Chapter 0:

Dead Set on Going (the failed advertisement)

Dead Set

Down an unassuming city sidewalk, concrete steps descend to a door with a square knob. Clients often come in looking for an appraisal on an item, whose function is already known by the owner. Some clients come in without knowing what their item is, or anything about the supernatural world. As one of the few places allowed to interact with populations who know and are ignorant of the supernatural, alike, the fine appraisal and repair company Dead Set Appraisal is the premiere choice for haunted and cursed item remedy, as well as certification of function for existing heirlooms! Come visit us through the door with the square knob.”

Andy ripped the paper off of the printer and looked at it proudly. “Yes, this is the final one.”  

Just then, the paper left Andy’s hands unexpectedly. “And what do today’s efforts bear?” Said Julia. Andy’s much older senior at work took a few moments to read the lead for Andy’s newest creation and crumpled the paper. “Andy, how many times? How many times am I going to tell you to stop trying to rustle up business! Seriously, making ad scripts when you should be slacking is unbecoming.” 

Andy snatched his paper back and started to uncrumple it. “This job pays great, and I don’t do a lot. I figure if I even put it in the AM lineup as an accident that nobody would say anything, even if they noticed. Free advertising!”

Julia sighed and sat. Andy sat too. “That’s not the point, Andy. We don’t look for customers, customers look for us.” His brow furrowed in confusion so she continued. “Honestly, I can believe he didn’t tell you. Our job is to be available. We receive referrals from others and that is how we get a customer. We don’t know when that will happen, so our job is to be ready for that. Not everyone gets a referral, so don’t make it a public thing. If you feel bad about it, just do a better job when you get the chance.” Andy didn’t know what to say to this, so he nodded, confused. Even though Julia tossed the paper and Andy let it go, they both knew he still had a file somewhere. An hour later, their first customer entered. 

Dead Set