Chapter 30:

30: Dropped off

I was Born the Unloved Twin

A basketball appleBookmark here

A beast tooth knife the size of my armBookmark here

A water flaskBookmark here

A firestone lighterBookmark here

2 strings of ropeBookmark here

3 mild healing potionsBookmark here

And one hand written note from "Your dearest grandpapa~"Bookmark here

This was all the stuff that was inside the tiny inter-dimensional bag that grampa strapped on me. After the godly canary flew me over mountain ranges and fields of wilderness, it just plopped me into a tree. Didn't even set me down closer to the ground, just perched on a big enough tree for it to land and that's it. Bookmark here

Ride complete, would rate 2/10. Would not tip. As terrifying and uncomfortable as it is to fly by giant chicken feet, at least I wasn't crushed or dropped to my death. Two points for that fact alone.Bookmark here

Oh and it took the basketball apple thing, fair trade.Bookmark here

The note left behind specifically said:Bookmark here

"So you've been dropped off on your own for the first time! Your quest, my lesson to you, is not much. Just survive!Bookmark here

A special section of my troops and I will be meeting you up ahead in a few days time.The bag has a sensor to track your location so keep on you at all times. I'm so glad to share this bonding experience with you. Stay alive and preferably whole till we next meet! :D" Bookmark here

Yes, it does end with a doodle of his own smiley face....Bookmark here

SHITTY GRAMPA!!!!!Bookmark here

Shit Shit Shit Go die in a ditch!Bookmark here

I don't deserve this shit. Bookmark here

He even gave me an inter-dimensional bag but there's near nothing in there, not even food. I didn't even know such a thing existed here, it's just that rare I guess. Bookmark here

What's the use of such a cheat item if it's not even stocked? Out of spite, I'm going to fill this thing with rots and bugs for Grampa to find later. It doesn't weigh anything extra if I do add things, that's the magic of it.Bookmark here

But first I need to finish climbing down this tree. That I can thankfully do, the rope is useful here.Bookmark here

If it was Lilyanne I'd be trapped till all 3 days are up. That or fall right out of the tree and die upon impact. See this is why Lilyanne would never get thrown out here. Just lucky lucky good ol lucky little me.Bookmark here

I'd curse out loud if I didn't have the common sense to keep silent in a wild forest. I'm not alerting anything to my presence if I can help it, not getting killed that easily.Bookmark here

The safest thing to do really may just be stay put up in the tree. Just stay and sleep, conserve energy until I'm saved. I have water and while I'll go hungry I can realistically survive without eating for 3 days. Bookmark here

But that's not how to play the messed up game with grampa. Bookmark here

If I had money I'd bet big that I'm not really alone out here. If I stay still there's no guarantee I'll be left alone at peace. Things could always get worse, and it could easily be arranged. It's not worth taking such a risk. Bookmark here

For one that monster bird could still be around keeping an eye on me. Grampa did say he would be seeing it later. I may have seen it fly off but it could be about anywhere. Bookmark here

There's also a good chance he's sent someone, possibly even a crew of his own troop members out here ahead of time. It's not impossible for there to be others silently watching over me as we speak Either as spies or to guard survival, that I don't know. Bookmark here

With constant kidnapping threats out there he wouldn't put me in a dangerous situation. As ridiculous as it seems there's no way I'd be absolutely alone not am I in a true wilderness. This is an area he knows or even has under our family territory. Bookmark here

Whatever's out here I'm safe from other humans at least. Bookmark here

That's what I reason as I shimmy my way down the tree. Bookmark here

After taking the time to make a full observation of my surroundings that is. I'm already up here, might as well take advantage of it. My best bet is to find a road, one that leads to the path our family carriages will route through. Bookmark here

If not that then a stream or waterway. Life is always centered around water, whether in nature or leading to civilization. Bookmark here

I take a moment to calm down, have some water and make a mental map of what I can see from up here. The direction I came from, which mountain range is probably which according to my memories. I was expecting to find myself possible sources of food, shelter, avoidance of danger and to make sense of my directions.Bookmark here

I wasn't expecting to see smoke.Bookmark here

Blatant obvious smoke, curling up from a thin controlled line. As if it was from a fire set inside a properly made chimney.Bookmark here

Not alone indeed, someone is living out here, surviving in something more permanent than a camp. There then, I'll head there. Bookmark here

Now it may seem stupid to just head into a stranger's residence in the middle of the forest. Cabin in the Woods anyone? Goldilocks? Yeah, all lessons of how that's a very bad idea.Bookmark here

But I'm living against a nonsensical world that may be worse than your average horror story. Say there are no guards. I, a normal physical two year old human, am exposed to the elements. If it gets too hot, too cold, or a beast comes along I'm as good as dead. My chances already aren't too great out here.Bookmark here

So to the smoke source, it will be!Bookmark here

Just one problem. It's going to be a very long walk. Bookmark here

On the way, I found a good sized branch for me and whittled it down with the fang blade grampa so generously packed. A walking stick will be good for conserving my strength energy and I can use it as a basic Bo staff. Bookmark here

As annoying deceptive as Amar is I've been able to start the basics of using a staff because of him. Tamera ran me though the start and positions while Amar showed me some easy beginner tricks. I can at least sweep and be prepared to keep something at a relative distance.Bookmark here

For an easier grip, I've already ripped the bottom layer of my dress to tie into makeshift gloves. It's too long and fluffy. I'm dressed as a noble's pampered child ready for a long carriage ride, not a hiker. It's a tripping hazard and would get in my way while traversing the elements.Bookmark here

I adjust my bonnet into something closer to a protective bandanna and make sure the bag is wrapped sturdily around my body. It's the best I can do with what I have.Bookmark here

And I'm off.Bookmark here

It would be foolish to walk brazenly out in the open. Someone else may not think twice about just walking, they're either powerful enough to do so or just that ignorant. I can't take the risk of being too loud or being spotted as easy prey in this unknown place. Bookmark here

Instead, it's much safer to stay quiet and crouched along the edge of trees and foliage. Out of sight and among the shadows. It's also effective against straight-up sunburning. Bookmark here

Along the path I mentally mapped out, I was lucky enough to encounter potential food sources. Puffball mushrooms are the most common sort of wild mushrooms, safe and easy. The pure white marshmallow looking shrooms are edible even when raw and have a fluffy texture true to their name. It would help make up the vast amount of calories I'm burning today. Bookmark here

How cruel of grampa to not even pack me some food, not even a snack.Bookmark here

I didn't eat much this morning since I was accounting for nausea during the long carriage ride. How was I supposed to know I wouldn't get that luxury this time around? Bookmark here

Whenever I spotted a patch of the puffballs or something I was absolutely sure I recognized as safe I would cut a few to throw in the bag. Popping a few in my mouth on the way while walking. I won't starve, can't afford to starve! I'm a decent camper and naturalist, this won't stop me!Bookmark here

Ah how funny, I just remembered something from a long time ago. Even though I push it back, it still fits through the cracks in my mind. Bookmark here

"See even if we dropped you in the middle of nowhere you won't starve."Bookmark here

"Mmm! I know daddy! I'll remember the camp guide!"Bookmark here

"Yeah you would stay chubby no matter what."Bookmark here

"Dad!"Bookmark here

If I close my eyes I can still see a portly older man, wrinkled and warm, as we walked back hand in hand to my granny's countryside home. I can still see that old farm, and that too big but too crowded faded pink house on the dirt road. I can hear my mom, when I was young, scolding us for being late. Still, hear the clucking chickens and the sound of all my relatives chattering over the TV as they cooked and set the tables. Bookmark here

I still can taste the cool slightly bitter iced tea, white rice, fried fish, and all the fixings that I won't be able to taste again in this world. The string of herbs and chilli. I even remember what victory tasted like for the last piece of sticky rice and coconut dessert against the army that was all my cousins.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes and they were all gone. It doesn't matter if I can still see them in my mind or not, they're not really here, and I can't go back. It's not like I could have gone back in time before anyways, not as an adult. Not to before my parents separated. That time was gone, far before I was born again in this world.Bookmark here

But it was still mine.Bookmark here

Ah, just as I thought. Bookmark here

It's still too painful, I can't remember anymore. I don't want to remember much anything anymore, not for a while. Isn't that silly? It's probably because I regret too much. Bookmark here

Mentally I'm very much an adult, I've lived over two lifetimes. Two lifetimes of mistakes. Bookmark here

Why does it still hurt so rawly? It must be the stress of being dropped out and abandoned like this. It's really ridiculous of me. Bookmark here

I miss my family, my real one. Bookmark here

I miss my mom, and dad and even my younger brother, even if we didn't see each other often. I miss the stupid dogs. I miss calling my friends and crying over our work and social lives with drinks. I miss....I miss...having people who actually cared about me.Bookmark here

Pathetic, aren't I?Bookmark here

Mom...Dad....I'm scared. I admit it, I'm scared. Bookmark here

I know I'm a big girl now, have been for a while. But I never really grew up I guess. Now I'm all alone in another world and I'm just so damn scared. In a way, I'm always scared of something. I'm still a coward that only knows how to run away or avoid the problem. Bookmark here

It's not a safe place here, not a very good place. I'm not just talking about the literal woods I'm in. Bookmark here

I'm a rich girl now mama, there's magic here daddy. But it's nothing like home. No subways or drive-throughs, no T.V. or phone calls. I miss home. Bookmark here

Why did I come here? Why me?Bookmark here

Is this my punishment for something? Bookmark here

I wouldn't call it hell but this is not a very peaceful place to go after death. There' too much drama, too many maybes and things to prevent before this little life of mine spirals. Bookmark here

I still can't remember how I even died then, even though it's been two full years now.Bookmark here

Rosalia is already two. Bookmark here

However, it happened my parents would have been so mad at me for dying first! Ah they must have argued a lot. Definitely, even if they're sad they would have been yelling at my grave too. Haha ....ah...they would have had to bury me...Bookmark here

...I'm sorry.Bookmark here

Sorry for leaving everyone behind, sorry for making you guys deal with the aftermath. I left too messes behind to even fully apologize for. Bookmark here

I'd go back if I could, honest. I'd leave this scary place where I have to plan for my future downfall and survival any day. My life wasn't the best was warm. Bookmark here

Funny how your problems don't seem so impossible when you're dead. Bookmark here

I said I would move on when I first reincarnated here. I have to move on and live. But is it okay if I feel terribly lonely? Mommy and daddy, is it okay if I miss you? Is it okay if I cry for you even though you won't come for me anymore? Did you bury me with these same tears and grief? Bookmark here

Sorry sorry, stupid questions, I know. Bookmark here

The only things I can blow my nose on are the full leaves on passing trees. Bookmark here

What a waste of water, this will only dehydrate me faster. Bookmark here

But I keep walking towards that smoke, hidden and safe among the foliage. I keep going as I forage the low hanging apricots and hide from slithering beasts much larger than myself. I keep going no matter how hot and angry I feel because it's easier to be angry than it is to be sad. Bookmark here

If my eyes are still wet and I'm hiccuping back childish sobs well then, no one ever has to know. Bookmark here

--------------Bookmark here

Author: How do isekai heros do it? There has to be some ultimate homesickness trauma thing going on? Maybe a stronger more classic OP protagonist can get through it fine but I don't think most people in reality would. Bookmark here

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