Chapter 0:

Adventures, hero, and tavern

Crown Hunter: Karma

In front of a gate that separated the city of man from the forest of monsters, stood a large man with a beautiful mustache.

"Sheen, my dear, how was your job as a newbie trainer? Did you like it?" 

The man asked as a young girl in a black and violet-striped rain coat, with a giant backpack skipped towards him.

"Supporting an entire party of adventurers is nothing to me! As long as people praise me for it, I can do this for years!" the girl said as she buried her face in the man's tummy.

"Good job, my cute girl," the man said as he patted her head. "Then let's get back home, shall we? Have you missed having a strawberry cake for a long time?

"Yay~ Let's go right now!"

On the carriage, with the man as the driver.

"So, is there any new story you want to tell me while we’re on our way home?"

"Like what? The tavern still hasn't really gotten any more popular after your departure, so there's nothing new nor interesting" the man replied.

"Then the usual Demon King!"

"What kind of teenage girl likes to listen to that kind of story, and why do you always ask about it whenever we get back from the dungeons?" the man sighed.


"Alright, alright. There was once a hero with power bestowed by the lord. He was on a journey to defeat the evil monsters and bring absolute peace to humanity. He kept on fighting with the help of fellow warrior from the church and always brought triumph upon humankind. But as the journey continued, he kept suffer the consequences of losing his friend to those creature, and so he is on the verge to be destroyed by the unstoppable march of monsters. Finally, he was defeated by a monster that came out of nowhere, proclaiming that he is the demon king who is behind all the attack. The loss made the human lost there only hope to lead the army.”

"So there's no hero anymore?" Sheen stared at the man with some kind of expectation.

"Therefore, the church stepped in and started recruiting more heroes, because of the idea that the only reason the god-bestowed hero lost is because of number. Any capable candidate who wants to join can register and receive instructions at their local tavern."

"Why taverns?"

"Who knows? But those taverns gather all the possible heroes and their brave comrades on a journey to defeat the demon king."

"This is what makes me want to go on an adventure, the hero is always the coolest one, and to be one, you must be ridiculously strong too."

"Usually, there's a high standard to qualify as a hero, but our place is just... different."

"Well, our tavern always has the strictest quality control, both in our non-alcoholic beer and heroes."

"But I heard there's a new hero coming from the capital. People say that this hero is exceptionally strong, enough to defeat our tavern's legendary quality control."

"Wait, seriously?"

"Yes, but that person probably wouldn't be here anyway, so..."

"Right, I forgot we're quite far from the city."

"There's also an unusual rumor in our neighboring tavern. They say there's a strange wizard looking for a hero."

"What's strange about it? Heroes are always popular."

"It's the wizard that's strange one. They say he uses some foreign magic and wears a weird-looking robe too."

"Is he strong?"

"They say he took on some big shot hero or something, so he probably is."

"Can't wait to see him then. Maybe he will come to our tavern."

"And what about-"

"You're going to ask about him, right? Yeah, our 'Quality Control' still hasn't moved past it."

"What a bummer. If he could become a hero, I would've gone with him."

"Please don't," the man frowned.

“Just think about it! The sibling on a journey to slay the demon king, that's so cool."

"Yeah, we're here, let's get down and enjoy some freshly baked cake."

"Yay, cake!"

While jumping down the carriage, Sheen freezes the moment her feet’s reach the ground, sensing something.

"Grandpa" she says.


"You said our tavern wasn't popular, right?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"I think you're wrong, I smell something interesting inside." Sheen squints her eyes at the tavern.

The man laughs.

"Is it your adventurer's intuition or something? Whatever, let's just go in."

As they open the tavern door, Sheen's prediction is proven right, the tavern is anything but peaceful.

There's a stand-off between three people,

A swordswoman with a greatsword, cloaked in a torn black piece of cloth, her black hair standing up intimidatingly,

A slightly muscular glasses-wearer in a white long coat, holding a broomstick which seems to be enchanted with red magic,

And a man dressing in casual clothes, except but his silver helmet, gauntlet and boots, assuming a boxing stance,

"Told you! Even my brother is there, hey watcha doing, let me join!" Sheen smiles smugly then run off to the three.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Crown Hunter: Karma

Crown Hunter: Karma