Chapter 33:

33: What's a hobbit?

I was Born the Unloved Twin

There's a hidden hobbit house out here!Bookmark here

Amazing! Teal life Legolas lives in a hobbit house! There really is some sort of illusion array since my eyes spun on the way here. A big tree that isn't there, rocks that fade like a mere hologram and so much more. Is this some kind of VR nature labyrinth?Bookmark here

I really would have no chance of finding such a supernatural place alone. Bookmark here

Tucked in the face of a hill was a study doorway embedded into the rock with growing greenery looming naturally on top. It's in plain sight but at the same time, it's not? How confusing, I guess that's the point. Bookmark here

Either way, it's a real hobbit house! Bookmark here

"What's a hobbit? Anyways calm down, we're almost there. I promise you it's safe."Bookmark here

I must have said that last part out loud. Bookmark here

Real life Legolas takes my fangirling as a restless squirm. Which is honestly much better than if he knew my true inner thoughts. Nothing inappropriate, just much fangirling appreciation. Bookmark here

Ahh you're even more handsome than a young Orlando Bloom! What a shame you don't have pointy ears sir Gable. You would truly be the spitting image of millions of fangirls' elf dreams everywhere. Bookmark here

The closer I get to the hobbit home the further away it looks. We pass by a small wooden fence I never saw before, then a vegetable patch and some strange stacks of wood and scraps. What an amazing illusion to keep everything so well hidden. Bookmark here

Upon entry to the hobbit house, I am greeted with the interior home worthy of a cottage witch. Various bundles of herbs and flowers hang upside down, drying in the doorway where Gable takes off his heavy leather boots. Further on inside hang even more plants covering up the entire ceiling, as if it were a modern trendy art exhibit.Bookmark here

Everything is made of wood or bolted with a crude iron like metal. It's simple but the contents are not. Three layers of cauldrons are hanging and boiling over the fireplace, set apart by some smartly designed metal racks. There isn't a single clear surface in this place, all covered with books, strewn inky papers, strange trinkets and more maybe experiments. Bookmark here

We pass through that amazing room and another and another and through what I assume to be the library judging by the fact that the walls are nothing but bookshelves.Bookmark here

Now, this is a treasure of a house worth exploring. Bookmark here

A dark spiral staircase that only leads downwards hides against a crook on the corner. How exciting, an underground that leads to more. Bookmark here

Unfortunately, I don't get to see much more because exactly one story down, we're out and turned into a washroom. Unlike the witchy room upstairs, the wash is perfectly immaculate and professionally clean. Not a stray hair or moldy stain to be seen. Also unlike the simple streamlined wooden furniture upstairs, the washroom looks...expensive.Bookmark here

Gorgeous dark marble tiles the floor and crawls up parts of the wall. Embedded gems that can't be common make up the other parts of the wall in mosaics and tasteful embellishments I can make out a sleek sink, a geometric giant copper mirror and last of all a large romantic freestanding marble bathtub in the center.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I'm only set down, much to my disappointment, after Gable turned on the water to fill the tub, steam rising indicating that it's hot water. How does this elf-man have centralized plumbing out here? Even my own mansion doesn't have this good of internal plumbing nor hot water control!Bookmark here

He sets me down near a drain by the corner. I suppose from all the strange knobs on the wall that this area acts as a shower. Next to me, he sets down a steaming wooden barrel with a damp washcloth.Bookmark here

"Alright, one hot bath coming up. You seem smarter than the average kid, even if you're one of Ronald's. How do you want this? Would you like to clean up by yourself or do you need my help?" Bookmark here

I can have upgraded Legolas come true bathe me? Bookmark here

So tempting but oh no it's too much, my maiden heart can't take this. The shame would be too much even if I'm just a toddler right now. I have this much self respect at least. Bookmark here

"By myself please, thank you for the bath, sniff."Bookmark here

"Hmm, I'll leave you to it then. Dirty clothes in the basket here. Get in the tub after you wash off. The towels will be under the sink. We'll talk later, you're not off the hook yet but call me if you need anything. "Bookmark here

"Yes sir, sniff, thank you very much, sir."Bookmark here

"...tissues are here."Bookmark here

Before he leaves he hands me a ceramic container of a leaf mulch paper, it's even softer than a modern tissue and the relief on my nose is immediate. He also turns off the tub's running water before throwing in something that makes it bubble a pastel purple. Bookmark here

With that I'm left alone.Bookmark here

It's a lot to take in.Bookmark here

But more importantly, I'm in a beautiful and mysterious man's bathroom, more importantly than just that it's a Legolas look alike!Bookmark here

He just cradled me in his arms! As much as the fangirl is going crazy in me I can't pass up the kindness sir Gable has set up for me. Bookmark here

This is my first real bath in what feels like so long. Even at home I'm not allowed to bathe by myself, usually sharing bath times with Lilyanne and a small hoard of maids. Bookmark here

This is much more pleasant. Bookmark here

Peeling away my roughly torn brown clothes, once a delicate white, I make to start washing. Bookmark here

Honestly, it's pretty good they lasted this long, there were meant for a noble child's day wear not excessive exposure to the elements. The dimensional bag went delicately on top of the sad clothing pile. Bookmark here

With the first basin of warm water, I wash away a lot of mud and even more debris than I thought I could carry on my body. Mud, mud, maybe animal feces, chunky mud, and more mud runs and swirls down the drain. Bookmark here

For hair that's been cropped short in the back, there's a lot of twigs and bits of leaves stuck up there. After dunking my head into the basin repeatedly I'm forced to give up, there's nothing else I can remove on my own. Bookmark here

Talk about birds nest hair, literally. Bookmark here

I pitter patter carefully across the smooth marble floors to the too tall tub. Gable is a saint however because there's a wooden stepping stool for me. The tub is also only a quarter full, fluffed up with pretty purple bubbles, enough for me to be fully submerged if I sit but in no way drown. He's an absolute saint, kind, caring and beautiful. Why couldn't he be my grampa? Bookmark here

I sigh in absolute bliss sinking into my first real bath in this lifetime. Bookmark here

The water is warm but too weak for my preferred heat. Still it's safer on my baby sensitive skin. The soapy purple concoction smells of something sweet and delicately floral, like candied spring blossoms. It's perfect for some satisfying scrubbing into whatever is left of my sad excuse of hair. Bookmark here

Ah, I miss shampoo. What is this stuff? It must be magical. I wonder if an economic shampoo is something I can bring into reality here. Bookmark here

The water turns cold before I even consider leaving my pretty smelling soak. It's too luxurious to leave, even lukewarm.Bookmark here

I don't even bother to think why I'm here or if Gable is in on this plan with grampa. If this wasn't someone I didn't recognize as safe of course I would never follow or allow myself to be taken. In this case, though it's more than safe, it's a happy coincidence. The amazing bath is just a perk. Bookmark here

When I do finally make to leave to the tub, fluffy towels in a soft heather gray are under the sink exactly where sir Gable said they would be. Bookmark here

Hanging by the slightly open door is a shrunk drawstring shirt that could act as a dress for me, hanging low past my knees. There's also a loose hanging sleeveless fur vest that may have once recently been a piece of scrap fabric. The edges were sewn by a skilled hand, but hastily, messily as if the tailor were on a deadline. Bookmark here

I recognize that kind of hasty sewing style as the same kind my own hands would produce when I would help out my fashion design friends, stressed out on pieces before a show or due project. Bookmark here

The mismatched scrap vest fits like an old favorite sweater and just as comfortable as one too. Bookmark here

It's a little awkward to be alone in another person's house. I don't want to wander anywhere I wasn't invited to, not when my host has been so gracious to me thus far. It's different than at the stupid prince's place, that's familiar and I hold no respect for it or its owners. Otherwise, I'd like to say I'm a perfectly polite guest when in someone else's home.Bookmark here

While I tentatively leave the washroom, with my dimensional bag, pantsless but dressed none the less, debating on staying put or braving myself up the staircase again I can see a room with artificial lights on. The slight banging sounds of metal and Gable's absentminded mumbling are what gives me reason enough to make my way down to hall Bookmark here

It's a surprisingly normal looking kitchen. Bookmark here

Of course, he must have a kitchen. I just assumed food and whatnot was prepared in the first room with the fireplace. Bookmark here

I can't say I don't respect a man who keeps his living and workspaces separate. Bookmark here

Gable has his back turned, cloak long gone to reveal a lean figure capable of earning the envy of both men and women half his age. He hears me enter anyways if he didn't already know. Bookmark here

"You're done, clothes fit alright? They're not the best for someone so small but best I could do for now. Oh for goddess's sake shoes, socks I forget the bloody feet! Kids have fuckin feet. "Bookmark here

Does real life Legolas have a sort of British accent? Yes please, I can live with that, thank you very much. Bookmark here

"The clothes fit yes thank you. Especially the fur vest, the quilted patches are very cute!"Bookmark here

"....that's because they are patches...but glad you like them."Bookmark here

And so? It's still very cute, mori girl style is popular for a reason. Since I can't say that and have anyone understand I tilt my head in question instead. It's a super effective technique used by cute girls everywhere in between both worlds. Bookmark here

It worked all the time on my previous face and that one was nowhere near as lovable as the angelic Lilyanne's twin face here.Bookmark here

Gable weakens and sighs at the look, somehow he sounds used to it if that's even possible. Bookmark here

"It's the god damn same- even the eyes. Damn it. " he mumbles underneath his breath. Bookmark here

I either happen to have excellent ears or he underestimates my hearing range. Does he mean my twin sister? He's never even met Lilyanne, at least not that I know of. But then again Lilyanne gets a lot of honors I don't. It wouldn't be the first time. Bookmark here

"Well take a seat, food's basically done. You don't look starving but god when was the last time you ate?"Bookmark here

"I had mushrooms and fruits."Bookmark here

I tried to climb up a chair but it proved to be too difficult for my current height. Bookmark here

With a click of his tongue Gable waved a nearby wand, nothing too fancy, just a dark wooden thing with a swirling silver handle. It made a bunch of things lift and fly into the air, me included.Bookmark here

Ah a real magic wand, so cool.Bookmark here

I watch from high up above to the table being set almost automatically, with a small stack of books stacking up on my supposed chair. A final pillow line the now high seat and I float gently till I'm sitting right on top. Bookmark here

Amazing!Bookmark here

Magic is really amazing but even this isn't anything any magic user can do! I'm pinched out of my starstruck daze with a literal pinch to my cheeks though."Bookmark here

"Not enough, how much did that crap grandfather of your give you in that bag anyways."Bookmark here

Without hesitation, I hand over the inter-dimensional bag. This wizard of a man has many more amazing things than a mere space bag I'm sure. Bookmark here

"Only the knife, flask, ropes, and healing potions. Everything else I worked hard at gathering. It's not much but please have them, you can take them all if you like."Bookmark here

A few foraged goods are nothing compared to being invited into his home. People could give up 3 generations worth of their wealth, an arm, a leg, and maybe their brother's physical body and still not get in. Bookmark here

It's an honor not granted to many to simply meet the great mage Gable.Bookmark here

"There's a lot of rocks in here." he notes. Bookmark here

Gable raises one perfect eyebrow but says nothing more. He does empty out the fruit and various herbs and mushrooms into separate baskets though. Of course, he can operate that thing perfectly. Bookmark here

"Not bad for awhat, 3 year old?"Bookmark here

"I'm two years old actually."Bookmark here

"Ah....lovely."Bookmark here

With another flick of his wand, the food comes flying to the table. Bookmark here

A piping bowl of what looks to be grainy oatmeal is placed directly in front of me. A cup of warm milk and honey is poured by my side while a floating spoon scoops berries on top of my bowl before diving in and lightly stirring. Bookmark here

"Eat, it's easy on the stomach."Bookmark here

Sir Gable takes a seat across from me at the kitchen table. He also has a similar bowl of oatmeal though the contents of his mug smell much stronger than milk. Bookmark here

My first hot meal in days tastes sweet and really does go down easy. Bookmark here

Gable is naturally silent I think, rather than just leaving me in silence to eat. It's not awkward or unpleasant though and I'm content to spoon my way down the warm contents of my bowl, savoring how it doesn't hurt my increasingly irritated throat. Bookmark here

I don't make a mess, polite in my table manners, but a floating cloth napkin comes up to wipe my face and hands after I finish. While I'm distracted my mug is magically refilled with that same frothy milk and honey. Only this time something has been added to make it pink!Bookmark here

It's delicious!Bookmark here

While I'm happily blowing and sipping at my pink milk, Gable makes to clean up with a swish of his wand. So cool, I don't even have the will to be jealous. He coughs and washes down the rest of his drink to clear his throat. Bookmark here

I expect it's talking time now that I'm clean and fed. Bookmark here

"Thank you for finding me and taking me into your home sir Gable."Bookmark here

"...yes...I couldn't very well leave you out that. Did he...send you out or?"Bookmark here

"My grampa just said in his note when he left me out here that he would arrive in 3 days to pick me up. I was to "just survive" in the wild till then. You found me after my second night here."Bookmark here

"He just....left you around here?"Bookmark here

"No, not exactly, Achoo! Pardon me. We were a few hours outside the Capital gates when he threw me to this big bird, Zarkon or something. Grampa didn't even warn me, just threw this bag over my neck and ...well."Bookmark here

I mime an exaggerated throwing motion as that was easier than finding the words for how I was shot like a human football. Sir Gable is doing a very good job of keeping a straight face at my tale though he does look tired. Bookmark here

"You can see the note left inside the bag, that's all there is. I haven't touched it since first read it. Supposedly he'll either be here later today or tomorrow."Bookmark here

"...Don't count on it kid, he's always late. Once he was late to a meetup of ours by 5 years."Bookmark here

Ah yes this may explain why sir Gable looks so tired when speaking of my shitty grandpa. He must have infinitely worse tales after all these years. All first hand experiences too. What an amazingly strong man to handle grampa all this time, I wonder how and why he stuck through with it.Bookmark here

"As you already know I am called Gable, nothing else is necessary. I can't keep calling you kid so what is your name?"Bookmark here

"Pardon my rudeness, I am Rosalia Therese Ventrella, or just Rosalia though you may call me anything that's convenient to you sir Gable. Bookmark here

"Yes, now what's your name?"Bookmark here

"Rosalia, sir"Bookmark here

"No, your other name?"Bookmark here

I'm confused, do I have another name I don't know about? Or is this a code from grampa? I'm always left in the dark on these matters, how annoying. Bookmark here

"Other name? I'm sorry I'm not sure I understand, I don't think I was blessed with any other name than the one I just gave."Bookmark here

"No child, I meant your name from before you were 'Rosalia."Bookmark here

A pin drops and shatters something somewhere deep in my soul.Bookmark here

"From the other reality, where you're from."Bookmark here does he know this? What's going on here? How?Bookmark here

"What is your real name?"Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

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