Chapter 1:

Concerto in The Night Sky

My Mentor is A Jerk But I Love Him?!

Garandia Forest, Nighttime, Forest Clearing Bookmark here

A young girl was quickly running through the woods, her eyes filled with horror as images of her family and friends' bodies lay sprawled in the crimson river that ran through the village. All she could remember was the jeering and a symbol rising in the skies. Bookmark here

The sound of metal rang in the distance as she soon tripped on a tree root, barely attempting to stand she could hear their cries. Bookmark here

"Find the survivors! No one gets out of here alive!" Bookmark here

"Worthless Rats, Bell will purify your unholy nature!" Bookmark here

Wincing at their harsh words, her ears drooped lightly as if a reminder of the hatred against her people. Erthesia was dominated by the Humans while the Elves lived out their lives hidden from the masses and the Mages had their own place in society the matter of Demi-Humans was another matter. Bookmark here

Looked down by their connections to animals and spirits alike Humans were jealous and despised such things to the point of exterminating them to where she could only recall having to move every moon due to such prejudice as nomads. Bookmark here

"Am I... going to be alone?" Bookmark here

Sobbing, she slowly stood up as a soldier stepped out from the brushes with a brief chuckle to himself. Bookmark here

"Oh, isn't this a treat?" Bookmark here

The armored figure brandished his mace as he eyed her as her ears froze in place he could only laugh in response to this reaction. Bookmark here

"Well, I'll be damned, you're much fairer than most wenches, my mace will have a grand time cleaving into you, HAH!" Bookmark here

She could only stand frozen with fear as the soldier inched close, stroking the hilt as if awaiting his moment of pleasure. Bookmark here

"P-Please...anyone..." Bookmark here

Grasping her throat, his gauntlet letting loose some blood from her neck he could on grin in response to this reaction. Bookmark here

"Too late now, now you die." Bookmark here

WHOOSH! Bookmark here

"?!" Bookmark here

"You think this is some game, don't you?" Bookmark here

The girl blinked and saw the mace was gone, and the man's grip was loose but didn't move. Bookmark here

"What's going on here?!" Bookmark here

The soldier was startled as his arms were cleanly severed from his body and as he stepped back blood began spilling as the girl stepped back her eyes filled with shock. Bookmark here

"AUGH!! NO!! NOT LIKE THIS!" Bookmark here

The girl was mortified, the hand gripping her then dropped to the ground and was twitching as if not recognizing what had happened. Bookmark here

"W-Wha-" Bookmark here

Then a flash of light illuminated the night as the soldier's cries were then stopped just as they began. Bookmark here

"Worthless." Bookmark here

The soldier then slumped into his own pool of life leaving the girl confused and still taking in what had happened Bookmark here

"What are you doing? Run already, they're coming." Bookmark here

Reacting to the voice, the girl could only look around as she then felt a tug from behind her as her ears twitched at the voice. Bookmark here

"Hurry, I'll finish this." Bookmark here

She looked back to only see nothing but darkness as her tail swayed confusion was present on her face, but soon after she heard cries in the distance. Bookmark here

‘I... I need to run…!’ Bookmark here

Beginning to run, the sound of soldiers being slaughtered echoed throughout the evening as she pushed through thickets with branches latching onto her as they lightly brushed against her face and body she pressed onward as she then saw the open forest atop a cliff. Bookmark here

'A dead end?!' Bookmark here

Her tail swayed in the night winds with her ears drooping then looking back towards her home, it was gone, and she didn't know what she would do. Bookmark here

"What... do I do?" Bookmark here

As if giving her comfort, the clouds parted illuminating her surroundings as the fireflies showed themselves with Will o'Wisps appearing soon after. Her fear left as soon as she saw them as they were a sign that danger was no longer present her legs gave out. Bookmark here

“Child, what brings you here?” Bookmark here

The largest of the spirits approached her then taking on a human-like form it beckoned to her as was suddenly surprised by the sudden question. Bookmark here

“I..was...I was…” Bookmark here

“Alfred, there’s no need to pressure the young lady. Clearly these are ominous times for us.” Bookmark here

Another spirit presented itself scolding the other briefly then approached the young girl offering a hand to which the girl then took her offer and arose as her tail perked happily from this sudden kindness. Bookmark here

“Now, child. Are you alright?” Bookmark here

“My...village was attacked. I don’t know if anyone else survived.” Bookmark here

The girl could only shed a few tears remembering once more the sight of her loved ones to which she began to sob her ears drooping in response to this. Bookmark here

“Outrageous, who would do such a thing?!” Bookmark here

“We must avenge them for such merciless violence!” Bookmark here

“SILENCE!” Bookmark here

As the spirits began to bicker the greater spirit soon silenced them all once more. Bookmark here

“There’s no need to hide our forms from this one, reveal yourselves.” Bookmark here

One by one, the spirits revealed their true forms. Some were Elvish, some were Human, some were Demi-Human. The leader assumed a Demi-Human form taking on the form of a Black Wolf, his Amber/Ocean eyes were graced by markings, crossing his arms he could only lightly smile as the girl stopped sobbing and looked surprised at the sudden change in scenery. Then her eyes widening at his appearance she gasped cupping her mouth with her hands. Bookmark here

“You’re Chief Jeralt?! The First Chief of the village?!” Bookmark here

“Glad to know my descendants know me well!” Bookmark here

Laughing briefly the young spirit closed his eyes and turned his head slightly behind him. Bookmark here

“So, is the work finished then?” Bookmark here

“Wha-?” Bookmark here

Before she could speak, a young man descended from the blanket of darkness between them. His hair was white like unto the Moon with a hint of Azure softly gracing his Fierce Amber Eyes, wearing a tunic and short leggings he donned two blades that were slung over his back as he stood, barely taller than her he looked down at her to which she could only stare in awe with her tail moving vigorously. Bookmark here

“It’s done, though what of the girl?” Bookmark here

“It is best for you to take her with you, she is not safe here any longer. If Bellatos has indeed destroyed our home, then we can only preserve our fallen brethren.” Bookmark here

“Understood, I’ll let Ensher know then of the outcome.” Bookmark here

“Thank you, I know she’ll be safe.” Bookmark here

“Time to go.” Bookmark here

Grasping her tail, she wasn't aware of what he had said as he approached her without hesitation. Bookmark here

“H-Huh?!” Bookmark here

Taking her by the hand, the boy picked up the girl then cradling her in his arms he jumped from the cliff top. Bookmark here

“EEEEHHHH?!” Bookmark here

Feeling the rush of adrenaline, she could only bury herself in the boy’s chest as they descended down into the forest floor. Bookmark here

‘ImgonnadieImgonnadieImgonnadie!!!’ Bookmark here

“Hey, you done crying?” Bookmark here

“Eh?” Bookmark here

Peering out from the boy’s chest with her ears now alert of her surroundings, she could see a face full void of emotions as she then looked into his eyes once more, she snapped out of it as she looked around her. Bookmark here

“Good, now let’s get moving already.” Bookmark here

Setting her down, he stretched his arms as he was a little stiff from the descent to which she could only curiously stare her tail moving with her as she tilted slightly. Bookmark here

“Who are you?” Bookmark here

“...Your guardian, until we reach Eltheca.” Bookmark here

The boy sighed as he began to walk towards the dirt path as she then traveled alongside him looking with anticipation. Bookmark here

“W-” Bookmark here

“I’m in no mood to talk, you’re just a helpless child who needs help.” Bookmark here

The girl frowned in response to this cold treatment she had received from him to which she stood in front of him in response pouting. Bookmark here

“I... want answers!” Bookmark here

“Move or I’ll knock you out myself and drag you to Eltheca my-.” Bookmark here

Before he could finish, she swiftly struck out a punch to which he didn’t even flinch as the punch flew past his face, his eyes looking at her with no reaction whatsoever as a slight chill overcame her. Bookmark here

“Are you done?” Bookmark here

“I…” Bookmark here

“Then let’s move, we don’t have all night.” Bookmark here

The young boy brushed her hand away as he began to walk along the path as she could only flush red, realizing what she had done her tail moving once more. Bookmark here

‘I attacked my guardian?! What was I thinking!” Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the boy smirked briefly as he walked down the path as she struggled to keep her tail in check. Bookmark here

‘This one is interesting; few could hide their aggression like her.’ Bookmark here

He was then alarmed as he felt a soft trickle of blood trailing down his cheek. He had assumed she struck nothing, but he was wrong. She had indeed struck him, but not with her fist, but the wind itself. Bookmark here

‘Another report for Ensher, I may have just stumbled upon another KurtzPel in the making.’ Bookmark here

Taking a moment to look back at her, the boy immediately saw her ears much like her expression looking discouraged and sobbing a little. He sighed briefly then looking to the stars above, it was a clear sky void of impurities and clouds. Bookmark here

“The night sky is nice tonight.” Bookmark here

“Huh?” Bookmark here

The girl was confused at the sudden statement as she instinctively looked up, the stars shone brilliantly as a smile crept on her face in response. From this, the boy was satisfied with this and continued walking as he tucked his hands in his pockets looking at the night sky as the girl looked with awe. Bookmark here

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