Chapter 0:

" The clock "

" Time Skipper "

* tic toc *  * tic toc *  * tic toc *

Ugh, this clock is really annoying, when will we get rid of this loud thing? We've had it for years and my so called "parents" still won't get rid of it. While my grandma was alive, all she did was talk about this dumb clock and how "special" it was apparently. She would always try and scare me by saying that it will affect me one day. What's so special about a clock? I guess old people have a special thing with "loud ticking clocks." On top of that, my "parents" or "the people who took me in", they don't care about me. They've always been treating me like I don't exist. Whenever I do what they say, they just say, " You're not doing it hard enough, try harder, do what you're told." It gets annoying. Whenever i seem unfazed to them, they just treat me even worse to fulfill their desires. I wish I could just be happy, I don't even know what my parents look like. Why sha'll life be so cruel, at least I have my step sister, though, she's the favourite out of us. My step sister understands me. My step sister has always been there for me and I don't know why, she should just forget me like all of the others, I wish she would.