Chapter 1:


Colourland Series 4: Brett

Chapter 22

Brett's Plans

Meanwhile Brett was talking with Bear members.

" You now know what to do " said Brett.

" You will steal together but there will be no leader for the group "

" All of you will go "

" Understood " said the first Bear member.

" We will not let you down "

" We will steal some great stuff " said the second Bear member.

" We will hurt people like usual " said the third Bear member.

" The Bear is still great " said the fourth Bear member.

" That's the spirit " said Brett.

" I am glad our members are still here "

" Our organization is still taking over " said the fifth Bear member.

" They will " said the sixth Bear member.

" We will have so much stuff " said the seventh Bear member.

" The Bear " they all said.

Night came, Bear members then headed into the van and they made it to Colourland.

" The Bear " screamed a man.

" Shut your mouth " said a Bear member.

A Bear member punched the man down to the ground.

" Hahaha " said a Bear member. Bear members took his wallet and his phone and they continued roughing people up, they stole more wallets, phones and a necklace.

Bear members saw a store which they used their Bear Bombs to blow open the door.

They then stole gum, candy bars, money, protein bars, smokes, lighters and vodka.

They left one store, they blew open another door and they stole the same things except they stole beer instead of vodka.

Bear members then found more people to attack, they stole more phones and wallets. They took a ring as well.

" This ring is great " said a Bear member.

" Brett will be happy to see this " said a second Bear member.

" It is and he will " said a third Bear member.

They then broke into a third store with their Darkness Blasts. They stole hair products, deodorant, lipstick, combs, money, gum, candy bars and gift cards.

Bear members continued knocking people out with their Bear Strikes which were too strong.

They took more phones, wallets and some headphones. After that, they then headed into the van and they headed back to the hideout where Brett saw them.

" Let's see what was stolen " said Brett.

" Money, necklace, ring, giftcards, phones, wallets, headphones, lipstick, combs, gum, candy bars, protein bars, smokes, lighters, vodka, beer, deodorant and hair products "

" So much useful stuff here "

" This is great to see, exactly what the organization needs "

" Thanks, it is wonderful " said a Bear member.

" You are all dismissed " said Brett.

They went to their seperate areas in the hideout, more time continued to pass.

Warbler and Artby woke up and they were talking to Challenger and Allie.

" Warbler " said Allie.

" I am so happy to see you "

" Thanks " said Warbler.

" I am also happy to see you as well "

" Baking has awakened me " said Artby.

" Bread has created an awakening here "

" Bread's awesome that way "

" I love bread "

" Awakening ? " asked Challenger.

" Yes, bread has done that " said Artby. " This awakening is awesome "

" Bakers have awakened me, their caring has been stronger through baking "

" I love baking, my love for bread is so good "

" Baking does so much "

" Artby ? " asked Allie.

" I am a little confused "

" Same here " said Warbler.

" Bakers can help with that " said Artby. " Bakers make us understand things more than they would be otherwise "

" Bakers are very wise when they bake, I have noticed that "

" Yes, but what does that wisdom have to do with understanding things ? " asked Warbler.

" They have used flour that makes them more wise when they mix it in their hands " said Artby.

" A baker's hands transmit wisdom inside the baker due to the flour "

" Transmit wisdom ? " asked Challenger.

" They have different types of flour, one creates heroism in the customer who eats it " said Artby.

" They all do so much for us and bakers, flour is truly great "

More time continued passing, a day passed. More Bear members stole from stores and they took some wallets from people. They stole whisky, wine, lots of money, gift cards, necklaces and a purse.

People in Colourland were freaking out more.

Colouruke woke up, he was talking.

" Glad to be back " said Colouruke.

" It is glad you are here, Xax and Whites were defeated " said Allie.

" Awesome " said Colouruke.

" I am glad we worked together and took them down "

" Yes, it is great " said Challenger.

" Bakers have that Colouruke love going " said Artby.

" Uh, okay " said Colouruke.

" They do, I love baking " said Artby. " Baking is truly special "

" Well it tastes good, but a Colouruke love ? " asked Challenger.

" That really is something "

" It is " said Warbler.

" Talk to any baker, they love Colouruke " said Artby.

" They love him "

More time continued passing, Crayon and Colourea woke up.

" We are all here " said Crayon.

" Xax and Whites are gone aren't they ? "

" Yes " said Challenger.

" We did it "

" We sure did " said Crayon.

" The training we did paid off " said Colourea.

" Baking played a huge role " said Artby. " Baking does a lot in fights "

" Baking changed us, toughened us and purchases must happen "

" Uh, okay " said Colouruke.

" I'm glad to be around Allie " said Warbler.

" I am glad you are here " said Allie.

" Thanks " said Warbler.

" We will leave here " said Challenger.

" Bakers must miss us " said Artby.

" I miss them a lot "

" I will always show respect to them "

" Let's go " said Colourea.

" Our mouths need their baking " said Artby.

The seven of them left and they headed for the bakery where Artby began to talk.

" I missed you bakers so much " said Artby.

" Baking has done so much for my mouth, the Colouruke love that you have honestly "

" Colouruke love ? " asked a baker confused.

" Yes, you have treated Colouruke well " said Artby.

" Uh, okay " said a baker.

" Bread has made me stronger " said Artby. " I will continue to eat it, baking has made me a better person these days honestly "

" The Bear do not support bakers "

" The Bear are a gang, I'm not sure they believe bread makes you a good person or not " said Colourea.

" Not to mention they are quite the ruthless gang " said Colouruke.

" Bakers have treated our mouths great, I must be a great customer for that reason " said Artby.

" Brett has not understood bakers and how they bake "

" How so ? " asked Colouruke.

" He has done nothing for the baker, he doesn't care about baking at all " said Artby.

" I care about baking, bakers are so wise honestly "

" Wise ? " asked Crayon. " I enjoy eating this bread with tomato sauce but wisdom ? "

" Bakers have a strong level of wisdom, it is in the flour that they use to bake " said Artby.

" I love the wisdom they have "

They got their bread and left, Artby thanked the bakers.

" This looks great " said Allie.

" It sure does " said Warbler.

" Bakers are great people " said Artby.

" We should head off " said Warbler.

" That sounds like a plan " said Allie.

" Bye " the others said.

The five of them continued talking.

" Well, I will be going back to my office " said Challenger.

" There is a lot going on in Colourland.

" Very true " said Crayon.

" That is for sure " said Colouruke.

" So see you all later " said Challenger.

" I will fight Brett when he decides to fight "

" We'll give him an asskicking " said Artby. " He has not cared about bakers, for the sake of bread everywhere I will fight "

" Bread means too much for him to succeed, baking must go on "

" Bye " they all said.

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby were talking at home.

" We will train tomorrow " said Crayon.

" We need it " said Colouruke.

" We will give asskickings on a level never seen before, I kick for bakers " said Artby.

" It is good for bakers "

" Kick for bakers ? " asked Colourea.

" Bakers get my feet " said Artby. " I must kick hard for a baker "

" Bakers want me kicking like this "

" Do they ? " asked Colourea.

" Apparently so " said Colouruke.

More time continued to pass, Warbler and Allie were eating their supper.

" That was great " said Warbler.

" It sure was " said Allie.

" I love you, Allie " said Warbler.

" Same here " said Allie.

Allie and Warbler started making out with each other.

More time passed and everyone went to bed, Brett was with Bear members.

" Good, no resistance from Crayon " said Brett.

" Crayon will be killed by me "

" Hahahahahaha "

" His friends refuse to stay out of the way " said a Bear member.

" They must go " said a second Bear member.

" I will deal with Challenger, Crayon and Colourea myself " said Brett.

" The rest of you will fight all the rest "

" We will crush them into bits " said a third Bear member.

" Warbler, Allie, Colouruke and Artby are not as strong so I expect success " said Brett. " There is more than four times as many "

" The Bear will still have a great takeover " said a fourth Bear member.

" Our organization is so good " said a fifth Bear member.

" We will make sure the Bear succeeds "

" Yes, we will still take over Colourland " said Brett.

Crayon and his friends woke up and they made their breakfast which they enjoyed, they met up with Warbler and Allie outside.

" Good morning " said Colouruke.

" Morning all " said Allie.

" We should train " said Warbler.

" Bakers would love that, I love bakers a lot " said Artby. " The baker to customer relationship is strong, I keep it that way "

" My purchases are good for the baker "

" Well you do get a lot of bread " said Colourea.

" I sure do, just being a great customer " said Artby.

" I plan to be the customer that can be loved by bakers worldwide "

" Bakers need this type of customer loving their baking, it is good "

" I want bakers happier "

" Well, we should go train " said Crayon.

" Let's go " said Allie.

They then headed to their training area, they started to train.

Crayon and Colourea then used the Heatwave Implosion, Colouruke used the Deepsea Implosion, Warbler and Allie used their Bird Implosions while Artby used his Sun Implosion.

" Congrats Allie, so proud of you " said Warbler.

" Thanks, Warbler " said Allie.

" Bread has done so much " said Artby. " I will love bread more than anyone here hopefully "

" I would love that "

" Uh, okay " said Colourea.

" Bakers will love seeing a customer that loves bread more than the rest of the country " said Artby. " The baker to customer relationship I will keep super strong, bakers need that "

" Bakers will enjoy the purchases " said Crayon.

" They sure will, imagine us six and Challenger loving bread more than anyone else " said Artby. " It would be so amazing "

" Well, we should use our blasts " said Colouruke.

" I blast for bakers " said Artby.

Crayon, Warbler and Allie used their Ultimate Bird Blasts, Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast, Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Blastwhile Artby used the Ultimate Sun Blast.

" Wow " said Colouruke.

" I am glad to be hitting my stride like this " said Allie.

" Bakers want Allie this strong " said Artby.

" My quest as a customer to be the one who loves the most in the country begins right now "

" Quest ? " asked Crayon.

" We know you love bread a lot, but to be most in Colourland ? " asked Warbler.

" Yes, it is a quest that the bakers have wanted out of me " said Artby.

" This quest means a lot "

" I don't remember anything like that " said Allie.

" I really have no idea, let's use our bombs " said Crayon.

" Good idea "

Crayon and Colourea used their Ultimate Heatwave Bombs, Warbler and Allie used their Ultimate Bird Bombs, Colouruke used his Ultimate Deepsea Bomb while Artby used the Ultimate Sun Bomb.

" Very good to see " said Warbler.

" It sure is " said Allie.

" Hopefully Artby will learn the Stage 3 moves soon, if we can all use them it would be something else " said Colouruke.

" Bakers would love us using them " said Artby. " My quest is a great adventure "

" Baking does a lot for adventure "

" Adventure ? " asked Colourea.

" Yes " said Artby. " Bakers understand adventure and what it is "

" Not really sure how they would ? " asked Crayon.

" Bread involves adventure, adventurers love baking, bakers have this understanding of adventure " said Artby.

" Well, we should use our strikes " said Warbler.

Crayon, Warbler and Allie used their Tenfold Bird Strike, Colourea used the Tenfold Heatwave Strike, Colouruke used the Tenfold Deepsea Strike while Artby used the Tenfold Sun Strike.

" Nice strikes " said Warbler.

" Yeah, it is good to have this kind of power " said Allie.

" Brett is a man we need it to fight against " said Colouruke.

" Bakers know that we will save them from him " said Artby.

" We should ask about adventures "

" Quests also, we need that "

" Bakers will know about these quests ? " asked Colourea.

" I have no idea " said Allie.

" We are glad you enjoy bread, but there may be another Artby out there in terms of loving bread " said Colouruke.

" I'm ready for them or anyone " said Artby. " I will put my love of bread against anyone "

" Well we should head to the bakery " said Allie.

" Sounds like a plan to me " said Colouruke.

They then headed to the bakery, Artby started to ask some questions to the bakers.

" I have a question " said Artby. " Do you know about adventure ? "

" Adventure ? " asked a baker.

" Yes, is there a quest to be the baker who loves bread the most in Colourland " said Artby.

" Not that I know of " said a baker.

" I don't know about these quests or adventures "

" Understood, we will get a lot of great bread " said Artby.

" My love for bakers is strong, I will keep it that way "

" I'm a customer that cares about the baker "

They got their bread and left.

" This looks great " said Allie.

" It does, it seems that these quests are not well known " said Artby.

" I am not too surprised, I didn't know about them either " said Crayon.

" Artby you love bread more than anyone I have met "

" Bakers are well loved and cared for now " said Artby.

" They get my purchases and why I purchase as well, which is really good "

" I am really thrilled about all of this "

" We should head off " said Warbler.

Yeah, we can head there " said Allie.

" Bye " they other four said.

" Bye " said Warbler and Allie.

Warbler and Allie were talking at the house.

" I love you a lot " said Warbler.

" Same here " said Allie.

" I am glad we can both use those Stage 3 moves " said Warbler.

They then kissed each other, Crayon and his friends were talking.

" We will train again tomorrow " said Crayon.

" Yeah, that sounds like a plan to me " said Colouruke.

" Our power is getting so good, let's keep it that way " said Colourea.

" We need to give Brett the best asskicking ever " said Artby.

" It will be a special asskicking, one for bakers "

" Uh, okay " said Colouruke.

More time continued to pass, Crayon and his friends enjoyed their supper. Time then continued passing and they went to bed.

Brett was with Bear members.

" You will be stealing " said Brett. " This will be one huge robbery of Colourland "

" You all have giant knapsacks with you, it should not be a problem "

" We will steal so much " said a Bear member.

" That sounds like a great plan to me " said a second Bear member.

" We will fight Crayon and his friends very soon " said Brett.

" We will make sure their demise is certain "

" My sons and my daughter are not here to fight right now, this revenge will be great for sure "

" Yes, the Bear will succeed " said a third Bear member.

" Our takeover is guaranteed " said the first Bear members

" Hahahahaha " they all said.