantime. Everything and everyone has a purpose, and his goal is not yet done. I won’t stop him from what he intended to do; after all, as I am also an overseer of other gods and their realms, I do not wish for any people to perish.”


***The Holy Palatial Gardens***

“Alright. Though we are not sure if this man in Cherwoods is the real ‘Kuro of Arles’, it’s definitely a lead,” Salis took the notes she wrote based on Eris’ words, and kept it on one of her dress’ breast pockets. “All that’s left is to see with my own eyes whether this is true.”

“When are you leaving?” Eris asked.

“Why do you care?” the owl-girl countered. “It’s not like we’re confined to our accommodations for the rest of the exhibits.”

“You’re not,” the young maid confirmed. “However, I need to tell Her Holiness that I won’t be working for several days, or weeks, or possibly even months! Not to mention, you’re under the responsibility of the Beastman Queen, Lady Ursura. If you suddenly disappeared without clear whereabouts, I’m sure your mother will worry!”

Oi, I’m fine with you informing the others about my departure, but let me be clear—I’d like to journey alone.”

“Well, if we’re not of the same goal, I’ll travel alone, too.”

Tsk. Now, now, don’t be so hasty in your decisions, Lady Braunhauer,” Salis explained. “See, I’m a Beastman. A member of the Owl tribe, thus, you can say that I’m used to a rough life. In contrast, one look at your delicate features and I can tell your body is not suited for long journeys.”

“What? Are you telling me we’re going to climb mountains? Scale steep cliff sides? Travel through the unexplored countryside?”

“I don’t know. Even as I’m a genius, there’s always an element of unpredictability when one travels, so why ask?”

“And do you even know the way to Cherwoods and the Saint’s Tree palace?”

The owl-girl had no answer for that. Though it hurt her pride to do so, Salis had to admit her shortcomings. However, she deflected the embarrassment by returning the question, “Well, do you?”

“No,” Eris’ confidence never wavered. “But since we both have no idea what road to take and direction to go, we need maps. And those maps are on the shelves of the bookshelves in the library here. It just so happens that as a maid in-charge of cleaning that place occasionally, I have access to its keys.”

“Can’t you just lend me a map and remain here? You’re only going to hinder me in my travels.”

The young maid shook her head, “I thought you’re already aware of this, but, I guess you need to be reminded again, milady. You’re not the only one who loves the Lord Kuro. And as one of the few who still cling to that small glimmer of hope that he’s alive and well, I want to be the first to welcome him back. Or, if that guy in Cherwoods is a fake, condemn him for disrespecting the man who captured our hearts.”

Salis could only stare at Eris as the young maid talked about her reasons. Weighing on her options, the owl-girl still had her apprehensions. However, Eris, aware that she’s about to convince Salis, added,

“While I can’t travel that far from one point to another, I can help you with food, washing clothes, and other domestic matters. Besides, do you even know the meaning of my name, Braunhauer?”

The owl-girl shook her head.

“First, the House of Braunhauer is one of the richest noble houses in Chersea. After my parents died, I inherited their wealth, which is managed by my second mother back in our estate. Even when I donated a huge part of my fortunes to Her Holiness the Human Saint, I can still buy a castle or two with the money I currently have with me (and excluding the total wealth of my house). Second, before the Saint’s Peace, we run the biggest mercenary companies in Amaranth. It’s not a surprise that we can meet some of our old people in every Chersean city, which in turn, can help us in our travels.”

At that point, as Salis was used to her mother taking care of her needs (even as she served as the Directress of the Royal Academy of Cherwind), had no more second-thoughts on taking Eris with her.


Once Salis and Eris ironed out their differences and their responsibilities for the upcoming journey, the young maid immediately went to see the Human Saint, bringing a letter explaining her decision to travel with the owl-girl.


At the doors outside the private chamber of Lady Madelaine, however, was the captain of the Paladin Guards Corps, Lady Sylvia, the duchess of Henristone. She stood in front of the entrance as if she’s barring Eris’ way in, much to the surprise of the young maid.

“I’m sorry, milady,” the paladin told her. “Her Holiness ordered us to keep everyone off her room until she permits it.”

Oh…is there something the matter?”

“I think Her Holiness is with the other saints,” Lady Henristone explained. “I don’t know what’s going on, but if I may guess, this must’ve something to do with the Lord Kuro of Arles.”

“Right…but in any case, if I may request of you,” Eris fished out the letter from her apron’s pocket, “can you hand this letter to Her Holiness? I’ll be going on a journey with the Lady Salis, and I can’t wait for her much longer, see?”

“Well, I can’t do that as well,” the paladin revealed.

Eh? Why?”

Err…how do I explain this?” Lady Henristone paused for a bit, before continuing, “Before Her Holiness the Lady Madelaine locked herself and the other saints in this room, she told me that if you or the owl-lady happen to come to her to inform that you’re leaving, then I must go with you.”

“I see…wait, what?”

The paladin captain just smirked.


“Who knows? I’m just following orders,” Lady Henristone shrugged. “Well, wait, let’s be clear. It’s not like I’m being forced to do this. I wanted to go to Cherwoods and denounce that man who claims to be the Lord Kuro of Arles.”

Hmm…I guess we can use your expertise in fighting, milady,” Eris nodded. “After all, a journey with two ladies who only know how to run or fly? I doubt we can go that far if the push comes to the shove.”

“And, that’s not all,” the paladin captain showed her a letter, sealed by the signet ring of the Human Saint.


“Yep, this is a letter meant for the Human Saint’s ambassador to Cherwoods. Her Holiness gave it to me, along with the instructions to escort you to the Saint’s Tree,” Lady Henristone laughed. “I think the Human Saint has got all your needs covered, yes?”


So, uh…Lady Braunhauer, please tell me.”


“This is the ‘support’ Her Holiness the Human Saint sent to us?”

“If you’re talking about the Lady Sylvia, Duchess of Henristone, then it’s a yes,” Eris confirmed, as their group headed to the other gatehouse (the one on the far side, opposite of the gatehouse facing the town of Arles). “Perhaps Lady Madelaine had seen our desires in our hearts, so she pre-empted us by giving her support. After all, while Lady Henristone’s fighting abilities are admirable, the head maid Lady Lily von Leese is more than enough for the security of Her Holiness the Human Saint…who is also a former general of Nerfes, like the Lady Lily.”

“Not to mention, she trusts me,” the paladin captain added.

“Well, I have no qualms about the Duchess of Henristone coming with us. However…” Salis turned her attention to their other companions. “Can someone explain to me what these two demons are doing here? Why are they tagging along with us?”

Eris and Lady Sylvia stared back at the lycanthrope, Nari Tambara, and the orc-girl, Tama’lee. Having no answer to the owl-girl’s question, they exchanged smiles, and just shrugged the issue off.

“Tama may look like this,” the orc-girl flexed her muscles, “but she can help carry her friends’ bags! Not to mention, Tama is a state scientist of the demon republic; she knows how to create body-enhancing stuff, in case everyone gets tired in the middle of the road.”

“Okay, you make a good point,” Salis handed to the orc the bag she was carrying. Then she looked at Nari, “What can she do?”

“Cook,” was Nari’s curt reply.

“Wait…we got the Lady Braunhauer to deal with our food,” Salis replied. “I don’t think we need another member who can just cook on this journey!”

“If Tama may speak—”

“Please stay quiet, orc!” the owl-girl rebuked her. “I get it that you want to come along and see the Lord Kuro, but we’re heading to the land of the elves. Aren’t you guys aware that those people hated you more than the humans?”

Nari and Tama’lee shook their heads.

“Well, now you know,” Salis waved her hand. “Now, if you can just head back to your rooms, it’ll be nice. Tagging along would only hinder us.”

“Lady Salis,” it was Eris. “I think you may want to reconsider.”


“See, the Lady Nari Tambara is a well-known chef of various Chersean and Filipino dishes in the demon republic.”


“Compared to her, my knowledge of cooking is inferior.”

“We’re traveling, right? We’re not attending royal balls or parties.”

“Well, I’m sure you won’t like to eat the same stuff for the entire journey,” Eris reiterated. “Look, we got a powerful orc baggage carrier, and a skilled paladin captain for hunting. They can always go look for our food if needed. Then, Lady Nari would be in-charge of the cooking. Naturally, as a chef, she’d only prepare nice meals. The end? A happy travel, full of contented tummies.”

“Hmm…” the owl-girl paused for a bit. “You make a good argument, Lady Braunhauer, though if I’m alone I can just fly from here straight to the Chersea-Cherwoods border crossing.”

“Right, that’s a great plan…” Lady Henristone commented, pulling a map from her bag. “Only, where will you land to cross? As far as I remember, the Chersea-Cherwoods border crossing lies in the middle of the Great Sea, and the border guards will never allow you into their boats for security reasons.”

Oh…my genius self didn’t know that.”

“So, in any case,” the paladin captain continued, “we’d have to catch a ship going to the crossing. The best choice is to head to the kingdom of Shent; see that small island in the easternmost tip of the Calabrian peninsula? That’s where we need to go. They have a port there, where ships going to and from Chersea, Cherwoods, and Equality are docked.”

“How many days will it take us before arriving there?” Salis asked.

“Probably a week or two, with two weeks the worst delay,” Lady Sylvia mused. “Though, since we’re going to pass by the Kingdom of Colveente, we can ask my estate to provide us a carriage to bring us to the train station in Sekhtem and straight to the port of Mouth of Calabria, thus avoiding the customs and identity checks upon crossing the inter-kingdom borders. Then, from there, we’ll cross the waters of the Eastern Approaches into the Kingdom of Galad, then cross again to the Second Island of the Kingdom of Hareth, and finally, into the Kingdom of Shent. Got it?”

The four other ladies threw blank stares at the Duchess of Henristone. And Salis commented, “L-Let’s just follow your lead up to the Kingdom of Shent, shall we? I feel like my head is going to explode the more I listen to your explanation.”

“G-Great idea, milady!” Eris backed her up. “D-Don’t you think so too, guys?”

Nari and Tama nodded.

Grr…this is the reason civilians are so…ugh, you’re all so weak!” Lady Sylvia whispered the last words and stomped her feet as they approached the gatehouse of the Holy Palatial Gardens facing the east.