Chapter 26:

Xadulo's Goal: Discovery


Xadulo came to them holding a bag full of potions, mostly half full. She woke up those who were asleep, then notified them to get ready for departure. “Also, we would need cover. We can use those sheets from the Centre and make hoods.” On their way to the cart, Xadulo asked Jack. “You can make potions, right?”, “Sure I can. But why of it?” Jack replied. “I’m thinking of something exciting! Old Brints gave me these potions, won’t you help me, Jackie?” Xadulo said, then gave the list. “…alright. We’ll start collecting these, then? Y’know, in case we suddenly lost stock.”

Kyshanne sewed the pieces of clothes fit for each person. “Thanks again for these, Kyshanne”, “Don’t sweat it. There’s barely a thing I can help, after all…” the boys were readying the stock that they would need before they depart again. “Ah, also, Xadulo. Ya said Brints gave the potions, right? That’s weird, I think, since he always charged everything that he does for someone,” Deneb asked. “Just say it’s his payment for his life.”

Suddenly, Brints appeared from behind a bush, holding a gun towards them. “Ya think ya can get’way with mah potions!?” he shot to aim Xadulo, but the moment the bullet went off, his heart started distorting, then exploded the moment the bullet hit Xadulo’s left shoulder. He fell on his knees, then his head exploded as well. His blood, pebbled-skull, and shredded brain rained above the six. Xadulo turned to then and smiled. “Everyone, we should clean ourselves first before going.”

2 days passed. For the five friends, their motive for this expedition is unclear. They haven’t heard Xadulo’s thoughts about this. “She said we’d collect materials for the potions, but… even the potions’ reason to collect is unclear.” They were sitting, talking by the fire while Xadulo is away experimenting on the potions Jack made. “This is bothering…” Pablo said. He raised his head and saw Xadulo walking towards them. She went close to Jack. “Wh-what…?” he asked, flustered.

Xadulo showed a small fog-like thing she’s holding. “This is similar to the fog I released in the human world. “Huh?!” Jack was startled. “Don’t worry, I removed the anti-memory effect,” she said then took a part of Jack’s hair. She applied the fog to the strands. After a few seconds, the hair changed color, and it made Xadulo smile.

“Jackie’s light-brown human hair. It changed into red! Genetically!” everyone was amazed. “Humans and Necromancers… they both have limited hair color. Black, brown, blonde, grey, white, a few reds and oranges… to think my fog can alter that much in people’s DNA…!” Xadulo was very happy in this discovery. “This change is probably pointless… but my theory is that a few decades from now on, the world will have multi-colored heads!”

Nighttime, everyone was asleep except for Xadulo. “Hey, Carnelia. I found out something. I can alter DNA at some points!” she was telling stories to Carnelia as she lies, facing the sky, under the gray full moon. “I… really, really love this world. It’s full of wonders, and I want to know about it all. How it started, how it’s working, how it will end…”

Carnelia’s listening sincerely. “I want to do lots of things!” she turned quiet for a while. But when she spoke, her tone changed. “Wonder if I can destroy it?” then her tone changed again. “Or maybe kill all humans? I made all of them fall asleep, after all!”